Independent Citizens Redistricting CommissionAug. 11, 2020

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Resolution No. ______________ The Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (the “Commission”), acting pursuant to its charter, takes the following action with respect to recent annexations by the City of Austin. Attached as an exhibit and as part of this Resolution, is a map reflecting annexations that have occurred since the Commission officially promulgated the single member City Council electoral Districts. It is necessary to incorporate newly annexed areas into the appropriate electoral districts. In keeping with the Commission’s policy of incorporating newly annexed territory into immediately adjacent districts to preserve contiguity and compactness, the Commission makes the following placement of the newly annexed territory: Annexation Ordinance Number 20190131-013 20191003-068 20200730-006 In addition, the Commission acknowledges and reaffirms the following annexations, which it has previously placed into districts: Annexation Ordinance Number 20180920-019 20190620-111 20191031-024 20200604-052 Adopted this 11th day of August 2020, and it is so ordered.  Assigned Electoral District (existing) District 5 District 6 District 6, 10 District 6 Assigned Electoral District District 2 District 1 District 2