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Agenda Item 5: Imagine Austin Update Presentation — original pdf

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Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan Community Update City of Austin Boards & Commissions Meeting Winter 2024 What is Imagine Austin & why does it matter? ​ • Imagine Austin (IA) is the City’s comprehensive plan, a guide for long-term growth, development, and land use decisions • A comprehensive plan is required by City Charter Article X containing: • Initially adopted in 2012, IA is a 30-year plan, • 231 Actions​ & 289 Policies • 8 Priority Programs - Overseeing implementation • 1 Growth Concept Map • 1 Community Vision • It seeks to make Austin a city of “Complete Communities”* * Areas that provide amenities, transportation, services, and opportunities that fulfill all residents’ material, social, and economic needs. Imagine Austin Update – Timeline 4 Q 3 2 ‘ 1 Q 4 2 ‘ 2 Q 4 2 ‘ 3 Q 4 2 ‘ 4 Q 4 2 ‘ 1 Q 5 2 ‘ 2 Q 5 2 ‘ 3 Q 5 2 ‘ 4 Q 5 2 ‘ 6 2 ‘ 7 2 ‘ 8 2 ‘ Project Kickstart SEP - MAR Data evaluation; City staff pre-engagement; Framework development; Contracting Engagement JUN - OCT Plan Update Draft Data ongoing; Active dev. with public input Budgeting / IA integration NOV - MAY Ongoing coordination Implementation Priority Program Implementation Enhancements Today Key highlights of IA update pre-planning efforts to date • Refinement of plan update goals & strategies (ongoing) • City collaboration (ongoing) with: • Sustainability & Resilience; and Equity • City Departments • Department Leadership • Priority Programs & Champions • Budget Office • CPIO • Equity-driven Public Participation Planning (draft complete: March/April) Reasons, Goals, Strategies for an update to Imagine Austin: Our Equity Vision The Planning Department acknowledges the history of planning in Austin, and how past planning, including the City’s 1928 Comprehensive Plan and redlining in the 1930s produced continued struggle with displacement and gentrification, and growing disparities across all quality of life outcomes, still felt today. Additionally, the Planning Department acknowledges neighborhood planning, still in place today, covers only a fraction of the city, and even as of 2016 lacked representative decision-making and transparency. Further, those plans were found to be inconsistent with the citywide vision. In sum, some plans in place today have created planning-related outcomes both inconsistent with citywide goals, and planning activities with barriers to representative decision-making. Planning understands this opportunity to learn lessons from the past and create improvement in plans and planning processes. That improvement must begin with equity in the forefront of the way we plan, the outcomes of the plan, and the implementation of the plan, and must occur at a citywide level, such as with the City’s comprehensive plan, and in smaller planning areas of the city. Partner With Us! One (1) Member is invited to partner with us through the development and implementation of the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan Update Engagement Process: • Serve as a point of contact for your board/commission • Receive and communicate updates as needed • Compile questions/input from your board/commission • Provide insight on reaching stakeholders you • Help identify gaps and areas of opportunity for • Possibly attend a stakeholder or 1-on-1 meeting • Provide feedback to the draft the Public Engagement Time Commitment: FY24-FY26; Roughly 3-4 hours a quarter as needed represent engagement Plan (PPP) Questions? Contact: April Geruso, Planning Department Division Manager