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20240515-002: 2023 State of the Environment Memo — original pdf

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M E M O R A N D U M Mayor and Council Members Robert Goode, P.E., Assistant City Manager Jorge L. Morales, P.E., CFM, Director, Watershed Protection Department May 9, 2024 TO: THROUGH: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: 2023 State of Our Environment Report The Watershed Protection Department (WPD) is sharing our 2023 State of Our Environment Report. This annual report has been the duty of the Environmental Officer to present to the City Manager and City Council since 1997, as per Austin City Code 25-1-45(C). Although the format of the State of Our Environment Report has evolved over time, it currently exists as a web-based report with information about the current condition of Austin’s natural resources and how they have changed over time. A Spanish version is also available online through the link below. Please view the report at: www.austintexas.gov/environment. This report has typically included the following metrics from across many departmental missions, including: • • Urban Forest; • Public Open Space; • Wildlands; • Climate Change; and • Air Quality. Lakes, Creeks, and Aquifers; WPD is appreciative of the staff in Parks and Recreation Department’s Park Planning Division, Development Services Department’s Community Tree Preservation Division, Austin Water’s Wildlands Division, and the Office of Sustainability for their assistance and continued collaboration to allow us to bring these important metrics together in one annual report. If you would like additional information or have feedback on the 2023 report, please contact Liz Johnston, Acting Environmental Officer, at (512) 974-2619 or Liz.Johnston@austintexas.gov. cc: T.C. Broadnax, City Manager Liz Johnston, Acting Environmental Officer, Watershed Protection Department Page 1 of 1