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Urban Transportation Commission May 7, 2024 Shared Mobility Program Update Joseph Al-hajeri, Parking Enterprise Manager Michael Kimbro, Shared Mobility Supervisor 1 5/3/2024 Shared Mobility Services BRIEFING OVERVIEW 2023 System Overview Speed Limit Reduction Operational Policies/ Data Collection Regulation Background Recent Program Updates: Licensing & Permitting Designated Staging/ Parking Areas Recent Program Updates: Operations Next Steps Q&A 2 5/3/2024 Shared Mobility Services 2023 System Overview Current Operators | Fleet Size Lime | 3,700 scooters & 180 ebikes Bird | 3000 scooters 2023 Total Trips Lime 1,868,208 scooters & 63,402 ebikes Bird 791,337 Link 224,246 Wheels 33,109 Total Distance Travelled 2,927,690 miles Trips per Major Area 2,081,017 (70%) within DAPCZ 395,048 (13%) within UT/West Campus Events Austin City Limits Festival Weekend One: 59,175 trips Weekend Two: 62,881 trips SXSW 142,540 trips 16,556 median trips per day (7,315 typically) 3 5/3/2024 Shared Mobility Services Quick Background Regulation Texas Transportation Code, Title 7 • Chapter 551. - Operation of bicycles and mopeds, golf carts, and other low- powered vehicles. Title 14 Use of Streets and Public Property • § 14-9-23 - City-wide dockless transportation license authorized. • § 14-9-24 - City-wide dockless transportation unit placement plan. • § 14-9-25 - License amendment, suspension, or revocation. Title 12 Traffic Enforcement • § 12-2 - Micro-Mobility Devices and Bicycles. Director Rules for Deployment and Operation of Shared Small Vehicle Mobility Systems City Approved Fees Fee Type License Fee Fee Schedule $1,500 per year Collection Collected bi-annually in December & June Per Device Permit Fee $80 per device/ per year Collected bi-annually in December & June Per Trip Fee $0.15 per trip Collected Monthly 4 5/3/2024 Shared Mobility Services Operational Policies/Data Collection Data from provider API utilizing Mobility Data Specification Data aggregated by Ride Report Real-time visibility and reporting How TPW Monitors/ Enforcement • Third-party data management • Geofencing/device performance restrictions • Calls/Customer Service Requests (CSR) • CSR response audits • Staff device audits • Shared communications channel during special events Results of Enforcement of Director Rules • • • Impounds Reduction in Service Denial of license and/or device permits 5 5/3/2024 Shared Mobility Services Recent Program Updates License & Permit Changes  Maintain the number of licensed micro-mobility vendors at 2.  No increases to device permits for current licensed operators. ACTIVE ACTIVE  Maintain the total number of permitted scooters citywide at 6,700. ACTIVE 6 5/3/2024 Shared Mobility Services Recent Program Updates Operations Changes Reduce the number of scooters allowed to operate in the Downtown Area Project Coordination Zone (DAPCZ) to 1,125 per licensed vendor. ACTIVE Reduce maximum speed from 15mph to 10mph between 10pm and 5am daily in the main entertainment districts of the urban core. IN PROGRESS Assign restricted and designated device staging areas and require rebalancing of devices to assigned areas each morning. IN PROGRESS    7 5/3/2024 Shared Mobility Services Maximum Speed Reduction Heatmaps Reduce the maximum speed limit from 15mph to 10mph between the hours of 10pm and 5am within the downtown entertainment districts in an effort to limit serious injuries. • Analyze trip data, in conjunction with Vision Zero collision data to understand areas where slow zones would be beneficial. • Work with vendors to understand how geofenced slow zones will be activated and how they can be adjusted. • Once areas for deployment are determined, operators will be notified and required to create geofencing to ensure new speed limits are met. Vision Zero Data 8 5/3/2024 Shared Mobility Services Designated Staging/ Parking Areas Reduce clutter and sidewalk obstructions by creating designated parking and staging areas for scooter users and operators. Existing Parking Box • Survey to be released seeking stakeholder feedback May 13th • Utilizing Ride Report data on Curb Events (trip starts/ends. • Parking Boxes will be on-street that include a combination of pavement markings, delineators and inverted-U racks. • Vendor will be instructed to rebalance devices to these boxes and when possible, use GPS force-parking technology to direct users to end trips within them. Curb Events 9 5/3/2024 Shared Mobility Services Next Steps May 2024 • Collect feedback from the public & stakeholders on parking box placement. • Start installing parking boxes at known hotspot locations. June/July 2024 • Setup and test slow zones in downtown during the evenings. Over the Next 6-Months • Staff working on timeline for update to Director Rules • Review and evaluate program updates 10 5/3/2024 Shared Mobility Services Any Questions? 11 5/3/2024 Shared Mobility Services