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Item 20 Electric Utility Commission Annual Internal Review This report covers the time period of 7/1/2018 2019 to 6/30/2019 2020 The Board/Commission mission statement (per the City Code) is: (A) The commission shall review and analyze all policies and procedures of the electric utility, including the electric rate structure, fuel costs and charges, customer services, capital investments, new generation facilities, selection of types of fuel, budget, strategic planning, regulatory compliance, billing procedures, and the transfer of electric utility revenues from the utility fund to the general fund. (B) The commission shall advise the city council, the city manager, the electric utility, city departments, and city boards, commissions, and committees on policy matters relating to the electric utility. All advisory information given shall simultaneously be forwarded to the city manager. (C) The commission may review, study, and make recommendations to the Planning Commission on proposed electric utility projects for inclusion in the Capital Improvements Program. (D) The commission may request that the city council hire an outside consultant every five years to make a comprehensive review of the policies and procedures of the electric utility. The commission may initiate an external or internal review of the policies and procedures of the electric utility. If the commission initiates a review, it shall report its findings to the city council and the city manager. (E) The commission shall interpret the role of the electric utility to the public and the role of the public to the electric utility. The commission may hold a public hearing and briefing session every six months to explain new policies and to take citizens comments, suggestions, and complaints. (F) The commission may make recommendations to the city council before final council action on a policy or procedure of the electric utility. (G) The commission shall request from the city manager any information that it deems to pertain to the electric utility. (H) The commission shall, as a body, review customer complaint procedures, accept specific customer grievances and complaints, and make recommendations to the city council and city manager based on its findings. This duty does not supersede, replace, or substitute for the appeal procedures provided to customers in the City Utility Service Regulations. (I) The commission shall seek to promote close cooperation between the city council, other city boards, committees, and commissions, city departments and individuals, institutions and agencies concerned with the policies, procedures, and operations of the electric utility to the end that all similar activities within the City may be coordinated to secure the greatest public welfare. 1. Describe the board’s actions supporting their mission during the previous calendar year. Address all elements of the board’s mission statement as provided in the relevant sections of the City Code. In keeping with its mission, the Electric Utility Commission (EUC) reviewed and analyzed policies and procedures of Austin Energy during the reporting period. The Commission:  Reviewed, discussed and solicited public comments for approximately 100 80 procurement actions leading to Requests for Council Action (RCA’s) and made recommendations to Austin City Council regarding these requests.  Reviewed and discussed Austin Energy staff briefings, presentations and updates on subjects including: financial updates; operational updates; Decker decommissioning; Nacodoches power plant acquisition; Climate Emergency declaration; Resource Plan; district cooling; transportation electrification; emission reductions; FPP operational data; AE vehicles; ERCOT market update; online customer care portal update (including AE’s Energy Mmanagement Module vs. SmartMeter TX); purchasing processes and rules overview; Customer Care update; new AE Headquarters updateincluding grid modernization; data and performance measure reporting; low income customer weatherization and solar programs; Austin Energy’s approach to energy storage, including update on the Austin Sustainable and Holistic Integration of Energy Storage and Solar Photovoltaics (SHINES) project; plans for exiting Fayette Power Project; Decker decommissioning; Austin Energy Strategic Plan and Monthly Performance Dashboard reports including topics of Financial Health Customer deposit regulations and procedures; ERCOT prospective issues; the Corporate Services division of Austin Energy; major 201918-2019 Annual Review and Work Plan 2 transmission and substation projects; utility Summer Readiness for 2019; and overview of the budget.  Continued the EV Working Group composed of Commissioners David Tuttle, Michael Osborne and Cary Ferchill and non-EUC member Joep Meijer to consider how the utility can foster the rapid deployment of electric vehicles in our community.  Reviewed and recommended approval of multiple power purchase agreements for renewable energy (wind and solar), resulting in Austin Energy reaching approximately 56% renewable energy (after the projects are in commercial operation)..  Continued the Water Working Group composed of Jim Boyle, Marty Hopkins, Teresa Reel, Dave Tuttle and Susanne Vaughn to conclude investigating the water meter event of Aug-Sep 2017, including receipt of the After Action Report.  Established the Electric Utility Commission Resource Planning Working Group to work in collaboration with Austin Energy to update the Austin Energy Resource, Generation and Climate Protection Plan to 2025.  Established the Climate Emergency Working Group to work on the Climate Action Plan.  Heard a presentation by the City’s Office of Real Estate Services on Austin Energy’s proposed new headquarters.  Elected new officers in May 202019. The Commission re-elected Marty HopkinsCary Ferchill as Chair and elected Dave TuttleMarty Hopkins as Vice-Chair. 2. Determine if the board’s actions throughout the year comply with the mission statement. Throughout the July 1, 20198 to June 30, 202019 timeframe the actions of the Electric Utility Commission complied with the mission statement (bylaws) as outlined in the Ordinance. 3. List the board’s goals and objectives for the new calendar year.  Encourage public discussion on the future policies and programs of Austin Energy 201918-2019 Annual Review and Work Plan 3 Formatted: List Paragraph, No bullets or numbering, Tab stops: Not at 0.5" + 1" Formatted: List Paragraph, No bullets or numbering, Tab stops: Not at 0.5" + 1"  Provide educational and practical learning opportunities for EUC members to become more familiar with the actual operations of the utility, including tours of Austin Energy Facilities by EUC members.  Provide public oversight of Austin Energy’s annual budget and efforts to reduce costs and provide clean, reliable power  Provide public oversight over long-term planning regarding electric rates  Review and provide public input and oversight over Austin Energy’s compliance with the Austin Climate Protection Plan, including how actions and proposed actions of the utility impact climate change, sustainability goals and water usage.  Provide continued oversight and guidance regarding the Generation, Resource and Climate Protection Plan.  Provide review for replacement of power from aging baseload and peaking assets that is consistent with the Council adopted plan.  Encourage utility transparency in providing data important to the public, including data broken down by Council District. Encourage fair and equitable treatment of all customers.  Encourage adoption and implementation of measures prioritized by the EUC Customer Assistance Program Working Group.  Encourage equitable distribution of energy efficiency benefits to low and low moderate-income customers and renters.  Encourage excellence in Austin Energy customer satisfaction.  Continue to review and advise on the Austin Energy EV and Emerging Technology programs.  Provide public oversight over asset retirements and decommissioning.  Encourage development of dispatchable renewable energy/storage facilities. 201918-2019 Annual Review and Work Plan 4