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The Ann and Roy Butler Trail at Town Lake Metropolitan Park ANNUAL PROGRAMMING PLAN 2023 Prepared for: AUSTIN PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT CONTENTS 1.0 INTRODUCTION History and Location Strategic Plan Alignment 2.0 GUIDING PRINCIPLES Mission Vision Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 3.0 PROGRAMMING Event and Programming Spaces Proposed Uses and Programming 2023 Community Event Series 2023 Partnership Programming Butler Trail Arts + Culture Vision Plan Public Information Activities & Trail Signage Revenue Generating Events 4.0 COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Community Engagement with PARD Capital Project Community Engagement Other 2022/2023 Community Engagement 5.0 PROGRAMMING RECAP & PLAN REPORT 2 4 6 17 20 1 | P a g e TTC Annual Programming Plan 2023 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 History and Location In the heart of Austin is the Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail at Lady Bird Lake, a lush, urban path that meanders along the water’s edge and passes by skyscrapers, neighborhoods, ball fields, and cultural attractions. With more than 4.9 million visits a year, the 10+ mile hike-and- bike trail is Austin’s most recognized and popular recreational area. But the Trail is more than a great pathway—it is where Austin thrives. For many citizens and visitors, it represents the best Austin offers outdoor recreation, a scenic, natural environment, and a diverse, vibrant mix of people. The Butler Trail was established in the 1970s. Since then, the City of Austin’s Parks and Recreation Department (CoA PARD) has exercised responsibility for operating and maintaining the Trail. In 2003, The Trail Conservancy (TTC) (formerly The Trail Foundation), a 501(c)(3), was formed to enhance the Trail. Since then, TTC has invested more than $19 million in various improvements, programs, and community engagement opportunities to this public asset, most notably the Boardwalk on the south side of the lake. 1.2 Strategic Plan Alignment TTC Strategic Plan In 2019, TTC entered discussions with the City’s PARD and Watershed Protection Department (WPD) regarding expanding its role beyond project development to encompass some maintenance, operations, and activation aspects. Toward that end, in 2018, TTC engaged the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and ETM Associates to consider its vast potential for the future. In early 2020, TTC committed to developing a multi-year Strategic Plan. The plan incorporates input from various consultants, TTC’s board and staff, and representatives of the City of Austin. One of the main priorities of the Strategic Plan was to engage the community more fully. The Trail will always be public parkland and will always belong to the people. To serve our city in all its diversity and strengthen our social fabric, the Trail must be a welcoming and engaging place for all. TTC is committed to improving, maintaining, and operating the Trail to provide enhanced and more inclusive user experiences. Improvement design and engagement will employ best practices that promote active transportation, placemaking, and community well- being. Programming will be multifaceted — educational (in terms of arts, culture, history, the 2 | P a g e TTC Annual Programming Plan 2023 environment, health, and well-being), health-oriented, and fun — to enhance people’s health and the overall quality of life throughout the community. Trail utilization will be measured, monitored, and managed to achieve the dual goals of high utilization levels and quality user experiences. City of Austin SD23 & 2019 PARD Long Range Plan Alignment Austin’s growing population and the popularity of special events in city parks are increasing demands on Austin’s public park system, which we are keenly aware of. The programming efforts outlined in this plan naturally align with the vision and values outlined in the City of Austin SD23 document, as well as the 2019 PARD Long Range Plan, with particular emphasis on programming that highlights and fosters equity, health and the environment, safety, mobility/connectivity, sustainability, and education. Through this Programming Plan and our partnership with the City of Austin, TTC seeks to: ● Find a healthy balance between events and public access ● Ensure that neighborhoods have equitable opportunities for cultural and neighborhood- oriented events ● Bring neighborhoods and communities to the table to allow them a formal role in decisions about planning for events in nearby parkland ● Bring new audiences to the Trail, particularly those from traditionally underrepresented communities. 3 | P a g e TTC Annual Programming Plan 2023 2.0 GUIDING PRINCIPLES 2.1 Our Mission The mission of TTC is to protect, enhance, and connect the Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail at Lady Bird Lake for the benefit of all. Since its formation in 2003 as a 501(c)(3), TTC has fulfilled this mission through careful improvements to the Trail’s infrastructure and environment while honoring the original vision of the Trail’s founders. In 2003, we formed the Town Lake Trail Foundation to continue the Citizens Committee's work and ensure that Austin’s heart stays strong. In June 2022, The Trail Foundation and the Austin Parks & Recreation Department signed a new agreement designating this organization as the primary steward of the Trail with an expanded role in its operations and maintenance. In September, we changed our name to The Trail Conservancy, reflecting a new era of environmental stewardship and conservation efforts that will continue to expand, enhance, and beautify the Butler Trail for the benefit of all Austinites. 2.2 Our Vision The beloved Butler Trail is a natural sanctuary that hugs the shores of Lady Bird Lake in the heart of downtown Austin. It’s a healing place where people go to clear their minds, commune with nature, gather for fun, or stretch their boundaries. It’s miles of well-loved places—a place to splash in the lake, push a stroller, spot a heron, hear live music, grab a beer, catch up with friends, ride a bike, run for miles, or just be. It’s a place to experience Austin in all its diversity at every stage of our lives. And it’s the center of the city’s expanding network of connected urban paths. Ultimately, the Trail will extend further eastward and westward along the lake. It’s easy for everyone in Austin to get to. It connects people to nature and us to one another for generations. 4 | P a g e TTC Annual Programming Plan 2023 2.3 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion At TTC, we believe accessible, equitable, and inclusive access to the Trail is vital to the health and wellbeing of our community. Input from our Trail users, donors, volunteers, advocates, and team members is necessary for the Trail to be a welcoming space and to represent the communities we serve. We commit to the following principles and beliefs in our effort to protect, enhance, and connect the Butler Trail for the benefit of all. Guiding Principles and Beliefs We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion at the center of our daily work and nurture a sense of ownership and belonging for the Trail. We advance programs and services that create opportunities for all people to flourish and promote a deeper understanding of our differences. We foster an experience where everyone feels they can bring their unique perspective – visible and invisible – to the Trail to be their true selves. We listen, remain curious, try new things, speak openly, and act boldly. We believe these ideals are best promoted by the leadership of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities. 5 | P a g e TTC Annual Programming Plan 2023 3.0 PROGRAMMING 3.1 Event and Programming Spaces The Ann and Roy Butler Bike-and-Bike Trail at Town Lake Metropolitan Park plays host to several high-profile large events. However, there is an opportunity to expand community programming and event offerings around the Trail by activating other areas that can accommodate smaller gatherings. Figure 1 illustrates locations that could be considered for an event based on a recommended attendee size. Events at these locations would not close nor significantly disrupt the access to the Trail. The areas designated for large events (1,000+) only include Festival Beach, Sand Beach, Auditorium Shores (which is not currently in TTC’s Operations and Maintenance Plan planned area), and the lawn at International Shores. It should be noted that events at Festival Beach are restricted to 17 per year based on the 2016 Parkland Event Task Force Final Report and Recommendations. Therefore, no large TTC events are proposed at that site. 3.2 Proposed Uses and Programming 2023 TTC will never close The Ann and Roy Butler Trail, and in no circumstances does TTC envision a Full Closure of the Town Lake Metropolitan Park or any of the significant parcels therein. Further, TTC does not currently anticipate hosting any type of event or programming that would require a “Minimally Open” designation of the Trail or parkland in 2023. Based on the Parkland Event Task Force Final Report and Recommendations, the following definitions are used to describe levels of event use: ● Open – full accessibility – a typical day in the parkland without event use. ● In Use – no fences, no barriers, and a significant portion of the park that was reserved/impacted by the event. Includes increased pedestrian and vehicular activity. ● Partially Open – greater than 50% available without a ticket and unfenced ● Minimally Open – more than 50% closed, only available to ticketed patrons ● Closed – no accessibility – ticketed participation only The Ann and Roy Butler Trail and Town Lake Metropolitan Park will remain fully “Open” for nearly every day of the year, with an occasional “Partially Open” designation for events that require fencing. In 2023, TTC will host ten or fewer occurrences with the Partially Open designation. Figure 2 details proposed locations, closure levels, TTC programming, and events frequency. 6 | P a g e TTC Annual Programming Plan 2023 Figure 1: Potential TTC Event/Programming Spaces Figure 2: Non-rental TTC Programming Locations Note: Programming in this chart does not include volunteer days # ACTIVATIONS 6+ Open Open Open LOCATION CLOSURE LEVEL EVENT TYPE & CLOSURE LEVEL Johnson Creek Trailhead Pfluger Circle Lou Neff Point Festival Beach Holly Shores Boardwalk Piers Fanny Davis Gazebo Butler Shores Lakeshore Park Sand Beach 4+ 4+ 8+ 8+ 6+ 4+ 4+ 8+ 8+ 8+ 8+ <5 movement, music*, education movement*, social gatherings, art, music* social gatherings, music*, education* Open Open & Partially Open (<2) Open social gatherings*, music*, education, movement* social gatherings*, music*, education, movement*, multicultural music*, art Open music*, art, movement*, social gatherings movement*, music* art*, multi-cultural, movement*, music* movement*, art, multi-cultural, music*, movement* Open Open & Partially Open (<3) Open & Partially Open (<3) Open & Partially Open (<3) Open (4+) & Partially Open (<3) Open (2+) Partially Open (<3) International Shores Lawn art, multi-cultural, music* Brazos Bluff social gatherings*, music*, movement* Seaholm Waterfront Lawn lawn use for social gatherings, music, movement *TTC Programming is already taking place at this location 7 | P a g e TTC Annual Programming Plan 2023 3.3 Community Event Series 2023 TTC plans to host the following community events, volunteer days, and programming in 2023. Some of these will be new pilot programs, but most will be an expansion or continuation of current programming. *Programs and events currently ongoing and will continue are marked with an asterisk. Volunteer Program* TTC prioritizes a community-based approach to natural areas management and stewardship. The leveraging of volunteer resources in coordination with the expertise of City staff helps amplify the restoration efforts led by TTC’s experienced conservation team. Activities include mulching, seeding, seed collection, greenhouse work, invasive species removal, trash cleanup, and other ecological activities. TTC utilizes partnerships and grants to help further support our volunteer program. Since January, volunteers have assisted with planting over 3,500 native plants, moving over 400 yards of mulch, seeding around 3.5 acres of wildflower meadows, and picking up over 4,200 pounds of trash. Many of these volunteer events were free and open to the public but also included events with AISD classes, Texas School for the Deaf, nonprofits such as Austin Allies, and service projects with various community groups, including Eagle and Girl Scouts. We plan to continue to increase these efforts in 2023 and have an impact tracking system in place to quantify the public impact on the ecology of the trail through our volunteer program. Below is the estimated impact of the Volunteer Program for 2023: ● Estimated number of volunteer events: 100-150 ● Estimated number of volunteers expected to participate: 1,500 ● Estimated number of native plants and trees planted: 5,000 ● Estimated pounds of trash removed: 13,000 ● Estimated yards of mulch spread: 400 For additional information regarding the Volunteer Program and its impacts, reference the 2023 Annual Implementation Document. Earth Day Jubilee In 2023, TTC will launch our inaugural Earth Day celebration on April 22 at the International Shores Lawn. This event will be free and open to the public with a small, reserved section for paid patrons who want their experience to include food and beverages. Free activities for all attendees will consist of all genres of live music, ecological education programming (for example, seed ball making), family-friendly activities, local food vendors, and more. 8 | P a g e TTC Annual Programming Plan 2023 Music on the Trail Series* TTC launched the Music on the Trail series in Fall 2020, bringing some of Austin’s most beloved musicians to the Trail for popup concerts when gathering in traditional music venues was not safe. The success of the series allowed TTC to continue the series in 2021 and into 2022, paying above-market wages to musicians and providing Trail users with an experience that reminds them why Austin is The Live Music Capital of the World®. To date, TTC has hired over 195 musicians for this series. In 2023, TTC will continue to partner with local musician advocacy groups such as Austin Texas Musicians to book an array of genres and musicians for this series. Current and past partners in the series include The SIMS Foundation, Health Alliance for Austin Musicians, and the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (for Hispanic Heritage Month). The 2023 series will expand upon these strategic community partnerships to grow awareness and attendance for this series across all city sectors. Above: Andre Hayward Trio at International Shores, Beatroot Revival at the Boardwalk, The Austin at Lou Neff Point, Sonya Jevette at Auditorium Shores. Flow and Thrive Series* TTC will follow City of Austin guidelines for permitting yoga, wellness, and exercise classes within a defined portion of the parkland adjacent to the Trail. TTC has already launched a wide range of classes that are free and open to the public, featuring different types of exercise and health and wellness programming. These are monthly activations and do not require any level of closure. The series will continue to be developed to encourage participants of all ages and abilities to participate and highlight many not currently highly utilized areas of the Trail. Mobile Reading Library Series Partnering with the Austin Public Library, TTC will offer a story time on the Trail series, combining storytelling with nature. With proximity to four libraries (Central, Cepeda, Terrazas, and Twin Oaks) within blocks of the Trail, we will work with each branch to bring stories to life on the Trail by combining ecological lessons, nature walks, and reading. The series will launch in the Spring of 2023 with monthly activations. 9 | P a g e TTC Annual Programming Plan 2023 Fortlandia* In the winter of 2021/2022, TTC installed Star Dome, a satellite location of Fortlandia - a collection of forts designed by local architects, designers, and artists to transport viewers to imaginary worlds and spark an appreciation for art and nature. This installation is a partnership with the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and allows more people to engage and enjoy nature along the Trail. In October, the Trail will host a new installation called Phoenix Trail, designed by Austin designer/architect Agustina Rodriguez. Phoenix Trail is a dynamic fort installation that celebrates regeneration and nature’s resiliency, inspired by the prescribed burns in the Hill Country Trails area of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. The design will feature alternating colors inspired by local wildflowers and a rope maze reminiscent of frolicking through tall grasses. The exhibit will be open for all to enjoy and explore from October 2022 – January 2023. Holidays on the Trail Expanding on our popular Santa on the Trail program, where the community can come out for visits and photos with Santa, TTC plans to expand holiday programming throughout the Trail. Working with community partners, TTC will provide holiday- themed popups throughout the year at multiple Trail locations. Popups will include opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to get in the holiday spirit. Programming could consist of Santa on the Trail, Trick-or-Treating, and Egg Hunts to name a few. Above: Santa on the Trail at Festival Beach, a family enjoying the .territories installation of Fortlandia at Lakeshore Park 10 | P a g e TTC Annual Programming Plan 2023 Other Family in Nature Programs TTC has introduced several programs aimed at engaging children and families in nature on the Trail. Some of those efforts we expect to continue in 2023 include: ● Seasonal family-based public ecological restoration volunteer programming allows volunteers to plant native saplings and plants, spread mulch, seed wildflower meadows, and more. ● Educational scavenger hunts currently highlight the Trail's history with fun ecological ● Other potential future family programming could include wildflower photo days, nature facts. walks, and bio blitzes. 3.4 Partnership Programming Formal Partnership with Keep Austin Beautiful TTC and Keep Austin Beautiful (KAB) will continue to partner with a series of litter abatement volunteer events. The collaboration between the two entities will amplify the efforts and mission of each organization. The partnership will include the following elements: ● TTC, KAB, and Watershed Protection Department are collaborating and partnering on six annual Clean Lady Bird Lake events. ● KAB will coordinate with TTC on volunteer education and training directly related to working on and around the shoreline of Lady Bird Lake. ● TTC and KAB share volunteer schedules to avoid scheduling conflicts. Shoreline Stewardship Program with Austin Watershed Protection Department In 2015, TTC began a long commitment to substantial expansion of ecological restoration efforts in the park, particularly the restoration and stewardship of the shoreline and floodplain around Lady Bird Lake. The partnership between Watershed Protection Department and TTC for the Lady Bird Lake Shoreline Stewardship Program describes, formalizes, and builds upon the extensive ongoing restoration work championed by the TTC conservation team. This plan was developed as an extension of The Butler Trail at Lady Bird Lake: Urban Forestry and Natural Areas Management Guidelines, which establishes the following goals for the program: ● Restore and enhance plant communities ● Repair and improve ecological function ● Enhance resiliency ● Enhance the user experience ● Facilitate stewardship TTC’s Lady Bird Lake Shoreline Stewardship Program is dedicated to a community-based approach to improving the natural areas and shoreline around the Butler Trail at Lady Bird Lake. This program closely correlates with TTC’s volunteer program. TTC strives to be a collaborative community partner and an industry leader in creating an effective natural areas management program for our public green spaces. 11 | P a g e TTC Annual Programming Plan 2023 Kids Adopt a Garden Program* TTC’s Kids Adopt-a-Garden at Mendez and Camacho Recreation Centers will continue again in the summer of 2023, providing a space for local elementary school students and children to experience the joys of the outdoors while learning about the environment through hands-on activities. The program introduces children to all facets of gardening, including planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting, as well as essential concepts such as pollination, composting, and the differences between native and invasive species. Kids, some of whom may not have any gardening experience, get the chance to learn about their natural environment and explore it in a new, hands-on way. The program works to encourage curiosity in growing their food and learning about new species of edible plants that they otherwise wouldn’t be introduced to. Additionally, TTC helps to maintain these beds year-round. Above: Children’s Adopt-A-Garden program 12 | P a g e TTC Annual Programming Plan 2023 Additional Partner Programming and Collaboration In the spirit of community-driven stewardship, TTC will continue collaborating with nonprofit entities whose missions overlap in the TTC focus area. These collaborations are ongoing and span projects as well as programming in the space. Current partners include but are not limited to: ● Austin Parks Foundation (It’s My Park Day) ● Austin Pets Alive! ● Camacho Recreation Center ● Downtown Austin Alliance ● Hill Country Conservancy ● Keep Austin Beautiful ● Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Neighborhood/Community Events • Mexican American Cultural Center • Move Texas • Pease Park Conservancy • Shoal Creek Conservancy • TreeFolks • Waterloo Greenway In 2023, TTC hopes to significantly increase opportunities for collaboration with neighborhoods and community groups for additional programming and events. While these are not explicitly scheduled for 2023 at the time of this Plan, a few examples include: ● 10th Annual Eggstravaganza Chicano Park Easter Egg Hunt, providing on-site engagement opportunities, children’s activities, and in-kind donations ● Austin Rowing Club’s Fitness Festival, assisting with promoting and activating the space, including a popup Music on the Trail during the event. ● Austin Public Library’s Kids Block Party providing activities for the public and integrated programming ● Austin Pride Celebration, elevating the Festival Beach experience with collaborative programming along the Trail as attendees enter/exit the festival. Above: Holly Trail ribbon cutting ceremony and Chicano Park Egg Hunt 13 | P a g e TTC Annual Programming Plan 2023 3.5 Butler Trail Arts + Culture Plan Arts + Culture on the Trail at Lady Bird Lake is in its final phases of plan development. The Trail Conservancy organized a talented team of artists, art professionals, community engagement specialists, and innovators who have led this project through community engagement. This will be more than a visionary plan for public art exhibits on the Trail; it is a plan to enhance the Trail experience through public art and cultural activities. TTC balances many overlapping needs, goals, and populations. The purpose of the Arts + Culture plan is to strike a balance in serving these pursuits. Elements that are addressed in the plan include permanent and temporary installations, ecology and nature, and performance art and cultural programming. The project considers the diverse needs, priorities, and power structures that impact each community and explore how to use arts and culture to further develop equitable access and experiences along the Trail. The Arts + Culture Plan will lead to the development of a collection management plan authorized under AIPP guidelines that enables TTC to operate with site-specific flexibility in the areas in which it has other management responsibilities with the City. This plan is being developed in partnership with PARD and AIPP. Above: Arts and Culture Plan engagement consultants at a 2021 launch event, artist Reji Thomas working on a replica of the temporary floating wetland art installation on Lady Bird Lake as part of the Trail’s Arts + Culture Plan. 14 | P a g e TTC Annual Programming Plan 2023 3.6 Public Information Activities & Trail Signage TTC is uniquely positioned to share information about the Trail to the community through its extensive and active social media platforms, semi-permanent signage, newsletter, visibility during programmed events, and strong public relations efforts. This dramatically expands PARD’s ability to reach the community directly to Trail and park users. Comprehensive Signage Plan A comprehensive signage plan will be developed in 2023, alongside PARD, to create consistent signage and a uniform wayfinding system. The plan will be developed with specific goals to: ● Create consistent signage and wayfinding that improves connections between areas along the Trail, including trailheads, parks, and other community areas ● Enhance the Trail experience, but not take away from the natural beauty and highlight the natural systems and educated uses of the functions and value to the Trail ● Increase safety ● Represent the diverse communities with history and multilingual text ● Promote The Trail Conservancy’s identity as the steward of the Trail with updated and increased branding simple designs. ● Present information in a way that can be quickly understood through clear fonts, and All signage will be coordinated with City departments to ensure clarity and cohesion, and TTC will undergo appropriate review and permitting processes whenever signage installments are planned. With all park signage, TTC will follow required city codes, including the PARD Community PARKnership Guide to Naming, Onsite Dedication, and Donor Recognition. These efforts will be rooted in comprehensive, extensive, and inclusive community engagement. Trail Etiquette Program We want every Trail user to have a wonderful, hassle-free experience on the trail. TTC will continue to use its online presence and a limited number of semi-permanent signage to remind Trail users to be mindful of others when on the Trail. Most recently, we have installed semi- permanent signage reminding Trail users that electric scooters are not permitted. This campaign will continue to be incorporated into semi-permanent signage updates. Considerations for this and other park rules will be included in the Comprehensive Signage Plan. 15 | P a g e TTC Annual Programming Plan 2023 3.7 Revenue Generating Events Due to expanded operations and maintenance provided for the Butler Trail and adjacent parkland as outlined in the TTC POMA, and to provide expanded programming and community engagement, TTC’s visibility on the Trail and ability to generate revenue is necessary. In consideration of any potential future concession additions to Lady Bird Lake, TTC will be bound by all current city codes, processes, and restrictions and will not have the authority to create a new concession without following all applicable city protocols. Any future revenue generated through on-site rentals or concessions will go directly into maintaining, operating, and programming the Trail and will not be used for the salary of the CEO or any fundraising efforts. Popup Fundraisers TTC’s popup fundraisers on the Trail consist of ticketed events that will directly benefit the park and Trail through TTC operations. Locations for 2023 are to be determined based on project construction schedules. Still, they will be designated by those spaces in Section 3.1 Figure 1, which are considered current events and programming locations along the Trail. These events will be limited to the Partially Open designation so the community can continue to access the spaces even while they are being activated. TTC will never close the Trail during these events, nor will it require a Minimally Open designation of the Trail or parkland in 2023. Membership Events and Donor Receptions Membership recruitment events will be hosted in areas where TTC has current and future capital projects, including groundbreaking and ribbon-cutting ceremonies. If alcohol is served, limited fencing will be installed to align with city and state regulations and Partially Open allowances outlined in Section 3.1 Figure 2. Austin Center for Event (ACE) Coordination TTC will actively communicate and coordinate any planned programming requiring event permitting according to the timelines outlined in the Special Events Ordinance. 16 | P a g e TTC Annual Programming Plan 2023 4.0 COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT TTC’s community engagement efforts support the Austin community connected to the Trail, adjacent parkland, facilities, and programs. User engagement is one of the top six priorities identified in the TTC Strategic Plan. The Trail will always be public parkland and belong to the people. To serve Austin in all its diversity and strengthen our social fabric, the Trail must be a welcoming and engaging place for all. Therefore, TTC will continuously work to improve, maintain, and program the Trail to provide enhanced and more inclusive user experiences. TTC is continuing to develop and implement community engagement and programming that serves everyone, especially attuned to those who have been historically underserved. Community Engagement with PARD Coordination and cooperation with PARD have been critical success factors in TTC’s community engagement and ability to directly involve Austin residents in our work since the beginning of our partnership. We coordinate outreach directly with PARD’s Communications & Engagement Unit and maintain consistency with the City of Austin’s Public Participation Principles of accessibility and inclusion, accountability, collaboration, consistency, respect, and stewardship. A panel of land use and urban development experts convened in Austin in 2018 (co-sponsored by TTC and PARD) as a part of Urban Land Institute (ULI)’s Advisory Services Program, interviewing key community leaders and stakeholders to learn about all aspects of the proposed expanded partnership between PARD and TTC. Their final recommendations resulted from extensive community engagement with approximately 100 residents and business and community leaders who shared their perspectives, experiences, and insights with the panel. Based on those conversations, the panelists held a final presentation for the community at the Austin Central Library and recommended: ● Formalizing a public/private partnership between the City and TTC to allow each entity to build on the strengths of the other ● Launching initiatives to fully fund the implementation of a strategic plan based on a shared vision Involving, engaging, and reaching out to the community to build support and trust ● ● Planning for future growth and an expansion of the Butler Trail through improvements and connections Capital Project Community Engagement Capital Project community engagement typically includes the following components: 17 | P a g e TTC Annual Programming Plan 2023 ● 3 Community Engagement Events (in person or virtual) with public announcements made a minimum of 4-weeks in advance (dates approved by PARD) ● 1-2 surveys ● Spanish translation and interpretation for all surveys, social posts, signage, meeting materials, and virtual meetings. All engagement efforts are announced through dedicated TTC emails, targeted emails, social media, site signage, the TTC website, and the PARD website. Other options include direct mailers or community fliers. Upcoming capital project community engagement efforts (schedule depends on funding and project timeline) include: ● Projects on the new parkland at Holly include a potential play area, significant Trail enhancements along the newly aligned and opened Trail, and a trailhead ● Seaholm Waterfront Facility ● Comprehensive Signage Plan ● Rainey Street Trailhead Other 2023 Community Engagement Similar community engagement will be undertaken regarding programming. Feedback is currently being collected from all artists and partners involved in the Music on the Trail series to steer the direction of the series for the Spring 2023 season. Additional community engagement in 2023 will include: ● Surveying all program attendees to gather feedback and ideas for future activities: o Directly emails to people who RSVP for free events like Flow & Thrive o QR code at Music on the Trail and other regular events o Regular requests for feedback through our e-newsletters ● Ongoing feedback surveys are distributed to artists, musicians, and participants of TTC cultural events such as Music on the Trail, Flow & Thrive, and Fortlandia. ● General community engagement as opportunities arise. Community engagement for the Arts + Culture Plan is wrapping up but has included: ● Life on the Trail story collection ● Common Waters installation artist call (39 submittals and a seven-person selection panel) ● Online survey (260+ submittals) ● Six temporary signs were placed on the Trail to promote the plan and survey. ● Artist workshop (38 RSVPs) ● Art installation and celebration event (promoted through social media, partner outlets, TTC e-newsletter, TTC website, on-Trail temporary signage, and direct invitations to over 50 community groups) ● 24+ stakeholder interviews ● 100 intercept surveys ● Tabling at community events 18 | P a g e TTC Annual Programming Plan 2023 5.0 PROGRAMMING PLAN Programming Plan 2023 DATE EVENT LOCATION TYPE DETAILS 2023 Series Programming Jan. – June Every Saturday Jan. – June 2nd Thursday Jan. – June 3rd Saturday Sept. – Dec. Every Saturday Sept. – Dec. 2nd Thursday Sept. – Dec. 3rd Saturday 2023 Pop-Up Programming 02.14.23 Tuesday 04.08.23 Saturday 04.22.23 Saturday April TBD Friday Music on the Trail Various Locations Flow & Thrive Various Locations Library Series Various Locations Music on the Trail Various Locations Flow & Thrive Various Locations Library Series Various Locations Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Eggstravaganza Pop-Up Multiple Locations Chicano Park + Multiple Locations Earth Day Jubilee International Shores Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free (Paid Option) Multiple Locations Free Sand Beach Park Paid Fundraiser Festival Beach Free Community Music Organizations Community Fitness Organizations Austin Public Library Partnership Community Music Organizations Community Fitness Organizations Austin Public Library Partnership Music, Activities Community Partnership Music, Activities, Food & Drink Community Partnership Austin Central Library Partnership Annual Fundraiser & 5K Community Partnership Multiple Locations Free HAAM Partnership Trail Trick or Treat Holly Shores Fortlandia 2023 International Shores Santa on the Trail Auditorium Shores & Festival Beach Free Free Free Music, Activities, Food & Drink Music, Activities, Food & Drink Music, Photo Opportunity Austin Rowing Club’s Fitness Festival Austin Public Library Kid’s Block Party Moonlight Margarita Run Austin Pride Celebration Music on the Trail HAAM Day partnership Spring TBD June TBD Thursday August TBD Saturday September 23 Tuesday October 28 Saturday October – Jan Ongoing November 25 Saturday 19 | P a g e TTC Annual Programming Plan 2023