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C20-2022-002 ORDINANCE AMENDMENT REVIEW SHEET Amendment: C20-2022-002 Commercial Parkland Dedication Description: Consider an amendment to Title 25-1 of the City Code to require parkland dedication for commercial developments. Proposed Language: See attached draft ordinance. Summary of proposed code amendment • • • Parkland dedication would apply to new commercial developments, specifically office, retail, industrial/warehouse, and hotel uses. This would be in addition to the existing residential requirements currently in effect. The commercial requirement would use the current formula of 9.4 acres of parkland per 1,000 new users of the parks system. The commercial uses would be calculated based on the number of employees per square foot, discounted by hours of operation, occupancy rate, and commuter percentage rates. Criteria for dedication and fee in-lieu would remain the same as for residential developments. Background: Initiated by City Council Resolution 20220407-042 On April 7, 2022, Council approved resolution No. 20220407-042, which initiated code amendments to the Parkland Dedication Ordinance in City Code Chapter 25- I (General Requirements and Procedures) to require parkland dedication for office, industrial, and commercial developments; and directed the City Manager to place the code amendment on an upcoming Council agenda that provides Council with sufficient time to adopt the ordinance and place the fee into the Fiscal Year 2023 budget; a 10-0 vote with Council Member Harper-Madison off the dais. Staff Recommendation: Staff brings forward the amendment with recommendation. Board and Commission Actions July 12, 2022: Postponed by the Planning Commission until August 9th, 2022. July 25, 2022: Recommended by the Parks and Recreation Board. Council Action July 28, 2022: Postponed until August 11th, 2022. Ordinance Number: NA City Staff: Randy Scott Email: Phone: 512-974-9484 1