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Third-Party Support for Resource Generation Plan Development DNV ENERGY INSIGHTS Develop projections about the ongoing potential for demand-side management (DSM) technologies — such as energy efficiency, demand response and local solar — including seasonal (summer and winter) projections for the Austin Energy service area. Results will inform future DSM goals, program development and service procurement. Interim projections will be used in developing and modeling DSM as part of broader portfolios for the Resource Generation Planning process. A final report will be presented once work is complete after the Resource Generation Plan is submitted to City Council. E SOURCE / ELECTRIC POWER RESEARCH INSTITUTE (EPRI) Austin Energy will also leverage resources from existing industry research group memberships such as E Source and EPRI. • E Source is a solutions-based research, data and consulting organization with a focus on customer facing DSM programs. • EPRI is a research consortium that looks at a broad spectrum of different electric utility challenges, including decarbonization. RIFELINE Conduct community engagement to provide broad community perspectives on objectives, challenges and desired outcomes in developing the Austin Energy Resource Generation Plan (RGP). • Convene and facilitate stakeholder group in four workshops. • Report on progress and outcomes to the Electric Utility Commission (EUC) and the Austin Energy Utility Oversight Committee. • Deliver a report summarizing the community’s desired values, priorities and metrics for success for the new Resource Generation Plan. THE WEBBER ENERGY GROUP Provide a trusted objective third-party perspective of the current and future state of the electric industry, especially within context of the ERCOT market. Research will include projections of future load, the type of load growth and an evaluation of energy technologies. This will be used to help inform those involved in the RGP process, namely the City Council, the EUC and community stakeholder participants. ASCEND ANALYTICS Execute third-party modeling. Ascend specializes in power market intelligence, especially renewable transition insights to include in resource generation planning. Modeling potential Resource Generation Plan outcomes includes: • the likelihood of a given outcome. • the incremental costs to achieve environmental, affordability and reliability outcomes. This information will be valuable in weighing the cost/benefit of options in the plan. address: 4815 Mueller Blvd, Austin, TX 78723 | Phone: 512–494–9400 | Web: austinenergy.com ©2024 Austin Energy. All rights reserved. Austin Energy and the Austin Energy logo and combinations thereof are trademarks of Austin Energy, the electric department of the City of Austin, Texas. Other names and logos are for informational purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners.