Mexican American Cultural Center Advisory BoardAug. 5, 2020

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Annual Internal Review This report covers the time period of 7/1/2019 to 6/30/2020 Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center ____________________________________ The Board/Commission mission statement (per the City Code) is: The Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (ESB-MACC) is dedicated to the preservation, creation, presentation, and promotion of the cultural arts of Mexican Americans and Latino cultures. 1. Describe the board’s actions supporting their mission during the previous calendar year. Address all elements of the board’s mission statement as provided in the relevant sections of the City Code. (Reference all reports, recommendations, letters or resolutions presented to the City Council on mission-specific issues. If some of the elements of the mission statement were not acted on by the board in the past year, the report should explain why no action was taken.) During the period of 7/1/2019 to 6/30/2020 the ESB-MACC Advisory Board’s focus continued to be on increasing the productivity and efficiency of our board meetings, allowing us to focus on serving as advisors that work towards improving current operations and future development of the ESBMACC. The ESB-MACC is a vital community resource for our Latino community that offers us a space where we can come together to celebrate, promote, and share our culture in the areas of music, dance, theater, literature, the visual arts, multi-media arts, genealogy, and history. This year, the board continued to support the ESBMACC staff and the artists in the newly created Latino Arts Access Program by ensuring that they have a fair and working contract. The board also worked with City staff and Council as the Phase II project continued to advance. The board supported the City’s process in selecting an architecture firm and supported Annual Review and Work Plan 2019-2020 Page # 2 the recommendation to enter into contract negotiations with the Miro Rivera Architects in collaboration with Tatiana Bilbao. The board also submitted a request to update our bylaws to reflect our board's current needs. The Finance and Audit approved to officially include Emma S. Barrientos as part of the advisory board name. The board continued to support and promote the signature events held at the ESBMACC as well as continued to support the digital programs that have been created in response to in person programs being cancelled due to COVID-19. 2. Determine if the board’s actions throughout the year comply with the mission statement. (If any of the board’s actions were outside the scope of the mission statement, the report should explain the non-compliance issues.) The ESB-MACC is a landmark complex for the City of Austin that is dedicated to the preservation, creation, presentation, and promotion of Mexican American cultural arts and heritage. The ESB-MACC is an important resource for our community, our visitors, and civic arts organizations from around the city and while all visitors are welcome to attend our events, the center is primarily a community hub where our Latino community can share, learn about, and preserve our Hispanic culture. The ESB- MACC also serves as an "incubator" that allows emerging Latino artists to learn and grow in their craft while at the same time having a space in which to perform and give back to the community. We believe that the Board’s actions have complied with the mission statement in that the board has listened to our community and taken action when needed. We have supported and promoted the ESBMACC events, artists, staff, and community customers. 3. List the board’s goals and objectives for the new calendar year. (Make sure the goals and objectives fall within the mission statement of the board/commission.)