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PARKS AND RECREATION BOARD November 28, 2022 – 6:00 PM City Hall Chambers, Room 1001 301 W. Second Street, Austin, Texas 78701 Questions and Answers Report PARKS AND RECREATION BOARD MEMBERS: Laura Cottam Sajbel (D-9), Chair Sarah Faust (D-5), Vice-Chair Nina Rinaldi (D-1) Anna Di Carlo (D-2) Patrick Moore (D-3) Kathryn Flowers (D-4) Lisa Hugman (D-6) Nancy Barnard (D-7) Kim Taylor (D-8) Dawn Lewis (D-10) Richard DePalma (Mayor) Page 1 of 3 Item 4: Presentation, discussion and possible action regarding a recommendation to Austin City Council to approve The Trail Conservancy’s Annual Programming Plan for the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail at Townlake Metropolitan Park. Vice Chair Faust 1) In regard to the TTC programming plan, is there a summary of anything that is different than last year? This is the first full year programming plan for The Trail Conservancy. The Trail Conservancy (TTC) and the City of Austin executed the Park Operations and Maintenance Agreement on June 10, 2022. The previously reviewed and approved interim TTC Programming Plan for June 10 – December 31, 2022, can be found here: . New in 2023, TTC will launch their inaugural Earth Day Jubilee celebration on 4/22/23 at International Shores Lawn. The event will be free and open to the public with a small, reserved section for ticketed attendees that will include food and beverage. 2) I am seeking clarification on how to understand the chart on Page 7 of the programming plan. The chart appears to provide the minimum number of activations per space. For example, Holly Shores says 8+ activations. I am assuming 8+ means 8 or more. Is this correct? Open and Partially Open <2. Does this mean it will have 6+ open activations and less than 2 partially open activations? Please clarify. The main purpose of review of the programming plan by Parks Board, as I see it, is so that the Parks Board can ensure there is a balance of programming and also that the trail is not over-programmed, i.e. the trail is available for just walking and jogging without special events every time park users go to the trail. It is difficult to discern this balance if a minimum number of activations is provided, not a maximum. Just to note, the Pease Park Conservancy programming plan was also framed this way and I had the same issue with it, as was the TTC programming plan for 2022. I would recommend that all the conservancies change the way the number of program activations is presented in their plans to make it more apparent how many events will occur at each space. Community activations (in the chart on page 7, Figure 2) are primarily TTC's programming in the Park and are free and open to the public. The number of Page 2 of 3 community activations illustrates TTC’s commitment to equitably distributing free programs throughout the Park. Details related to community activations are laid out in Section 3.4 and include everything from Music on the Trail to the mobile library series to wellness classes and educational family friendly activities. The activations column in the chart on Page 7 lays out the minimum number of times that TTC intends to activate the space, but because all activations take place outdoors, the number of events are subject to change due to weather. All activations are free and open to the public (Open designation) and does not affect Trail traffic, nor will any portion of the Park except when approved via the annual programming plan.. The only partially open events that TTC has planned in the 2023 programming plan are 1) the Maudie's Moonlight Margarita Run at Sand Beach (has been occurring for 19 years) and the new Earth Day Jubilee, which will be open to the public and free with a small, fenced sponsor section that will include food and drinks. An overview of the 2023 events can be found on page 20 (5.0) Page 3 of 3