Parks and Recreation BoardSept. 26, 2022

03-1: Brodie Oaks PUD Presentation — original pdf

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Austin Parks and Recreation Department Presentation on: Brodie Oaks Planned Unit Development September 26, 2022 Thomas Rowlinson, Principal Planner Development Overview Existing Use: Retail Proposed Use: Mixed-use Activity Center with 1,700 residential units on 37.6 ac located at Loop 360 and Highway 290, just south of Barton Creek Greenbelt PROJECT LOCATION 2 Development Overview Part of original 128- acre development in 1981; included dedication of Barton Creek Greenbelt Currently features 84 percent of impervious cover 3 Parks and Open Space Plan Gross parkland to be dedicated: 11.6 acres Minimum amount of required credited parkland: 7.6 acres Number of parks: 3 Parkland owed: ~30 acres Remaining amount of requirement to be paid via fee in-lieu: 76% 4 Parks and Open Space Plan Park development must exceed the park development fee in effect at the time of permitting by $700 per unit for both residential and hotel units. Current park development fee in effect: $598.15 per unit Estimated park development funds available for amenities: ~$2.2 million Each park must include a minimum of three amenities. Final park development to be approved by PARD at the time of the overall project permitting. Parks to be developed and maintained by the applicant. 5 Additional Features • Parks to include underground ponds and some reirrigation of stormwater. Applicant is limited to a maximum of 5.7 acres on parkland for both. • Temporary sales of alcohol for events may be allowed with PARD approval for Central Green. • Brodie Oaks will develop 50 parking spaces reserved for park users and provided in the development’s first phase. • Brodie Oaks will strive towards achieving SITES Silver Certification for Parks. • Brodie Oaks will restore the landscape and regrade the area adjacent to the existing Barton Springs Greenbelt to connect and extend into the existing parkland. PARD Staff currently supports this Planned Unit Development for superiority with respect to parkland dedication. 6 Board Consideration Consider a recommendation to City Council whether the Brodie Oaks Planned Unit Development application is superior with respect to parkland dedication. 7