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Street Impact Fees Overview – Downtown Commission Nathan Aubert, P.E. | Supervising Engineer | May 15, 2024 1 5/15/2024 Street Impact Fees (SIF) Presentation Overview • Implementation Timeline • Street Impact Fee (SIF) Applicability • SIF Calculation Overview • SIF Calculation Worksheet Overview • SIF Calculation Worksheet Details • SIF Guidelines Timeline • Questions/Answers 2 5/15/2024 Street Impact Fees (SIF) Implementation Timeline STREET IMPACT FEE SIF Ordinances Adopted (TIA Deadline for Grace Period) Fee Collection Begins (New TCM Effective) Fee Collection grace period ends (All TIAs) Dec 2020 Jun 2022 Dec 2023 Jun 2021 Dec 2022 Report to Council on Review Fees Public-Facing SIF Dashboard 3 5/15/2024 Street Impact Fees (SIF) SIF Applicability • SIF Applies to projects which generate 10 Peak Hour Trips (PHTs) or more • Dependent on what is on the site before construction • Mid-rise (4-10 floors) multifamily developments: ~23 units • High-rise (11+ floors) multifamily developments: ~28 units • Office developments: ~9,000 Square Feet • Projects that started the Building Permit (Plan Review) process in June 2022 or later (without a previous TIA) • If a Plan Review was applied for in June 2022 or before, no SIF was collected • TIA memo must be dated before Dec 21, 2020 • Projects that started the Building Permit (Plan Review) process after Dec. 21, 2023 (with a previous TIA) 4 5/15/2024 Street Impact Fees (SIF) SIF, Fee-In-Lieu, and Mitigations • SIF replaced transportation fees-in-lieu • SIF can be reduced (constructed improvements, previously paid fees, affordability, etc.) • SIF reductions captured via Offset Agreement • SIF payments not earmarked • SIF money remains in Service Area (map) • SIF collection and Roadway Capacity Plan (RCP) 5 5/15/2024 Street Impact Fees (SIF) SIF Guidelines & Collection Guidelines provide in-depth direction for: • SIF Calculation Worksheet • SIF Ordinance information • Offsets and what can be counted • Reductions based on: Internal Trip Capture • Affordable housing provided • • Proximity to Transit • Parking Reduction Created a collection dashboard • Real-time collections • Outstanding invoices • Spent fees 6 5/15/2024 Street Impact Fees (SIF) Helpful Links 7 5/15/2024 Street Impact Fees (SIF)