Parks and Recreation BoardFeb. 26, 2024

04-1: East Braker Lane Extension Presentation — original pdf

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EAST BRAKER LANE EXTENSION Transportation and Public Works Department Parks and Recreation Board Meeting February 26, 2024 Parks Easement Parks Easement Introduction ■ The City has acquired right-of-way from developers to extend East Braker Lane from to Blue Bluff Road. ■ City Council approved the zoning change for Wildhorse PUD on December 14, 2023 for the final piece of the section between Decker Lane and Blue Bluff Road. ■ Parkland easement is opened to full use along Lone Star gas line (Doc. 2020194382) ■ Transportation and Public Works Department (TPW) is requesting a permanent change of use of parkland for right-of-way, utility, and drainage construction through the Chapter 26 process. ■ The roadway would have raised protected bicycle lanes, sidewalks, tree and furniture zones, and landscaped medians and buffers. ■ Memo of understanding with PARD, WPD includes: – commitment to connect Critical Environmental Features (CEFs) via culverts – Addition of rain gardens and green infrastructure in the tree/furniture zone – new plantings outside of the ROW per City standard detail 609-S) – grade-separated and/or protected crossings across the new road at the Austin to Manor Urban Trail Parkland Mitigation Summary ■ TCAD Parcel 953289 (38.7809 acres) Valuation $1,357,332 ■ Permanent Use (Roadway): 7,818 sq. ft. = $6,282 ■ Chapter 26 Processing Fee: ■ Total Payment Amount: $4,000 $10,282 ■ The Transportation and Public Works Department will pay the mitigation amount and processing fee. Request and Timeline: ■ The Transportation and Public Works Department asks for a recommendation to City Council to approve 7,818 square feet for a future roadway connection on parkland. Total Mitigation is $6,282. ■ The roadway project is many years from happening but the right-of-way dedication to the City is part of an on-going development project and needs to be finalized as part of that application. ■ Points of Contact: Dan Hennessey, Transportation and Public Works; Gregory Montes, Parks and Recreation.