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Customer Energy Solution FY22 Quarter 3 Report — original pdf

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Customer Energy Solutions FY22 – Quarter 3 Report As of June 30, 2022 Quarterly Rebates by District and Outside of COA $4.9M $4.4M $3.7M $6,000,000 $5,000,000 $4,000,000 $3,000,000 $2,000,000 $1,000,000 $- Q1 Q2 Q3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Outside COA Solar PBI not included. Rebates paid may not align with AE Finance eCombs system as of June 30, 2022. Dollars are unaudited. Data is as of June 30, 2022 and is not a complete year. Energy Efficiency Services Residential Programs AE Weatherization (WAP) – Direct Install In Q3 of FY22, the Weatherization Assistance Program launched a new contract for six vendors • to provide weatherization services to low-to-moderate income customers. This new contract includes yearly price adjustments and additional energy efficiency certification requirements of the vendors. The new contract was launched on May 1st, 2022. • With the new contract, EES launched a new configuration in EECP that allows the vendors to access their work orders, create change orders, and calculate invoices. This new configuration reduces the workload for vendors and internal EES staff. • The program has received approval for the addition of Solar Screens as a single measure. Projected go-live date is Q1 of FY23. • The smart thermostats rebate level has received a $5 increase from $25 to $30. • The program will be updating its communication materials to include the addition of Solar Screens and rebate levels. Appliance Efficiency Program (AEP) Home Performance w/Energy Star (HPwES) 1 SPUR All-Stars • The program was awarded the 2022 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence award in Energy Efficiency Program Delivery. • The program held its semi-annual contractor meeting on June 24, 2022. The meeting was a succuss and was the first in-person contractor meeting since the start of the pandemic. • The program team is in the process of establishing the FY23 Limited Time Offer that will start in either October or November of 2022. • The program resumed work on the held new program configuration and handbook. The changes will include but not be limited to increased rebate level for some measures, new measure options, clarifications to processes and procedures, and a consolidated general handbook and technical handbook. The goal is to roll out the handbook and configuration in early FY23. Instant Savings • • The vendor held four instore events this quarter to bring awareness to Instant Savings, Power Partner and other EES programs. The field representative was able to provide education on lighting (esp. Holiday lighting), the Power Partner Seasonal special and general energy efficiency questions. • Direct Install - Low-income outreach with Foundation Communities (FC) – Residents of 11 out of a total 23 properties have received weatherization kits. The pandemic has had quite an impact on delivering these due to the property manager’s concern of Covid exposure during the delivery. FC will personally deliver to the four single resident occupancy properties. CR is hoping to deliver to the remaining properties this spring. • The program achieved curriculum distribution to 24 schools in the Fall. The schools ranged from charter, private and public covering 8 out of 10 council districts. • We extended the final contract year to carry the program through 2022. We are considering revising the student kit products and participation level. Multifamily Rebates & Multifamily Income Qualified Rebates Programs • Due to Covid, some properties have halted weatherization activity in tenant units. • Completed seven properties with measures in 485 standard and 703 income qualified units for a combined 24% of our yearly unit goal and 34% of our kW goal. • 2,601 units in progress with another 2,036 in application. • Extending the limited time bonus until 2022. • Including new ECAD audits with bundled measures for another 10 years of compliance. Commercial Programs Commercial and Small Business Rebates Program • The limited time bonus of 30% over current incentive levels has been extended through the end of FY22. • The team is investigating how to update incentives in response to the new energy code that was adopted on September 1, 2021. • Marketing materials for HVAC Tune-up incentive are being developed. Webpage marketing pages are also being updated. 2 Lighting Payback Calculator has developed for contractors to utilize when marketing lighting • upgrades to their customers. • New incentives for participating contractors are in development to provide reimbursement for energy efficiency equipment and training. Demand Response Programs Power Partner Thermostat  • 1414 smart thermostat devices were added during Q3, or an above-average rate of 115 per week. The Power Partner team continues to explore ways to automate parts of the front-end and back-end enrollment processes to facilitate greater enrollments and improve work flow efficiencies. After nearly two years of planning, vendor selection, and internal approval processes, the Power Partner team hosted EV managed charging program kickoff meeting with EnergyHub on June 1. Rollout of Phase 1 to a subset of previously rebated EV customers is expected around the end of this fiscal year. The program will be an expansion of the Power Partner program in collaboration with the EV/Emerging Technologies team. Commercial Demand Response/Automated Demand Response (ADR)  • The Load Cooperative program has officially been changed to the Commercial Demand Response program. This was done for customers to better understand the intent and reach of the program. • With this name change, we took the opportunity to revisit and update the program’s marketing material and program documents to include the updated name and program changes since last season. • events for the month due to the consistent, unexpected high temperatures. • We also have been working on the development of the Downtown Ramp Down program, which is an effort to help reduce energy usage, with a focus on lighting, in the downtown area during emergency grid situations. This was a comprehensive collaboration across many work groups, including EES, KAMs, Marketing, EMO, and others. We will continue to develop and improve this program as we obtain additional feedback. In June, we kicked off the FY22 demand response season and had the greatest number of 4CP • No program participation this quarter. • This program was retired this quarter but will provide technical support for approximately six months. Water Heater Timers  Green Building Outreach • Sponsored the annual Austin Green Awards which recognizes outstanding accomplishments in the broad arena of sustainable design and innovation 3 • Participated in the USGBC Greenbuild 2021 Conference, AIA Austin: COTE, Allied Member Roundtable and DesignVoice events • Presented at the Midwest Energy Codes Conference on Energy Code Compliance Texas State Interior Design Class, the LEED Summit, GreenBuild 2021, and The University of Texas Architectural Engineering classes • Coordinated monthly Professional Development Seminars on the topics of Austin Real Estate Trends, Lighting Strategies in Building Design, 2021 IECC Updates, and Resiliency Insights, and Climate Equity Plan: What Does It Mean for Austin? Launched an eLearning pilot for customers to view recorded webinars, receive continuing education credits and provide feedback that will inform development of an integrated education platform • Sponsored the Community Powered Workshop event “The Power of Storytelling: A Conversation on • Building Community” • Hosted a three-evening Green by Design virtual workshop for the public to learn how to build, remodel, or buy green homes that improve energy and water efficiency, increase comfort, and reduce maintenance • Conducted an outreach survey to inform future educational offerings and further development of an e-Learning hub that will increase accessibility and reach a wider audience • Collaborated with AIA Austin and Austin Foundation for Architecture creating an online 'Go Green' tour of sustainable buildings for the Guide to Austin Architecture, celebrating our 30th anniversary of rating projects • Coordinated three SpeakUp Austin community engagement campaigns to gather public input on AEGB Commercial Rating Updates, Electric Ready/EV Ready and Mechanical Ventilation & Testing Best Practices • Created a survey to prioritize the development of outreach support and collateral that will help our residential customers promote their Austin Energy Green Building rated homes • Participated in eSource electrification collaborative event and advertised our Green by Design webinars as a method to educate customers about heat pump water heaters and other energy efficient methods/products • Awarded ratings to 297 homes of which 51% are in SMART Housing developments • Awarded ratings to an additional 470 homes in the surrounding area outside of Austin Energy service • Released Single Family Innovation Guide version 3 • Conducted annual Extended Area Rater training • Registered 771 new production home projects and 16 new custom home projects in the Austin Energy • Registered 407 new production home projects in the surrounding area outside of Austin Energy service Single Family Rating Service area Multifamily Rating • Reported 11 projects comprising 1,571 units and 1,909,049 square feet • Awarded ratings to 10 S.M.A.R.T. Housing developments: 4-star rating to Laurel Creek (also LEED Gold), 88 units. 3-star ratings to Travis Flats, 146 units; Chalmers East, 156 units. 2-star ratings to The Astor Series, 72 units; Talavera Lofts, 92 units; Cambrian East Riverside, 65 units. 1-star ratings to Avia, 50 units; Acacia Apartments, 146 units; Legacy Ranch at Dessau East, 232 units; Vi Collina, 170 units. • Awarded 2-star rating to Modera Domain, 354 units • Travis Flats installed EV charging for the residents and The Astor Series made 47% of parking EV ready for optional charging stations for condo owners. Chalmers East installed 215.6 kW PV array. • Registered 24 new projects comprising 5,810 units and 6,485,924 square feet 4 Commercial Rating • Reported 20 projects comprising 4,249,387 square feet and 870 dwelling units • Awarded 5-star rating to Austin Energy Headquarters • Awarded 4-star ratings to Waterfront Phase 2, Govalle Elementary School (also LEED Silver), Holdsworth Center, Blazier Intermediate School, Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders (also LEED Silver), ACC Rio Grande • Awarded 3-star ratings to Murchison Middle School Addition and Renovation, 401 South First Street, Canopy Hotel Austin, Mary Elizabeth Branch Park Pavilion • Awarded 2-star ratings to Hilton Garden Inn (17th & Lavaca); The Quincy, 347 units; Alexan Waterloo, 274 units; 48 East Apartment Tower, 249 units; Whole Foods Market - East Block Office Building; ACC Phase 2 + Parking Garage (also LEED Gold) • Awarded 1-star ratings to Domain Tower 2, Clive Bar & • Reported LEED Silver project: AUS Consolidated Maintenance Facility • Awarded rating points to projects participating in other CES programs: five projects installed Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, one project enrolled in Green Choice, two projects connected to AE District Cooling, five projects were designed and commissioned to participate in Load Coop, Austin Energy’s demand response program. PV arrays installed: Austin Energy Headquarters 537.6 kW, ACC Phase 2 + Parking Garage 184.3 kW • Registered 27 new projects through Q3 comprising 5,224,573 square feet and 3,268 dwelling units • Elected to the Board of Directors for the Health Product Declaration (HPD) Collaborative • Elected Incoming Chair to the LEED Steering Committee • Serving as Co-Chair of the Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) Austin Hub • Contributing member of the Greenbuild Health Materials Summit Working Group • Serving on the Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy resource area of the AISD Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee (ESAC) • Elected to the Social Equity Technical Sub-Group (TSG) for the HPDC Collaborative Integrated Modeling Incentive • Initiated the post-occupancy verification phase for all active projects: Dell Jewish Community Center, ABIA New Information and Technology Building, Austin Energy Headquarters, Holdsworth Center, Harold Court, Cambrian East Riverside, and Waterloo Terrace. Energy Code • Attended, approximately weekly Energy Code Consensus Committee, Subcommittee, and Work Group meetings for the development of 2024 IECC • Conducted stakeholder engagement through SpeakUpAustin and virtual meetings to increase compliance of new mechanical ventilation testing code • Selected as member of Residential Energy Code Consensus Committee for development of 2024 IECC • Selected as a Governmental member of ICC Customer Renewable Solutions Outreach Events Shared Solar 4 Community (2 virtual and 2 in-person) meetings to discuss the VoS component of the rate case - - APPA Lineworkers’ Rodeo participation 5 - Continue to collaborate with HACA to make sure that Chalmers West goes through the Shared Solar automation process when it comes online toward the end of CY2022 Residential Solar Incentives 222 Customers 1.507 MW installed $555,272 in incentive dollars spent - - - - While the residential installations in the incentive program are lagging behind our targets, we are still on track to meet our 7MW target, when we include the unincentivized residential installations (2.8 MW FYTD). Commercial Solar Incentives - No new commercial projects have been completed this quarter - We are not on track to meet our 5MW Commercial goal for FY22. We believe this related to a combination of the following factors: o Long lead time on commercial projects – we just released our new commercial offering this FY o and commercial projects take a long time to negotiate and implement Industry-wide slow down related to supply chain issues, inflation, and the cost of construction materials. Green Choice - Green E Audit has been complete 6 7