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City of Austin Recommendation for Action File #: 24-4822, Agenda Item #: 7/18/2024(cid:4) Posting Language Authorize negotiation and execution of a contract for a technology service solution including support with Creative Enterprise Solutions, LLC d/b/a Beyond20, for up to five years for a total contract amount not to exceed $1,200,000. [Note: This procurement was reviewed for subcontracting opportunities in accordance with City Code Chapter 2-9B (Minority Owned and Women Owned Business Enterprise Procurement Program). For the services required for this procurement, there were no subcontracting opportunities; therefore, no subcontracting goals were established]. Lead Department Financial Services Department. Client Department(s) Department of Aviation. Purchasing Language: Professional Service. Fiscal Note Funding in the amount of $53,596 is available in the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Operating Budget of the Department of Aviation. Funding for the remaining contract term is contingent upon available funding in future budgets. For More Information: Direct questions regarding this Recommendation for Council Action to the Financial Services Department - Central Procurement at: or 512-974-2500. . Council Committee, Boards and Commission Action: June 12, 2024 - To be reviewed by the Airport Advisory Commission. Additional Backup Information: The contract is for software licenses, software support, professional services, consulting, and training to support the Department of Aviation’s (Aviation) Information Technology Service Management software system (ITSM). This system allows the Aviation Information Systems (IS) Division to automate and manage enterprise information, technology operations, and provides a single platform for all information technology related processes. Additionally, this solution provides a single system of record for end-to-end tracking of technology- based assets and services. The contract will support the continued development of the ITSM system by providing annual software licensing, support and maintenance, along with expert guidance and services for implementation of additional functionality and processes. The services provided by this contract will support Aviation’s information technology best practices and continual improvement efforts. City of Austin Page 1 of 2 Printed on 6/3/2024 powered by Legistar™ (cid:5) (cid:6) File #: 24-4822, Agenda Item #: 7/18/2024(cid:4) This contract is replacing an existing contract expiring August 7, 2024, which was awarded through a Request for Proposals process. This contractor has knowledge of and experience with the existing workflows, processes, and customizations of the software specific to Aviation IS which gives them unique qualifications. They have deep knowledge of this platform as well as significant understanding of Aviation IT’s operations and needs and can provide expert consulting, guidance and solutions for system and process improvements specific to Aviation IS. The Aviation IS supports approximately 500 internal City employees and approximately 75 airport business partners through its shared tenant services program. Failure to continue using this software system would leave the airport without a reliable system for tracking work orders and service requests, and with no system for tracking key metrics to drive improvements. City of Austin Page 2 of 2 Printed on 6/3/2024 powered by Legistar™ (cid:5) (cid:6)