Task Force on Community EngagementMarch 10, 2016

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Task Force on Community Engagement Thirteenth Meeting March 10, 2016 6-9 p.m. Leadership Austin 1609 Shoal Creek Blvd., Suite 202 3/9/2016. Created by Diane Miller and Juli Fellows FourteenthMeetingDetails.docx Meeting Goals 1. Seek consensus on recommendations for Theme 5. (Ensure that City staff have the support, training, tools and resources to do engagement well.) 2. Decide if the group wants to organize the recommendations for the final report in any manner other than listing them by theme. 3. Decide how and when how to accomplish the task of assigning relative costs (per discussion on 2/25) to the recommendations. 4. Decide whether the group wants, on 3/24/16, to prioritize the recommendations. If so, identify the interests vis-à-vis prioritization and seek agreement on a method. Agenda 6:00 Overview – review goals, agenda and discussion guidelines 6:03 Citizen Input Three minutes per person for the first five people. Everyone will be provided a sticky note to write their input which can be posted on wall and later sent to all the TF members. 6:10 Approve Minutes 6:15 Seek consensus on recommendations for Theme 5 7:15 Discuss organization of recommendations 7:30 Break 7:40 Begin work on organization of recommendations 8:15 Discuss Fiscal Implications 8:30 Seek agreement on whether to prioritize the recommendations 8:55 Next Steps and Evaluate the meeting (plus/delta) 9:00 Adjourn