Waterfront Planning Advisory BoardMarch 9, 2015

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March 4, 2015 Nikki Hoelter, Senior Planner Planning & Development Review City of Austin nikki.hoelter@austintexas.gov Re: Block 188 Shoal Creek Setback Dear Nikki, The Kor Group presented its hotel/residential building to the Waterfront Planning Advisory Board on January 12 for feedback on proposed design located at the northwest corner of Second and Nueces Streets. Block 188 is on the border of the Waterfront Overlay and the Downtown Creeks Overlay. During that meeting we received comments from the board to keep the base wall within the 45 foot height limit adjacent to the creek. We have been working on revised plans to comply and are coming back to present on March 9 with a new design. The Waterfront Overlay Ordinance limits building height to 45 feet vertically within 60 feet horizontally of the centerline of Shoal Creek, which is also the starting point for the 70-degree setback angle away from Shoal Creek. We are staying within the envelope but requesting a variance to permit a few minor areas of the façade exceed the 70-degree setback. These primarily occur on the very top of the building. I have included an exhibit that shows how our building envelope relates to this variance request. This variance will allow us to maintain a great pedestrian experience on the trail next to Shoal Creek, provide an architecturally attractive and sustainable building, and work towards the density goals of the Green Water Master Plan. 40% of every ad valorem tax dollar generated at Green Water is goes towards affordable housing. A few points for consideration: 1. The shape of the building complies with the intent of the Waterfront Overlay. An alternative would be a wedge-shaped building that is inefficient and lacks the opportunity for outdoor patios and terraces. 2. The design and shape of the Building is intended to engage Shoal Creek along with the public walkways and improvements. 3. The location of the building core is driving the shape of the building. Staying within the envelope would mean moving the core eastward which creates an unusable floor plate for hotel/residential due to shallow bay depths, creating a hardship. 4. 40% of the revenue from property taxes collected at Green Water are diverted to the Affordable Housing Fund. Increased density is a direct public benefit. 5. The limited number of areas penetrating the setback are very high in elevation on the Building tower and not discernable at the pedestrian level. Attached you will find: 1. Green Water Redevelopment Master Plan 2. Block 188 Building Renderings 3. 3D Building Elevations showing proposed variances Regards, Matthew Green The Kor Group Cc: Michael Simmons-Smith George Adams Fred Evins Clayton Baca EXHIBITS BLOCK 188, AUSTIN , TX | January 22 2015THE KOR GROUP | HANDEL ARCHITECTS LLP(cid:1)(cid:1)(cid:1)(cid:1)(cid:1)EXHIBIT ACONCEPTUAL MASTER SITE PLANGREEN WATER TREATMENT PLANT BLOCK 188, AUSTIN , TX | January 22 2015THE KOR GROUP | HANDEL ARCHITECTS LLPEXHIBIT BPROPOSED SCHEME SHOAL CREEKFUTURE BRIDGE2ND STREET70 DEGREEANGLE(PER CODE)45’ ABOVEPROPERTY LINE(PER CODE)80’ CREEKWIDTHNUECES ST.SHOAL CREEKFUTURE BRIDGE2ND STREETNUECES ST.80’ CREEKWIDTHPROJECT70 DEGREEANGLE(PER CODE)45’ ABOVEPROPERTY LINE(PER CODE)ROOFTOP OF SCREENWALLBLOCK 188, AUSTIN , TX | January 22 2015THE KOR GROUP | HANDEL ARCHITECTS LLP12MAX BUILDABLE VOLUMEPROJECT DESIGN WITH BUILDABLE VOLUMEEXHIBIT CDIAGRAMS SHOAL CREEKFUTURE BRIDGE2ND STREET80’ CREEKWIDTHUNBUILTVOLUMENUECES ST.70 DEGREEANGLE(PER CODE)45’ ABOVEPROPERTY LINE(PER CODE)SHOAL CREEKFUTURE BRIDGE2ND STREET80’ CREEKWIDTHROOFTOP OF SCREENWALLELEVATORCORE ENCLOSUREMECHANICALEQUIPMENTSCREEN(ALLOWED PER 252.5.31)BALCONIESBEYONDENVELOPEBUILDING MASSBEYOND ENVELOPENUECES ST.70 DEGREEANGLE(PER CODE)45’ ABOVEPROPERTY LINE(PER CODE)BLOCK 188, AUSTIN , TX | January 22 2015THE KOR GROUP | HANDEL ARCHITECTS LLP34UNBUILT VOLUMEVARIANCE REQUESTEXHIBIT CDIAGRAMS