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05-1: Barton Springs Bathhouse Renaming Proposal Presentation — original pdf

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Austin Parks and Recreation Board Barton Springs Bathhouse Renaming Proposal Presented by: Kimberly McNeeley February 26, 2024 Kimberly McNeeley, Director, Parks and Recreation Department Austin Municipal Code Process initiated to rename the Barton Springs Bathhouse (2131 William Barton Dr.) to Joan Means Khabele Bathhouse at Barton Springs Pool 2 Naming/Renaming Process • The process for naming or renaming a park facility is in Austin City Code of Ordinances • Section 14-1-36, • Section 14-1-37, • Section 14-1-39. 3 Naming/Renaming Process On October 20, 2023, the Parks and Recreation Department Director notified the Parks and Recreation Board, City Manager, and City Council via written correspondence of an application to rename the Bathhouse at Barton Springs to the Joan Means Khabele Bathhouse at Barton Springs 4 • Initiated by Application and notice • Survey and community comment ended January 90 days 18th • Parks and Recreation Board Item February 26, 2024 • Parks and Recreation Board send recommendation PARD to Council by March 31st • City Council receives PARB recommendation • City Council makes final decision (Suggested Council Meeting April 18th) 5 Barton Springs Bathhouse History • Built in 1947 replacing an earlier wooden structure • 1987 City Council Resolution 870319-15 approved the naming of a portion of the Barton Springs Bathhouse “BJ ‘Buster’ Robinson Sr. Information Center” • May 8, 1997 naming of the Beverly S. Sheffield Education Center likely completed administratively • Both preceded Austin’s current Code • Both align with current code definition of “feature” • Appropriate for the existing feature names to remain 6 Joan Means Khabele • Born October 22, 1942 • Attended Blackshear Elementary and Kealing Junior High • Among the third group of students to integrate Austin High School • Late 1950s first Black person to jump into Barton Springs Pool in an act of • Sparked a movement of swim-ins that took place weekly throughout the civil disobedience summer of 1960 • Organized students from Austin High, University of Texas, St. Edwards and Huston Tillotson University in protest- leading to desegregation of Barton Springs Pool and Zilker Paek years before the 1964 federal civil rights laws 7 Joan Means Khabele 8 Community Engagement Feedback 9 Next Steps Parks and Recreation Board to make a recommendation Request for Council Action to be placed on City Council Agenda for final consideration and action 10 Questions?