Low Income Consumer Advisory Task ForceJuly 17, 2015

Item 3c-Proposal for Economic Evaluation of Task Force Recommendations_Chris Strand — original pdf

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Proposal For Economic Evaluation Of Task Force Recommendations The Low Income Consumer Advisory Task Force has an inherent fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the limited amount of funds available is spent to achieve maximum cost effectiveness for the targeted participants and Austin Energy ratepayers. Thus all recommendations by the Task Force will be analyzed and prioritized using the following metrics: A. Benefit/Cost analysis of the measure for the utility (kW peak saved/cost of measure) Analysis will be expressed in a numerical value. The higher the number = the greater the benefit. B. Payback analysis for the measure (cost of upgrade/kWh saved) Analysis will be expressed in number of years for payback. The lower the number of years = the greater the benefit. Historical data using actual utility bills will be used whenever possible. C. All measures will be compared with the impact to just increasing the % discount for CAP participants. Furthermore in order to impact as many dwellings as possible: Free Weatherization funds shall be limited to $1650 (pre ARRA cost per home adjusted for inflation) per single family dwelling. The measures performed will be prioritized using the two metrics above. Health and safety repairs will be limited to an average of $200 per single family dwelling.