Planning CommissionJune 11, 2024

41 2024 Budget Recommendations Working Group Budget Items — original pdf

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Sr. No. Proposed by Topic Proposed Amendment Justification Notes WG Vote Tally 1 2 3 4 5 Maxwell City Staff Maxwell City Staff Woods City Staff Maxwell City Staff Add one full time employee to Zoning team. Woods Training Optional Planning Commission 101 training for PC members, possibly through Texas Municipal League or APA Texas Chapter. Rehearings for VMU cases, DB-90 and numerous additional paper districts being created all leading to increase in zoning cases. Allow for new and existing commissioners to gain valuable knowledge about planning processes, state law, and best practices to inform discussions and improve efficiency. Ensures the ongoing sovereignty of Planning Commission and similar independent commissions and ensures clear separation of oversight/influence for assigned City Staff. Brings more clarity to decision-making related to legal questions that arise at Planning Commission, and improves efficiency at meetings. Explore the establishment of the Office of the Land Use Commissions (OLUC), which will involve the transfer of existing commission liaisons and the recruitment of supplementary staff as needed. OLUC will encompass the Board of Adjustment, Planning Commission, and Zoning and Platting Commission. Additionally, the office will incorporate a specialized legal representative tasked with attending commission meetings in person, exclusively representing the best interests of the commissions. Allocate funds for a singular budgetary expense aimed at engaging a consultant. The purpose of this engagement is to conduct a comprehensive evaluation and review of all operations and methodologies within the Planning Department. The consultant will offer insights and recommendations geared towards enhancing workflow efficiency and improving work outcomes, with a focus on meeting the established timelines mandated by city regulations. Request additional funding for Planning Department outreach, specifically related to Citywide LDC changes. Improve transparency and access to Planning Commission processes. Improve efficiency in communications between Planning Commission and Planning Dept. staff and help Planning Commmission meet established timelines set by City Council. 2 2 2 2 2 Maxwell Vote Woods Vote Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes