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12-2: 305 S. Congress PUD Open Spaces Map - July 2021 — original pdf

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WATER QUALITY FEATURE 25 YEAR FLOODPLAIN LINE 432.57’ ELEVATION ACCORDING TO COA RAS MODEL GREAT LAWN PIER . X A M " 0 - ' 0 7 35''-0" MAX. WATER STEPS 30'-0" MAX. 40'-0" MAX. CRITICAL WATER QUALITY ZONE SETBACK LINE 100’ FROM SHORELINE HALF CRITICAL WATER QUALITY ZONE SETBACK LINE 50’ FROM SHORELINE WATER QUALITY FEATURE 6 75'-0" M A X. 70'-0" X. A M BOARDWALK WATER STEPS CONCEPTUAL DETAIL GREAT STEPS MULTI-USE TRAIL PLAY AREA LADY BIRD LAKE WATER QUALITY FEATURE 100 YEAR FLOODPLAIN LINE 440.88’ ELEVATION ACCORDING TO COA RAS MODEL PRIMARY SETBACK LINE 150’ FROM SHORELINE SECONDARY SETBACK LINE 50’ FROM PRIMARY SETBACK LINE PROPOSED FUTURE PROJECT CONNECT RAIL LINE AND/OR STA- TION Conceptual Open Space Map S O U T H C O N G R E S S A V E N U E NOTES: 1. The location and size of all improvements shown on this Exhibit are approximate and subject to change based upon final design. 2. Location and size of improvements shown on the plan may be modified and approved administratively by city staff, so long as such modification is in accordance with Section 3.1.3. Such modification must be approved by the Parks Department and Watershed Protection. 3. The average width of the trail will be up to 15 feet. In conjunction with the Environmental Protection and Restoration Plan, shoreline improvements include the removal of all non-native, invasive species and the following native trees: Tag # Species DBH (in.) 1086 1087 1396 1397 1402 1414 1450 Sycamore American Elm Sycamore American Elm American Elm Pecan American Elm 16 10 10 11 8 19 14 Note: This table does not represent a comprehensive list of trees located within the PUD that will be affected by the redevelopment of the Property. B A RT O N S P RIN G S R O A D 0 100’ 200’ 300’ Site Boundary (821,517 sf/18.86 acre) Plaza/Landscape Area (69,478 sf/1.59 acre) Park Land (284,418sf/6.53 acre, which includes the inundated land.) *PARKLAND AREA IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON FINAL LOCATION AND DESIGN OF CAPMETRO STATION 6 / 8 Submitted: July 24, 2019Updated: June 26, 2020Updated: July 9, 2021Updated: April 14, 2021305 S. CONGRESS PUDCASE NUMBER: C814-89-0003.02Updated: October 12, 2020