Parks and Recreation BoardAug. 22, 2022

04-1: Update on 305 S Congress PUD Amendment — original pdf

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 Parks-related information from the PUD. Update: 305 S. Congress PUD  Headed for Council August 30 Work Session Sept 1 Council Meeting *Illustrations are from the Vision Plan, not from the PUD design.  SRCC request for Postponement    The ordinance, as posted on July 15, 2022, does not appear ready for a hearing or an approved second or third reading. The ordinance substantially amends a 30 year-old amendment of a 37 year-old Planned Unit Development. Yet, there is no redline of the previous ordinances and according to the ordinance itself, if there is a conflict with the exhibits, the ordinance controls. In connection with these cases, SRCC has adopted two positions: (i) in September 16, 2019 SRCC voted to oppose the PUD in South Central Waterfront until it included a regulating plan with financial tools; (ii) on February 2, 2022, SRCC voted to support the stated conditions in the conditional recommendations from boards and commissions. Currently, this project does not meet SRCC’s stated positions. For the reasons stated above, SRCC respectfully requests a postponement of the cases until the language of the ordinance accurately reflects its history and substantial amendments, that the applicant demonstrates an understanding of its obligations, and the City receives SRCC’s updated position following its August 16, 2022 general membership meeting.  Stakeholder SRCC opposes this PUD Their message to Council is this: The 305 S. Congress PUD is not superior. Failure to meet the intent of the South Central Waterfront Framework Vision Plan. Development bonus entitlements requested by the PUD applicant exceed the community benefits required of them, with respect to parkland acreage, parkland improvements, and affordable housing. The plan lacks reasonable justification for public subsidies. This PUD plan has been unable to benchmark standards met by nearby recent projects and proposals without public funding.  The following excerpts come from the draft Council will discuss at 2nd reading, terms NOT yet agreed to by developer  Show up, call in, or write to City Council Aug. 30 and Sept 1. Please make your voice heard. We have one chance to get this right.  Questions & Discussion