Parks and Recreation BoardNov. 28, 2022

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EAST BRAKER LANE EXTENSION Austin Transportation Department - CIP ID # 7487.002 Presentation to Parks and Recreation Board Meeting, November 28, 2022 Introduction ■ The City is extending East Braker Ln from its current terminus at Dawes Place to Samsung Blvd as well as extending Taebaek Drive to connect with the Braker extension. This project is expected to reduce traffic on Parmer Ln and add significant connectivity from Pioneer Crossing East and West neighborhoods. The extension will connect to future Safe Routes to School improvements. ■ Austin Transportation Department (ATD) is requesting a permanent change of use of parkland for drainage purposes through the Chapter 26 process. Project Site Description and Proposed Improvements ■ Pioneer Crossing Neighborhood Park is currently undeveloped and drains towards the west and towards the new future Taebaek Dr. ■ The extension of Taebaek Dr. will include a culvert from the east side of the road to a stormwater facility constructed as part of the Braker Ln extension project. This culvert will be constructed within the Taebaek R.O.W, however, grading will be required along Taebaek in order to direct the water into a culvert traversing parkland. ■ Drainage grading along the Braker Ln. ROW will also be required to direct surface flows from the park. Parkland Mitigation Summary: ■ Permanent Use (Drainage): 9,574 sq. ft. = $146,840 ■ Total Mitigation Amount = $146,840 ■ Austin Transportation Department will pay the mitigation amount. ATD is in the process of acquiring approximately 32,977 sq. ft. of property adjacent to the subject park which will be transferred to PARD. When the land is transferred to PARD the mitigation will be returned to ATD. ■ Chapter 26 Processing Fee: $4,000 Request and Timeline: ■ Austin Transportation Department asks for a recommendation to City Council to approve 9,574 square feet for Permanent Drainage Use on parkland located at Pioneer Crossing Neighborhood Park. Construction will not exceed 720 Calendar Days. Total Mitigation is $146,840. ■ This project is nearing 100% design and in final phases of permitting. ■ Solicitation advertisement is scheduled for mid 2023. ■ Construction should start fall 2023 and be completed in 720 days. ■ Points of Contact: Fernando Cantero, Austin Transportation; Matt Harold, Public Works; Gregory Montes, Parks and Recreation.