Economic Prosperity CommissionFeb. 21, 2024

Agenda Item 2: Community Advancement Network Presentation — original pdf

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CAN “EXPANDING OPPORTUNITY” PRESENTATION ECONOMIC PROSPERITY COMMISSION FEBRUARY 21, 2024 C.A.N. – NETWORK MEMBERS CAN’s Main Website C.A.N. DASHBOARD URBAN INSTITUTE – UPWARD MOBILITY FRAMEWORK URBAN INSTITUTE – UPWARD MOBILITY FRAMEWORK Expanding Opportunity Focus Area December Update The work of the Planning Team, CAN Board and CAN Executive Committee narrowed the consideration of topics relating to "ensuring an equitable economic recovery" to the following topics: • Address Affordability Pressures for Individuals Participating in Workforce Training Opportunities (housing, childcare; healthcare; transportation; food); & Promote & Support Workforce Development Opportunities Aimed at Upskilling, including Apprenticeships and other Earn & Learn Opportunities. • The Expanding Opportunity Planning Team will help identify the proper role for CAN in advancing the selected strategies and in planning for the CAN regional summit. Central Texas Regional Summit on Expanding Opportunity April 5, 2024 (9 AM to 1 PM) @ ACC Round Rock Campus Please register at this link to help us plan for catering and so that we can accommodate dietary restrictions: Q & A THANKS FOR THE INVITATION & OPPORTUNITY TO DIALOGUE! RAUL ALVAREZ CAN EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR RALVAREZ@CANATX.ORG HTTP://WWW.CANATX.ORG HTTP://WWW.WECANATX.ORG