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Animal Services Monthly Report March 2020 — original pdf

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March 2020 March 2020 Animal Services Report ANIMAL SERVICES REPORT • The live outcome rate for March was 96.5 percent. • A total of 382 animals were adopted (289 dogs, 85 cats, two birds and six small pets). • A total of 173 dogs and cats were returned to their owners (RTOs). Animal Services News Animal Protection month of March. • Animal Protection Officers (APOs) returned 67 animals to their owners in the field during the • Officers handed out 27 fencing assistance applications, implanted eight microchips and impounded 132 injured animals. • A total of 119 animals were transferred to Austin Wildlife Rescue. • Officers entered 340 rabies exposure reports and submitted 113 specimens for rabies testing. Three bats tested positive. • Wildlife APO received 31 coyote-related activities: 4 encounters o 16 sightings o o 4 wild sick reports of mange o 2 wild injured o 2 incidents o 1 wild speak o 1 community coyote presentation o 1 suspected bite to pet (later found out the wound was caused by a skin problem, not a bite) injuries. • Out of 31 coyote related reports, 22 fell within the reported behavior types (sighting, encounter, and incident). Incidents: Pets were a factor in all activities • o One incident involved a coyote injuring an off-leash pet in the greenbelt. Pet had minor o One incident involved a coyote displaying flushing and defensive behavior with a large dog. The owner of the dog stated it is reactive to other animals. • Encounters: Pets were a factor in all verified activities o Two encounters involved a coyote that was seen chasing a cat o One encounter involved a coyote displaying flushing behavior with a dog and citizen o One encounter involved a coyote with mange that did not respond to hazing until assertive techniques were implemented March 2020 Animal Services Report Volunteer, Foster and Rescue Programs • A total of 306 volunteers donated 3,385 service hours. • AAC closed to the public and volunteers on March 16. • Due to COVID-19, a plea for help was sent out to find foster homes for animals in the shelter because of the uncertainty of what the next few weeks would look like. • A total of 400 families provided foster care, a 200 percent increase over last month, and a total of 104 animals were adopted directly from foster care. • There are 1487 approved fosters in GivePulse, and 1548 new foster applications were processed. • There are currently 479 animals in 376 different foster homes. • 239 live outcomes were attributed to 29 AAC partners: o 67 cats (includes 67 SNR) o 156 dogs o 16 “other”  8 rabbit  7 Guinea pigs  1 bearded dragon Veterinary Services shelter grounds. • Shelter veterinarians were medically responsible for 587 animals; 495 in foster care and 92 on • Veterinarians addressed 95 emergency cases, performed 12 orthopedic surgeries and 18 other specialty surgeries including enucleations, amputations, mass removals, hernia repair, wound repairs and dentals. A total of 478 spay/neuter surgeries were performed and 765 vet exams.