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04-4: Recent Photos of South Central Waterfront — original pdf

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Photos of South Central Waterfront As it currently exists: Photos taken at 7pm on Sunday, August 21, 2022. Congress This is the Statesman site, viewed from the Congress Bridge. Access by Path This looks down a public path alongside the Statesman parking lot, toward the bat-viewing area. Current view, walking North on Congress. Skyscraper goes here. The 305 S. Congress PUD plans a skyscraper here, to the right of the walk, with parking below so the building begins at street level. Current stairs As evident, there are two access points at this location, these stairs and the path in the previous slide. Entrances Again, the building will supplant these two public accesses to the park and trail. Bike access moves South Under this PUD, bikes coming from the Congress Bridge would have to travel to Barton Springs Road, at the end of this block (where the stoplight is). Road and bike access The PUD will channel bikes to a two-way bike lane along the extended Bar ton Springs Road, at this location, about ¼ mile from the bat area, behind the current Statesman building. Current access On the back side of the Statesm an is an extensive lot that allows a wide pedestrian access to the trail, besides a specif ic trail entr y point. 7 pm Sunday Bat- wat chers arrive on a random Sunday evening. This park is a beloved spot for locals and tourists alike.