Animal Advisory CommissionFeb. 12, 2024

Item 2 Austin Animal Center Data Report — original pdf

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Animal Services Office Statistical Report – January2022-2024 January2024 Intake January2023 Intakes January2022 Intakes January2024 Adoptions January2023 Adoptions January2022 Adoptions January2024 RTOs January2023 RTOs January2022 RTOs January2024 Animals Euthanized January2023Animals Euthanized January2022 Animals Euthanized January2024 Total Live Release Rate January2023 Total Live Release Rate January2022 Total Live Release Rate January 2024 Animals Vaccinated January 2023 Animals Vaccinated January 2022 Animals Vaccinated January2024 Spayed/Neutered at AAC January2023 Spayed/Neutered at AAC January2022 Spayed/Neutered at AAC January2024 Animal Deaths at AAC/Foster January2023 Animal Deaths at AAC/Foster January2022 Animal Deaths at AAC/Foster January2024 Animals Transferred: January2023 Animals Transferred January2022 Animals Transferred January2024 Animal Lost, Stolen or Missing January2023 Animals Lost, Stolen or Missing January2022 Animals Lost, Stolen or Missing January2024 SNR Program January2023 SNR Program January2022 SNR Program January2024 Intact Animals Adopted/RTO January2023 Intact Animals Adopted/RTO January2022 Intact Animals Adopted/RTO