Parks and Recreation BoardNov. 28, 2022

2-2: Waterloo Mural Presentation — original pdf

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Waterloo Mural WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? ● To educate the People that use this park where history has been forgotten or never told. ● Showcase the history of the creek we should make a mural. Stakeholders ● The Park and Recreation department ● City council ● All the chosen Artist “All art should inspire and evoke emotion. Art should be something you can actually feel.” —Chris DeRubeis Location The pathways around 11 street and Symfonie Square. PC:Laura Cottam Sajbel WATERLOO MURAL \ MEANING OF THE MURAL ● Jazz for the music scene ● Sweet home baptist church/first Baptist church ● School of the Blind and Deaf in there but I didn’t have time to draw with same with some black owned businesses ● Albert Philips- became an expert in everything that goes into becoming a cowboy ● James Coifed’s Barber Shop ● Emzy Harrell—-The only colored police man in Austin HISTORY SIGN WG Waterloo Mural IN MEMORY OF THOSE WHO WERE FORCED TO MOVE AND THE FORGOTTEN THIS MURAL SHOWCASES IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN WATERLOO AND THE LIFESTYLE OF THE RESIDENTS THAT CALLED THIS PLACE HOME ABOUT THE CELEBRATION we are doing this celebration to remember the history of waller creek and even though we cant do anything about the natural disaster or the losses people had in the flood we would like to make a mural in representation of everyone who was there before us. The celebration consists of presenting our mural to the city of Austin, making people know about the story of waller creek and we are trying to make certain leaders be remembered in our mural. REVEAL PARTY FLYER THANK YOU for listening! any questions or comments?