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ZONING CHANGE REVIEW SHEET CASE: C14-2023-0047 DISTRICT: 3 ADDRESS: 1911 Willow Creek Drive ZONING FROM: ERC-UR TO: ERC-CMU SITE AREA: approximately 10.12 acres (approximately 440,827 sq. ft.) PROPERTY OWNER: 1911 Willow L.P. (Anthony Clarke) AGENT: Drenner Group, P.C. (Amanda Swor) CASE MANAGER: Jonathan Tomko (512) 974-1057, ( STAFF RECOMMEDATION: Staff recommends granting the applicant’s request to change the zoning from East Riverside Corridor- Urban Residential (ERC-UR) to East Riverside Corridor-Corridor Mixed Use (ERC-CMU). PLANNING COMMISSION ACTION/RECOMMENDATION: September 26, 2023: Planning Commission postponement to October 24, 2023. October 24, 2023: Neighborhood postponement request to November 28, 2023, granted. November 28, 2023: Neighborhood postponement request to January 23, 2024, granted. January 23, 2024: Applicant postponement request to February 13, 2024, granted. February 13, 2024: Case is scheduled to be heard by Planning Commission. CITY COUNCIL ACTION: TBD ORDINANCE NUMBER: N/A ISSUES: N/A CASE MANAGER COMMENTS: The property in question currently has 256 apartment units built in 1969. The applicant has indicated that this zoning is being sought proactively and there is no intent to demolish the property for several years. The applicant has been in correspondence with the tenants of this property and they are aware of the intent to seek this rezoning (see exhibit D). If the applicant displaces residents they may be subject to the City's Tenant Relocation Ordinance as written at the time of displacement. The City's Community Displacement Prevention Officer has been notified about this rezoning case. The subject property lies between four large multifamily apartment complexes. Willow Hill Drive appears to be a cul-de-sac however ASMP shows the road connecting to Willow Creek Drive in the future as a level 2 ASMP roadway. Willow Creek Drive to the west is already a level 2 ASMP corridor and South Pleasant Valley is a level 3 ASMP corridor. the lies approximately 1,000 feet from intersection of Riverside Drive and South Pleasant Valley Road, The regulating plan for the East Riverside Corridor revised on October 26, 2015, by Ordinance No. 20151015-070 indicates this parcel is zoned as ERC-UC. With a proposed Blue Line station area at this property the station. The property currently contains approximately 25 dwelling units per acre. Target residential densities to support robust fixed- route range of 75 urban station area. Without to 150 dwelling units per acre within ½ mile an increase redevelop within the station area, the and associated connecting bus service may under-perform. in density, and additional mixed-use development as parcels proposed CapMetro Blue Line Station are within radius of dedicated transit center the the an or in 1 of 1910 C14-2023-0047 - 1911 Willow Creek Drive; District 3 C14-2023-0047 2 A review of the subdistrict map within the regulating plan indicated a substantial amount of property zoned ERC-CMU on the north side of East Riverside Drive, much further away from the proposed station area. This distribution is not uniform and there is not a compelling reason to maintain this distribution given its proximity to the proposed station. BASIS OF RECOMMENDATION: The proposed zoning should be consistent with the purpose statement of the district sought. Areas zoned East Riverside Corridor – Corridor Mixed Use Subdistrict (ERC-CMU) are located in the closest proximity to transit and is the highest density district designation within the East Riverside Corridor and will typically be expressed as residential or office uses over commercial ground floor uses, such as retail or office. The ground floors of these buildings are envisioned to be primarily retail or office while upper floors may be office and/or residential. Mixed use development is key within this subdistrict because it will help to create a walkable environment with a variety of land uses located in a compact area. The maximum building height in this zone is 60 feet, and with a development bonus it is 160 feet. Zoning changes should promote compatibility with adjacent and nearby uses. Staff recommends East Riverside Corridor – Corridor Mixed Use Subdistrict (ERC-CMU) zoning for the property based on the following considerations: 1) location on Willow Creek Drive, a future ASMP level 2 corridor that will have sidewalks, bike routes and CapMetro bus stops; 2) The street is suitable for additional mixed use development, 3) it is consistent with the development that has been granted to the northeast within the regulating plan, 4) it is reasonable given the changes in the area since the TOD Plan was adopted in 2015. There has been substantial redevelopment in the immediate area, 5) the rezoning would support goals in the Austin Strategic Housing Blueprint by providing more affordable housing within ¼ mile of high-frequency transit. Zoning should promote clearly identified community goals, such as creating employment opportunities or providing for affordable housing. This rezoning case presents an opportunity as older properties within the station area begin to redevelop, to increase housing density and a mix of uses to a level that will support fixed route transit. This case can also support community goals by increasing a mix of uses which can support more employment opportunities and supports transit at the same time by providing more destinations within the station area. Lastly, the rezoning request also increases the height and provides income restricted affordable housing in exchange for the density bonus. Income restricted housing units near transit achieve a deeper level of affordability due to their locational advantages, they can reduce what is typically a household’s second largest expense, transportation costs. EXISTING ZONING AND LAND USES: Site North ZONING ERC-UR ERC-CMU and ERC- NMU South MF-3 East West ERC-NMU MF-3 LAND USES 256 apartment units built in 1969 Ovation Apartments (approximately seven 4-story multifamily buildings) and Lutron Ketra Corporate Office (2 story office building) South Shore Apartments (approximately thirty 3-story multifamily buildings) Metropolis Apartments (approximately eleven 2-story multifamily buildings) Pointe South and Bridge Hollow Apartments (approximately six 2-story multifamily buildings) 2 of 1910 C14-2023-0047 - 1911 Willow Creek Drive; District 3 C14-2023-0047 3 NEIGHBORHOOD PLANNING AREA: Riverside Neighborhood Planning Area (this case is a part of a specific regulating district and excluded from the FLUM) WATERSHED: Lady Bird Lake and Country Club West Watersheds SCHOOLS: A.I.S.D. Linder Elementary School Lively Middle School Travis High School COMMUNITY REGISTRY LIST: Austin Independent School District, Austin Lost and Found Pets, Austin Neighborhoods Council, Crossing Gardenhome Owners Assn. (The), Del Valle Community Coalition, East Riverside Corridor Staff Liaison, East Riverside/Oltorf Neighborhood Plan Contact Team, Friends of Austin Neighborhoods, Friends of Riverside ATX Neighborhood Association, Homeless Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Empowerment Foundation, Pleasant Valley, Preservation Austin, SELTexas, Sierra Club, Austin Regional Group, Southeast Austin Neighborhood Alliance AREA CASE HISTORIES: Number East Riverside Corridor Zoning District (Ordinance No. 20151015 – 070) Regulating Plan for the East Riverside Corridor Zoning District Request Commission 09.22.2015 PC: Recommended by the Planning Commission on an 11-0 vote (Commissioner Seeger absent). C14-05-0112 07.11.2006: N/A East Riverside Neighborhood Plan Rezoning – City Initiated RELATED CASES: N/A City Council 10.15.2015: Approved on Council Member Zimmerman’s motion, Mayor Pro Tem Tovo’s second on a 10-0 vote. Council Member Casar was off the dais. 03.22.2007: Ordinance No. 20070322-052 was approved on a 7-0 vote. ADDITIONAL STAFF COMMENTS: Urban Design UD1: The applicant is requesting a zoning change from ERC-Urban Residential to ERC-Corridor Mixed Use. The applicant does not specify a desired height but does propose 1,200 units of multifamily development. Currently, this Property is within the Hub boundary (Figure 1-6) and eligible for a 65-foot height bonus (Figure 1-8). The ERC-CMU property to the north is eligible for a 120-foot height bonus. The map below is a screenshot of Figure 1-2 from the Regulating Plan with the Property circled in red. Figure 1-2: East Riverside Corridor Subdistrict Map with Property outlined in red: 3 of 1910 C14-2023-0047 - 1911 Willow Creek Drive; District 3 C14-2023-0047 4 1911 Willow Creek Drive is currently the site of the Altura Apartments. This complex offers 256 one- and two-bedroom residential units starting at $1,156, which is below the average cost of a one- bedroom apartment in Austin. Altura does not show up on the Affordable Housing (AHOST) map but several of the Property’s neighbors do including the Avesta-South Shore, Metropolis Apartments, Bella Vista, and Mountain Ranch Apartments. The Project Connect Anti-Displacement Dashboard identifies this area as “vulnerable,” meaning “there are vulnerable populations present, with no significant demographic change, some tracts are near or contain high-value and high-appreciation areas.” b34. Though the ERC Plan was written over a decade ago it describes the opportunities and threats that exist in this area today. Its proximity to downtown and the airport provides the tremendous potential for redevelopment. It has been an area with an abundance of affordable apartments largely due to the aging multi-family housing stock and history of economic disinvestment and crime in the area. The applicant states that the first phase of demolition would start in 2028. 4 of 1910 C14-2023-0047 - 1911 Willow Creek Drive; District 3 C14-2023-0047 5 There is strong direction in both the vision plan and the regulating plan to “create new and smaller blocks that make the area much more efficient to navigate for pedestrians and cyclists.” In Figure 1-5: ERC Collector Street Map in the regulating plan, this site has a required new collector street that will run east-west, connecting Willow Creek Drive to Willow Hill Drive. Section 4.9.3 directs a minimum of 5% of gross site area to private common open space or pedestrian amenities. The development of a bicycle & pedestrian path that connects the southern side of the property to Willow Hill Drive would meet the goals of the Vision Plan as well as the connectivity, open space and block standards requirements of the Regulating Plan. Street Network Map and Open Space Map sections from the ERC Vision Plan 5 of 1910 C14-2023-0047 - 1911 Willow Creek Drive; District 3 C14-2023-0047 6 Environmental 1. The site is not located over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone. The site is in the Country Club Creek Watershed classified as a Suburban Watershed and the Lady Bird Lake Watershed of the Colorado River Basin classified as an Urban Watershed by Chapter 25-8 of the City's Land Development Code. The site is in the Desired Development Zone. 2. Under current watershed regulations, development or redevelopment on this site within the suburban watershed will be subject to the following impervious cover limits: Development Classification % of Gross Site Area % of Gross Site Area with Transfers 6 of 1910 C14-2023-0047 - 1911 Willow Creek Drive; District 3 C14-2023-0047 7 Single-Family (minimum lot size 5750 sq. ft.) Other Single-Family or Duplex Multifamily Commercial 50% 55% 60% 80% 60% 60% 70% 90% 3. Zoning district impervious cover limits apply in the Urban Watershed classification. 4. According to floodplain maps there is no floodplain within or adjacent to the project location. 5. Standard landscaping and tree protection will be required in accordance with LDC 25-2 and 25-8 for all development and/or redevelopment. 6. At this time, site specific information is unavailable regarding vegetation, areas of steep slope, or other environmental features such as bluffs, springs, canyon rimrock, caves, sinkholes, and wetlands. 7. Under current watershed regulations, development or redevelopment requires water quality control with increased capture volume and control of the 2-year storm on site. 8. At this time, no information has been provided as to whether this property has any preexisting approvals that preempt current water quality or Code requirements. PARD – Planning & Design Review PR1: Parkland dedication will be required for the new residential units proposed by this development, multifamily with ERC-CMU zoning, at the time of subdivision or site plan, per City Code § 25-1-601. Whether the requirement shall be met with fees in-lieu or dedicated land will be determined using the criteria in City Code Title 25, Article 14, as amended. The intensity of the proposed development creates a need for over six acre of additional parkland, per requirements described in § 25-1-602; when over six acres, parkland must be dedicated – see § 25-1-605 (A)(2)(a). As such, land dedication shall be required, unless the land available for dedication does not comply with the standards for dedication. Any remaining fees in-lieu after dedication shall also be required. The East Riverside Corridor Regulating Plan has specific requirements regarding the eligibility for the development bonus: to be eligible for the bonus, there must be parkland dedicated as part of the development (cannot be satisfied only through fee in-lieu). See Article 6.4.2 of the Regulating Plan. PARD approval is required to authorize the development bonus. If the land available for dedication complies with the parks standards, the Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) would consider a small park toward satisfying the requirement at time of permitting (whether subdivision or site plan). The surrounding neighborhood areas are currently park deficient, defined as being outside walking distance to existing parks. The dedication would satisfy the need for additional parks in park deficient areas of Central-Southeastern Austin, a specific recommendation in the Parks and Recreation Department’s Long Range Plan. Should fees in-lieu be required, those fees shall be used toward park investments in the form of land acquisition and/or park amenities within the surrounding area, per the Parkland Dedication Operating Procedures § 14.3.11 and City Code § 25-1-607 (B)(1) & (2). 7 of 1910 C14-2023-0047 - 1911 Willow Creek Drive; District 3 C14-2023-0047 8 If the applicant wishes to discuss parkland dedication requirements in advance of site plan or subdivision applications, please contact this reviewer: At the applicant’s request, PARD can provide an early determination of whether fees in-lieu of land will be allowed. Site Plan General SP1. A site plan will be required for any new development other than single-family, two-family or duplex residential. SP2. Any development shall comply with the applicable provisions of the Regulating Plan for the East Riverside Corridor Zoning District. See 1.3.2 for standards applicable during Site Plan Review. Demolition SP3. The applicant is responsible for requesting demolition or relocation permits once the site plan is approved. The City Historic Preservation Officer will review all proposed building demolitions and relocations prior to site plan approval. If a building meets city historic criteria, the Historic Landmark Commission may initiate a historic zoning case on the property. Neighborhood Planning Area SP4. This site is located in the East Riverside/Oltorf Neighborhood Planning Area. Please see the City’s Neighborhood Plans and Resources webpage for a copy of the recommended design guidelines. Transportation and Public Works Department – Engineering Review ATD 1. ATD 2. ATD 3. Zoning transportation analysis shall be performed at zoning where anticipated trips are anticipated to exceed 2,000 unadjusted trips to satisfy the LDC requirement for a TIA but does not diminish the authority to require a traffic impact analysis at site plan. LDC 25-6, TCM 10.5.0. A ZTA is currently under review and will need to be finalized prior to ATD approval. The Austin Strategic Mobility Plan (ASMP) calls for 84 feet of right-of-way for Willow Creek Drive. It is recommended that 42 feet of right-of-way from the existing centerline should be dedicated for Willow Creek Drive according to the Transportation Plan with the first subdivision or site plan application. [LDC 25-6-51 and 25-6-55]. The Austin Strategic Mobility Plan (ASMP) calls for an extension of Willow Hill Drive to connect to Willow Creek Drive, with 84 feet of right-of-way. It is recommended that 42 feet of right-of-way from the existing centerline should be dedicated for Willow Hill Drive according to the Transportation Plan with the first subdivision or site plan application. [LDC 25-6-51 and 25-6-55]. EXISTING STREET CHARACTERISTICS: Name ASMP Classification Existing ROW Existing Pavement Sidewalks Bicycle Route ASMP Required ROW Capital Metro (within ¼ mile) 8 of 1910 C14-2023-0047 - 1911 Willow Creek Drive; District 3 C14-2023-0047 9 Willow Creek Drive Willow Hill Drive Level 2 84’ 62’ 45’ No Yes Yes Level 2 84’ N/A N/A N/A No Yes TIA: TIA has been waived until site plan. There is a ZTA associated with this case, please see Exhibit E. Fire No comments on rezoning Austin Water Utility AW1. No comments on zoning change. FYI: The landowner intends to serve the site with existing City of Austin water utilities. Depending on the development plans submitted, water and or wastewater service extension requests may be required. All water and wastewater construction must be inspected by the City of Austin. For more information pertaining to the Service Extension Request process and submittal requirements contact the Austin Water SER team at INDEX OF EXHIBITS AND ATTACHMENTS TO FOLLOW: A. Zoning Map B. Aerial Map C. Applicant’s Summary Letter D. Correspondence from Applicant to Residents E. ZTA Memo F. Correspondence received from the Public 9 of 1910 C14-2023-0047 - 1911 Willow Creek Drive; District 3 CLUB ERC C14-2022-0038 05-0112.02 C14-95-0069 67-150 C14-2018-0064 C14-2022-0001 = = = 81-226 72-96 82-187 P83-006 C14-82-057 ERC C A R W 82-57 A S H C14-72-096 APTS. APARTMENTS = = APARTMENTS ERC APARTMENTS = SF-3-NP = R L D R HIL RIA B ( ( X E L - P 2 = = CP72-45 = = = R N D O T R U B = = 71-316 C14-71-316 ( W O O D L A APTS. N D A V E 71-316 C14-05-0112.06 LR-NP C14-71-316 DRIVE-IN GROC. 05-0112.06 MF-3 APT S. LR-MU-CO-NP C14-71-316 71-316 72-38 SP-02-0127C = = = SF-3-NP = = MF-2 R T D S E R L C YA O R = SF-3-NP ( R E D G R RID ( ( A D E C ( ( ( ( ( ( ( SF-3-NP ( 2-P L E X ( C R O O K E ( ( D L N ( ( SF-3-NP ( ( ( ( ( ( 2-PLEX 2-P LEX L C I R Y H I L E L L A V 69-308 MF-4-CO C14-2015-0091 APTS. SF-3 MF-2 APTS. CP72-36 APTS. CP72-36 06-0023 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! MF-2 APTS. 69-288 C14-71-316 STO R E 72-96 C14-2008-0149 UNDEV E R I V E R S I D E D R 2008-0149 SP-99-0142C C14-95-0168 APTS. NPA-2012-0021.02 NPA-2011-0021.02 C14-2012-0111 95-0168 C14-05-0112.02 r86-196 65-158 SHOPPING CENTER VACANT 79-258 05-0112.03 ERC C14-05-0112.03 87-27 PROP. SP88-092C FAST FOOD SP-05-1260C SUPERMARKET RZ85-093 SP-04-0222C r85-320 STATION SP88-0350C SP-98-0253C C14-72-204 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 72-239 SP-93-0509C SP-99-0287C ERC 94-34 ! ! ! ! WILLO W HILL D R APARTMENTS SP93-0390C 96-0097 MF-3 APTS. APTS. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! APARTMENTS ! ! ! ! ! C14-05-0112 ! ! ! R K D E E R ! ! ! W C O L WIL APA RTME NTS MF-3 C14-96-0097 PHARMACY 96-0406C UNDE V RZ85-065 APARTMENTS 99-2115 ERC 94-0112 C14-99-2115 93-0142 SP-03-0494C A N K E N D R APARTMENTS APTS. MF-3 APTS. CP72-66 P82-070 02-0003 C14-02-0003 CS-1-CO SHOPPING CENTER CP14-72-066 C14P-78-34 APTS. 83-131 GR 83-131 C14-83-131 SHOPPING CENTER MF-2 C14-72-239 72-239 CP14-73-007 S H E RIN G H A M D R D Y R E L L A T V N A S A E L S P APARTMENTS C14-72-239 C14-05-0113 SHERINGHAM DR C14-93-0140 MF-3-CO 93-140 P83-61 MF-2-NP 83-130 MF-6-CO C14-2016-0087 MF-1-NP 85-202 98-0083 C14-96-0120 CS-CO 96-0120 E O L T O R F S T P83-82 MF-3-CO C14-93-0139 MF-3-CO 74-112 RR SUBJECT TRACT ! ! ! ! ! ! PENDING CASE ZONING BOUNDARY ZONING ZONING CASE#: C14-2023-0047 ERC 73-37 MF-2 APARTMENTS This product is for informational purposes and may not have been prepared for or be suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes. It does not represent an on-the-ground survey and represents only the approximate relative location of property boundaries. 1 " = 400 ' This product has been produced by the Housing and Planning Department for the sole purpose of geographic reference. No warranty is made by the City of Austin regarding specific accuracy or Created: 4/11/2023 C14-00-2194 69-127 APTS. MARIPOSA DR MF-3 CS-1 72-37 P71-30 GR SP96-0446CS ST O R E IN LO T 1 O F CS-1 R ETAIL C E NTE R GR 85-153 APTS. 1500'S Q.FT. LIQ U O R R E TAIL C E N T E R CONV. STORE GAS STA. SP87-09 RETAIL CE NTER 87-116 CS-1 GR SP85-165 MF-2-NP T S S A L G U O D MF-2-NP ± 10 of 1910 C14-2023-0047 - 1911 Willow Creek Drive; District 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(!(!(!(!(!(!(!(!(!(!(!(!(!(!(!(!(!(!(!(!(!(!(!(!(!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=K19J19C14-2023-0047C14-05-0112C14-2012-0111NPA-2011-0021.02NPA-2012-0021.02C14-05-0113C14-95-0168C14-93-0140C14-2015-0091C14-99-2115C14-2016-0087C14-2008-0149C14-93-0139C14-96-0097C14-2022-0001C14-05-0112.06C14-95-0069C14-2022-0038C14-05-0112.02C14-72-204C14-96-0120C14-05-0112.03C14-02-0003C14-2018-0064BURTON DRWILLOW CREEK DRE RIVERSIDE DRANKEN DRWOODLAND AVEE OLTORF STS PLEASANT VALLEY RDDOUGLAS STCROOKED LNWILLOW HILL DRVALLEY HILL CIRSHERINGHAM DRBRIAR HILL DRCEDAR RIDGE DRMARIPOSA DRROYAL CREST DRSHERINGHAM DRERCMF-3ERCERCERCMF-3ERCMF-2-NPMF-3MF-2GRGRERCSF-3-NPMF-3-COMF-3SF-3-NPMF-4-COMF-6-COGRMF-1-NPMF-3-COSF-3-NPMF-3MF-2MF-2SF-3-NPERCGRMF-2-NPCS-1LR-NPMF-2SF-3-NPMF-2SF-3LR-MU-CO-NPMF-2-NPRRCS-COCS-1CS-1-COCS-1MF-3-CO1911 Willow Creek Drive±This product has been produced by the Housing and Planning Department for the sole purpose of geographicreference. No warranty is made by the City of Austin regarding specific accuracy or completeness.ZONING CASE#:LOCATION:SUBJECT AREA:GRID:MANAGER:C14-2023-00471911 Willow Creek Drive10.12 AcresK19Jonathan TomkoCreated: 5/24/2023SUBJECT TRACTZONING BOUNDARY!!!!!!PENDING CASECREEK BUFFER0200400600800100Feet11 of 1910 C14-2023-0047 - 1911 Willow Creek Drive; District 3 Amanda Swor 512-807-2904 February 23, 2023 Ms. Rosie Truelove Housing and Planning Department, City of Austin 1000 East 11th Street, Suite 200 Austin, Texas 78702 Via Electronic Delivery Re: 1911 Willow Creek Drive – Rezoning application for a 10.12-acre lot at 1911 Willow Creek Drive in Austin, Travis County, Texas (the “Property”) Dear Ms. Truelove: As representatives of the owner of the Property, we respectfully submit the enclosed rezoning application package for this 10.12-acre property. The project is titled 1911 Willow Creek Drive and is located on the east side of Willow Creek Drive between East Riverside Drive and Anken Drive. The Property is in the full purpose jurisdiction of the City of Austin, in the East Riverside/Oltorf Combined Neighborhood Planning Area, and is within the East Riverside Corridor Regulating Plan. The Property is currently zoned ERC-UR (East Riverside Corridor Regulating Plan – Urban Residential Subdistrict) and is currently located completely within the Hub Boundary. The requested rezoning is from ERC-UR to ERC-CMU (East Riverside Corridor Regulating Plan – Corridor Mixed Use Subdistrict), with continued inclusion in the Hub Boundary. The Property is currently developed with multifamily apartments. The development timeline anticipates no immediate demolition, with the first phase of demolition starting in 2028 at the earliest. The proposed CMU designation will allow for increased residential density within a half-mile of East Riverside Drive, a designated Core Transit Corridor, anticipating light rail as part of the initial Project Connect investment. The rezoning implements the goals of the East Riverside Corridor Regulating Plan by providing transit-supportive residential density and contributing to a pedestrian-friendly, urban neighborhood. The East Riverside/Oltorf Neighborhood Plan was adopted November 16, 2006, with a Future Land Use Map designation of Specific Regulating District. This zoning request will not require a Neighborhood Plan Amendment application, as documented in communication with City staff member Maureen Meredith dated January 11, 2023. The Traffic Impact Analysis ("TIA") has been waived until site plan; however a Zoning Transportation Analysis (ZTA) is required per the attached TIA Determination Worksheet dated January 4, 2023 and executed by Amber Hutchens. A ZTA will be submitted within the Code-required timeline following rezoning submittal. 2705 Bee Caves Road, Suite 100| Austin, Texas 78746 | 512-807-2900 | 12 of 1910 C14-2023-0047 - 1911 Willow Creek Drive; District 3 February 23, 2023 Page 2 Please let me know if you or your team members require additional information or have any questions. Thank you for your time and attention to this project. Very Truly Yours, Amanda Swor cc: Joi Harden, Housing and Planning Department (via electronic delivery) 13 of 1910 C14-2023-0047 - 1911 Willow Creek Drive; District 3 14 of 1910 C14-2023-0047 - 1911 Willow Creek Drive; District 3 MEMORANDUM Date: To: CC: Reference: August 30, 2023 Aditya Jatar, P.E., BOE Consulting Services Danielle Morin AICP., Eduardo Mariño PhD. Austin Transportation Department 1911 Willow Creek Dr, Austin Zoning Transportation Analysis (ZTA) Final Memo (C14-2023-0047) The Transportation & Public Works Department (TPW) has reviewed the 03/30/2023 “1911 Willow Creek”, prepared by BOE Consulting Services. The proposed site is comprised of Mid-Rise Multi-Family Housing (1,200 dwelling units). The development is located at 1911 Willow Creek Dr in Austin, 78741, Texas (shown in Figure 1 below). The proposed development will be built in four phases and is anticipated to be completed by 2033. To facilitate access to the adjacent road network, the project outlines the incorporation of three new driveways, each providing full access. The initial driveway is intended to be positioned along Willow Creek Drive and aligned with the existing driveway that leads towards E Oltorf St, situated to the south of the project site (referred to as driveway A). The second driveway also lies along Willow Creek Drive, leading towards E Riverside Dr (referred to as driveway B). As for the third driveway (referred to as driveway C), its placement is proposed along Willow Hill Drive. These access points are depicted in Figure 1 below. Figure 1: Site Location 15 of 1910 C14-2023-0047 - 1911 Willow Creek Drive; District 3 Adjacent Roadway Characteristics: The site proposes access to Willow Creek Dr and Willow Hill Dr through three new driveways. The following section provides a brief description of the existing conditions within the vicinity of the site. Willow Creek Drive: Willow Creek Drive along the site frontage is currently a Level 2 road in the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan (ASMP) and 84’ of right-of-way (ROW) is required. According to the survey conducted by the applicant, the maximum Right of Way (ROW) available along Willow Creek Drive, which runs adjacent to the site, measures 77 feet. Currently, this section of Willow Creek Drive features two travel lanes alongside curbs and gutters. Additionally, there are bike lanes and sidewalks present on both sides of the road, while on- street parking is situated on the opposite side of the site. Based on traffic count data from the year 2023, the average daily traffic volume on Willow Creek Drive was approximately 6,700 vehicles per day. Willow Hill Drive: Willow Hill Dr is currently a Level 2 road in the ASMP, which ends right at the beginning of the segment of the site. 84’ ROW is required as per ASMP, and it currently has two travel lanes with curb and gutter and on-site parking on both sides of the road, and sidewalk on the opposite side of the site. The average daily traffic on Willow Hill Dr adjacent to the site was about 300 vehicles per day based on the 2023 traffic count data. Willow Hill Dr is proposed to be extended between S Pleasant Valley Rd and Willow Creek Drive per information available within COA ASMP. Additionally, the East Riverside Corridor (ERC) Master Plan identifies Willow Hill Drive as an existing road to potentially become a collector street. Trip Generation and Traffic Analysis: Based on the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Trip Generation Manual (11th Edition), the development will generate approximately 3,714 net new, daily trips (unadjusted), 182 AM peak hour trips and 235 PM peak hour trips, details are shown in Table 1. Table 1: Trip Generation Average Daily Traffic (ADT) was estimated for the 2023 existing conditions based on the traffic count data collected at the intersection of Willow Creek Dr and South of Woodland Ave, and the intersection of Willow Hill Dr and West of Pleasant Valley Rd. The growth factor of 2% per year from 2023-2033 was assumed to estimate the projected ADT volumes for 2033 forecasted conditions. Table 2 shows both the existing traffic volumes as well as projected volumes on the road segments in the vicinity of the site. 16 of 1910 C14-2023-0047 - 1911 Willow Creek Drive; District 3 Table 2 Projected Volume Analysis Projected volume analysis showed that unadjusted site traffic plus forecasted volume at anticipated build out year will exceed the typical ADT range for the Willow Creek Dr, and will be under the ADT range for the Willow Hill Dr. However, future volume trips will depend on the development of Willow Hill Dr between S Pleasant Valley Rd and Willow Creek Drive. Moreover, several Transportation Demand Management (TDM) measures were also proposed to achieve a minimum of 20% trip reduction. These TDM measures will also minimize the impact on the transportation network. Additionally, assessments of the Right of Way (ROW) for adjacent road segments, analyses of turn lanes for all driveways, and evaluations of sight distance for the proposed new driveways were also undertaken. Recommendations/conclusions: As a condition for approval for the above referenced zoning review case, the applicant shall adhere to the following recommendations: • This site is required to achieve a minimum of 20% trip reduction utilizing various TDM measures per the Transportation Criteria Manual (TCM). The following list are some potential measures which could be applied to achieve TDM-related trip reductions, the details of which will be determined at the site plan stage. The applicant has the flexibility to substitute and/or add other relevant TDM measures as per the TCM at the time of site plan review as long as an overall trip reduction of 20% is achieved. ❖ Transit Proximity ❖ Unbundled Parking ❖ Transportation Management Association Membership ❖ Designated Coordinator Mobility ❖ Marketing and Information ❖ Mobility Wallet ❖ Delivery Support Amenities ❖ Sustainable Improvements Modes ❖ Bicycle Access and Connectivity ❖ Site Plan Connectivity Access and • The planned development falls under the purview of the City of Austin Street Impact Fee, governed by Ordinance # 20201220-061 & 20201210-062. The calculation of the Street Impact Fee (SIF) will be conducted during the submission of the Site Plan, and the fee itself will be collected upon obtaining the building permit. It's important to note that any reductions in the proposed development's SIF will only be granted after the completion of specified construction tasks, unless these tasks have already been incorporated into the initial Site Plan application. • The assessment of ASMP ROW requirements has been completed, and it's possible that this site will necessitate dedications of Right of Way to fulfill the ASMP criteria. This determination will be verified during the Site Plan phase. 17 of 1910 C14-2023-0047 - 1911 Willow Creek Drive; District 3 • The site proposes to utilize three new driveways for general traffic circulation; two are located along Willow Creek Dr, and one is located along Willow Hill Dr. Approval of this ZTA does not grant nor guarantee approval of proposed driveway locations. Driveways will be further reviewed during the site plan process by the appropriate City departments. • This ZTA does not relieve a development of its Transportation Assessment or Full TIA requirement at time of site plan. Please contact me at 512-974-7136 if you have questions or require additional information. Sincerely, Nate Aubert P.E., 18 of 1910 C14-2023-0047 - 1911 Willow Creek Drive; District 3 19 of 1910 C14-2023-0047 - 1911 Willow Creek Drive; District 3