Parkland Events Task ForceSept. 27, 2016

Draft Minutes Final Meeting — original pdf

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PARKLAND EVENTS TASK FORCE September 27 2016, 4 pm – 6 pm Zilker Botanical Garden Meeting Room 2220 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78746 Task Force Members Present Task Force Members Absent Kannou Curette, District 1 Colin Wallis, Mayor Adler Alykhan Mohamed, District 2 Stacy Farrugia, District 6 Debbie Stanley, District 4 Patrick Brewer, District 7 David King, District 5 Michael Joyce, District 8 Ingrid Weigand, District 9 Carol Lee, District 10 Bobby Garza, Open Space, Environment, and Sustainability Committee James Russell, Open Space, Environment, and Sustainability Committee Jeff Smith, Open Space, Environment, and Sustainability Committee Pam Thompson, Environmental Board Rick Cofer, Parks and Recreation Board Buddy Quaid, Austin Music Commission Minutes A. Meeting Called to Order- @ 4:01 pm by James Russell B. Approval of Minutes 1. Approved Minutes from September 20, 2016 meeting Motion by Jeff Smith Seconded by Bobby Garza, motion passed with no objections. C. Citizen Communication- None D. New Business: a. Final report approval-Motion to approve made by Ingrid Weigand, seconded by Buddy Quaid motion passed 10 voted Yes 2 No and 1 abstained E. MEETING ADJOURNED