Planning CommissionJune 11, 2024

32 C20-2022-020B - Site Plan Lite Phase 2 & Infill Lots — original pdf

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MEMORANDUM ************************************************************************ Planning Commission Members TO: Chair Hempel From: Brent Lloyd Date: June 7, 2024 RE: Case No. C20-2023-045 DSD Development Officer Postponement of Site Plan Lite (Pt. 2) & Infill Plats Ordinance ************************************************************************ To allow interdepartmental review of feedback received at our recent stakeholder testing session, we are requesting postponement of the above-referenced ordinance to the Planning Commission’s July 9, 2024 meeting. Please feel free to contact me at (512) 974-2974 or at if you have any questions. cc Erica Leak Joi Harden Andrew Rivera