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H 2 0 CarTOon By: Brett, Jisel, Jose and Tatiana PurPOse ● As austin continues to grow we want to be able to keep the history alive so we decided to make a cartoon aiming for kids. The reason behind this is that we want kids to be able to grow up and learn about the history of waterloo. This cartoon would be located at the Moody Amphitheater showing every Friday a way where kids can have fun, but also learn. This cartoon will be interactive cartoon asking question to get kids interested and involved. The cartoon will show the evaluation of waterloo from back then to now. MOre DEtaILs - Our cartoon will be 20 mins long - We Will have important information while trying to keep it minimalist due to the fact this cartoon is aimed for kids we want to keep them engaged. - Our information will be simple but informative - We will mention key fact - For example: what is waterloo? Give definition where its located, what it looked like before to what it is now, mention key fact like floods, importance of the creek - Our Cartoon will be shown at the moody waterloo park on a projector WhaT wILl Be sHowN/saID FirSt 5 miNs: ● ● show a animated picture of waterloo and ask “do you know what waterloo is” then will give a overview of what was waterloo located by 15th street and runs through lady bird lake ● will show a map ● ● waterloo went through major problems a place where people can come together before it was all of this 10 mins Next 5 mins: ● Houses along waller ● ● creek show a picture In Oct 1870 after 36 hours of rain the colorado river flooded again which was located along lower waller creek washed away house” “which was not good at all” Final 10 mins - “Waller creek has gone through major problems throughout the years, waller creek wasn't just a creek. There were homes along it but not only that it was a place for other people to wash their clothes, now we have washer and dryers to wash our clothes but back then a kid named Paul Sessums said they used the creek to wash their clothes” ConT. - Final 5 mins: “There is just so much history that we just don't know!” “it was once home to people, jobs, building. Waterloo now is place where you can come and visit and look at the beautiful nature Where youre right now! How cool is that? *show a picture* I hope you enjoyed this fun carton as you leave today go and tell your friends something interesting you learned today see ya” This picture will be shown AudIeNcE TarGEteD ChiLdREn ● The children are going to be the ones watching the cartoon ParENtS ● Parents are going to be there when children watch it so they’ll watch it CitY coUNciL ● City council can help approve our cartoon and help keep waterloo history alive ComMUniTy MemBErS ● Convince city council to approve Why we chose this? ● We choose this topic because we think it’s important to spread information to kids ● through cartoons since kids enjoy cartoons. If we teach kids information through a fun/informational cartoon they are more likely to remember the information when they’re older. ● The cartoons will be short and hold a lot of information and there will be multiple episodes. ● We also feel like parents would find this helpful because it will be interactive and everyone can learn. ThaNk YoU