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The Trail Conservancy | 2022 Annual Programming Plan Parks and Recreation Board Christine Chute Canul, PARD Partnership Manager Heidi Anderson, The Trail Conservancy November 28, 2022 Council Resolution - 20200312-041 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF AUSTIN: The City Council expresses support for the concept of parkland agreements between nonprofit organizations and PARD if the agreements further the mission And vision of the department with regard to non- enterprise fund public parks and trails in an effective, efficient, and inclusive manner. BE IT RESOLVED: The City Council directs the City Manager to work with parks nonprofit partners that have established relationships with PARD, including but not limited to The Trail Foundation and the Pease Park Conservancy, to create opportunities for partnership agreements that benefit the community, and to outline roles and responsibilities between those groups and PARD. 2 October 21, 2021|Council Action City Council authorized the negotiation and execution of a park operations and maintenance agreement with The Trail Conservancy for the operation, maintenance, and programming for certain portions of the Town Lake Metropolitan Park. Council provided direction to return the Annual Programming Plan to City Council for review and direction the first two years of the agreement. Park Operations and Maintenance Agreement with The Trail Conservancy Executed June 10, 2022 4 POMA Terms Programming and Events Highlights  TTC will never close The Butler Trail  Community Events  Community Programming  Free and open to the public  Environmental Stewardship  Partners & Neighborhood/Community events  Initial two years of POMA Annual Programming Plans to Council 2023 Annual Programming Plan | Highlights • Music on the Trail (ongoing) • Goal to expand partnership with additional community groups to support their missions and give Trail users exposure to a diverse pool of local nonprofits Voter registration will be incorporated when appropriate • Flow & Thrive (ongoing) • Monthly wellness series for all ages and abilities to be expanded to include a broader array of fitness experiences Scavenger Hunt (ongoing) • A new scavenger hunt will be rolled out to include a focus on Trail history and culture. • Kids Adopt-a-Garden (summer 2023) • With Mendez and Camacho Community Centers to be continued • Austin Central Library Partnership (ongoing) • New community programming in partnership with Austin Central Library, Twin Oaks Branch, Terrazas Branch, and Cepeda Branch Earth Day Clean-Up & Festival (April 2023) • Partnering with the Rowing Dock, Epic SUP, and other community partners to host a lake-wide cleanup as well as a free family festival at International Shores • • • • Roots and Wings Festival Partner • Holidays on the Trail • Expanded programming to include Santa on the Trail, Trail Trick or Treat, and more. Multiple languages to be incorporated. 2023 Annual Programming Plan | Special Events 2 Minimally Open Usages Proposed in 2023:  Earth Day Jubilee (April): Earth Day celebration at International Shores. Primarily free and open to the public, limited fenced area for sponsors.  Maudie’s Moonlight Margarita Run (June): 20th anniversary of TTC’s signature event at Sand Beach Park. TTC will never close the Butler Trail All other TTC programming proposed will be free and open to the public. Arts + Culture on the Trail The Arts+Culture on the Trail plan is in its final phases of development and community engagement. TTC organized a talented team of art professionals, community engagement specialists, innovators, and a Brain Trust team of stakeholders from the Austin community to lead this project. At the heart of this planning effort TTC seeks to answer the questions of how Arts and Cultural strategies can: Broadly serve Trail users and the surrounding communities Enhance the experience of users along the Trail Support the experience of the natural environment and resources Represent the character and diversity of Austin Align with other organizational and municipal plans and strategies that affect the Trail Increase diversity of Trail users through relevant art and cultural attractions — expanding on who is using the Trail and who feels welcomed Assist TTC in meeting their broad goals as an organization Upcoming Highlights: Fortlandia 2022 Satellite Location: Phoenix Trail by Agi Magi (current through Q1 2023) Arts + Culture Plan Rollout (Q1) • • • • • • • • • Volunteering on the Trail 100- 150 Estimated # of volunteer events 1,500 Estimated # of volunteers expected to participate 5,000 Estimated # of native plants and trees planted 13,000 Estimated pounds of trash removed 400 Estimated yards of mulch spread In addition to the ecological benefits of the TTC volunteer, program, additional community benefit will include outreach to youth groups, green jobs development, an expanded internship program, and ongoing education. Shoreline Stewardship Program: • Partnership between WPD and TTC - builds upon the extensive ongoing restoration work championed by TTC. • Dedicated to a community-based approach to improving the natural areas and shoreline and closely correlates with TTC’s volunteer program. Community Benefit  Free music, fitness, educational, and family-friendly programming and activities year round open to all of the Austin community  Partnership programming opportunities with community groups such as Just Keep Livin’, Xerces Society, Of Color and more  Expanded opportunities for arts and culture experiences on the Trail based on the completion of the Butler Trail Arts+Culture Plan  Additional shade equity in the newly opened Holly Shores Trail area  Commitment to bilingual translations for programming, signage and messaging 10 Make a recommendation to Mayor and Council in support of The Trail Conservancy’s Annual Programming Plan for portions of Town Lake Metropolitan Park. 11 Back Up Documentation 12 Outline | POMA Terms  Meet PARD Partnership A Criteria  Delineate Roles and Responsibilities  COA and TTC Management Committee (PARD, WPD, AIPP and TTC)  PARD Director Annually Approves TTC Programming Plan (Council the initial two years)  Annual Implementation Document  Annual Reporting Requirements  Annual Agreement Compliance Review  25-year initial term w/ up to five (5), 5-year extensions 13 POMA | Communication Communication  Monthly meetings between Director and CEO  Weekly meeting with PARD Partnership Manager  Biweekly meetings between PARD and TTC operations & maintenance staff  Quarterly large group meeting w/ PARD, PW, WPD, TTC  Quarterly oversite Management Committee meetings  Public communication remains through 311 14 2022 Programming Highlights • Music on the Trail (Weekly): Partnered with community groups such as HAAM, the MACC, Of Color, SIMS, and others to provide live popup music from 2 local bands each week on the Trail. • • Flow & Thrive (Monthly): Monthly free wellness series for all ages and abilities – expanded to include yoga, meditation, and fitness classes. Scavenger Hunt: Trail-wide Trees of the Trail scavenger hunt allowed for community members to learn about the local history and ecology of the area’s oldest and most loved trees. • Kids Adopt-a-Garden with Mendez and Camacho Community Centers: Introduced children to all facets of gardening including planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting, as well as important concepts such as pollination, composting, and the differences between native and invasive species. • Roots and Wings Festival Partner • Camacho Bike Club Partner • Holidays on the Trail: Santa on the Trail is scheduled to be hosted in November to provide 2 locations for families to have their holiday photos taken on the Trail. Bilingual options provided • Butler Trail Birthday Party: Free family friendly day at Auditorium Shores with eco programming, giveaways, etc. • Partner Programming: It’s My Park Day, Clean Lady Bird Lake Community Engagement TTC believes free, equitable and inclusive access to the Trail is vital to the health and wellbeing of our community. Input from our Trail users, donors, volunteers, advocates, and team members is necessary for the Trail to be a welcoming space and to represent the communities we serve. Guiding Principles and Beliefs  We embrace diversity, equity and inclusion at the center of our daily work and nurture a sense of ownership and  We advance programs and services that create opportunities for all people to flourish and promote a deeper  We foster an experience where everyone feels they can bring their unique perspective – visible and invisible – to the  We believe these ideals are best promoted by leadership of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities. belonging for the Trail. understanding of our differences. Trail, so that they can be their true selves. 2023 Highlights • Hired a Community Engagement & Content Manager position to expand TTC’s capacity to do expanded community engagement and outreach on a comprehensive level. Community engagement for Butler Trail Arts + Culture Plan will be continued through the beginning of the year when the plan is rolled out. Capital Projects Engagement Toolkit created in partnership with PARD to give formal goals and benchmarks for capital project engagement. Kicking-off engagement for a Comprehensive Signage Plan which will launch Q1 2023 and include historical and cultural considerations. • • •