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06-4: Attachment C Work Performed Haul Off — original pdf

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DRAFT THIS DOCUMENT IS RELEASED FOR THE PURPOSE OF INTERIM REVIEW UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF KIMBERLY K. PATAK, P.E., TEXAS NO. 97367 ON 07/11/2023. IT IS NOT TO BE USED FOR CONSTRUCTION, BIDDING OR PERMIT PURPOSES. FREESE AND NICHOLS, INC. TEXAS REGISTERED ENGINEERING FIRM F- 2144 PROJECT NAME CLIENT % SUBMITTAL CONSTRUCTION COSTS OPINION OF PROBABLE CONSTRUCTION COST Bull Creek - Old Lampasas #3 Dam Modernization (Pond ID No. 1475) City of Austin 100% Design Submittal - Boulder and Tree Removal and Haul Off ESTIMATED BY SLB/PSK/EA DATE GROUP PM QC CHECKED BY WEH/JR 7/11/2023 1149 Kimberly Patak FNI PROJECT NUMBER AU311230 ITEM Contingency DESCRIPTION QUANTITY UNIT UNIT PRICE TOTAL DAM INFRASTRUCTURE AND E&S CONTROLS SS000100-A SS000100-B SS000100-C SS000100-D * Removal and Haul-Off of Boulders Tagging, Removal, and Haul Off of Trees under 8" Diameter Tagging, Removal, and Haul Off of Trees between 8" and 19" Diameter Tagging, Removal, and Haul Off of Trees over 19" Diameter 1,327,200 776,250 261,105 12,155 2,376,710 475,342 2,852,052 142,603 2,994,655 66,182 3,060,836 OPINION OF PROBABLE TOTAL CONSTRUCTION COST (2023 COSTS) 229,563 COST ESCALATION FACTOR 3,290,399 OPINION OF PROBABLE TOTAL CONSTRUCTION COST (2024 COSTS) The Engineer has no control over the cost of labor, materials, equipment, or over the Contractor's methods of determining prices or over competitive bidding or market conditions. Opinions of probable costs provided herein are based on the information known to Engineer at this time and represent only the Engineer's judgment as a design professional familiar with the construction industry. The Engineer cannot and does not guarantee that proposals, bids, or actual construction costs will not vary from its opinions of probable costs. 9,480 1,125 309 13 SUBTOTAL CONTINGENCY SUBTOTAL 5 SUBTOTAL ROCIP VIII CHARGE $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Total Mobilization Payment 140 690 845 935 5% 2.21% CY EA EA EA 20% 15% 700S-TM 7.5% % NOTES: 1 2 3 FNI OPCC classified as an AACE Class 3 Estimate with accuracy range or -15 to + 20. FNI OPCC does not include costs associated with engineering fees, permits, surveying, etc. * = 20% Contingency was added to this bid item as it has been determined to be an Item of Risk Page 1 of 1