Parkland Events Task ForceSept. 27, 2016

Recommendation Number: 20160927-E4 — original pdf

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PARKLAND EVENTS TASK FORCE RECOMMENDATION Recommendation Number: 20160927-E4: Special event policies related to event day or use, limits, process, scheduling, and coordination. Whereas the City of Austin has established limits on the number of events that can be held at Townlake Metropolitan Park to mitigate continued impact, including sound, traffic and parking, to the surrounding neighborhoods, and preserve park access and use for the Austin public Whereas in 2016 the Long Center began unilaterally to host its own events and rent its property to event organizers that are outside those established limits (the Skyline Theater Concert Series), Whereas the use of the external premises as a concert venue are not expressly prohibited in the lease agreement between the City of Austin and the Long Center, that use does not meet the spirit of the original Voter Referendum passed on November 3, 1998. That vote approved the lease of what was then the Palmer Auditorium to the nonprofit group Arts Center Stage which would renovate the building to create a community performing arts venue, Whereas this use also does not meet the spirit of the Long Center’s own mission, which is: The Long Center is founded on the belief that the performing arts are essential components in the quality of life of our community. Our performing arts organizations—from the smallest to the largest—deserve and need facilities that reflect their contribution to the community. Therefore, our mission is to create and manage a state-of-the-art, multi-venue facility that will host the broad spectrum of Austin's performing arts organizations, Whereas the Parkland Events Taskforce understands that the Long Center needs to develop new revenue streams, Therefore, be it resolved that the City of Austin enforce existing contract provisions, review the existing lease agreement with the Long Center, and establish an agreement for the use of alienated park for outdoor events, Be it resolved if the Long Center wishes to establish other new events outside the physical structure of its venue, the City of Austin, (Austin Center for Events, Parks and Recreation Department), the Long Center, as well as the affected neighborhoods will develop a working group to consider gaining permits and approval for such events, Direct the City Manager to establish a permanent committee that includes the Long Center, PARD, Palmer Events Center, Ballet Austin, Austin Opera, Austin Symphony, Daugherty Arts Center, adjacent neighborhoods, producers for events at Vic Mathias Shores, and Austin Parks Foundation to establish a permanent committee to coordinate and plan events at Town Lake Metropolitan Park. Finally, be it resolved that these agreements will be enforced by the City of Austin. Date of Approval: _____September 27, 2016______ Record of the vote: Approved on a 10 yes – 3 no vote Attest: City Staff Liaison to Task Force