Environmental CommissionAug. 3, 2022

20220803-003: Bull Creek PUD Amendment #3 C814-2009-0139.03 Recommendation — original pdf

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1 ENVIRONMENTAL COMMISSION MOTION 20220803-003 Date: August 3, 2022 Subject: Case No. C814-2009-0139.03; Bull Creek Planned Unit Development Amendment #3 Motion by: Jennifer Bristol RATIONALE: WHEREAS, the Environmental Commission recognizes the applicant is requesting an amendment to a Planned Unit Development (PUD); WHEREAS, the Environmental Commission recognizes the site is located in the Lake Austin and Bull Creek/ Water supply Suburban Watershed; and Seconded by: Kevin Ramberg WHEREAS, the Environmental Commission recognizes that staff recommends this variance, with conditions having determined the required Findings of Fact have been met. THEREFORE, the Environmental Commission recommends the variance request with the following: Staff Conditions: 1. This applicant completes the restoration plan prior to the conversion of the property to civic use as established by the PUD (and referenced in site plan SP-2021-0249D) such that any further development or redevelopment is subject to current code at the time of site development permit application. 2. This project shall comply with 25-8-261, except for the relevant code modifications included in the 3. This project shall comply with the environmental superiority elements included in the PUD PUD amendment. amendment. and the following Environmental Commission Conditions: 1. Include language addressing the CEF buffer, stormwater, that was agreed upon by staff, neighborhood groups, and the applicant on August 3, 2022 so it is reflected in the PUD and site plan. 2. Include language approved by staff on August 3, 2022 prior to the Environmental Commission meeting to be included in the forthcoming site plan to address the CEF including engaging geotechnical and structural experts to design the proposed building to the highest standard of care for the preservation and protection of the CEF. 3. Include the commitment to meet with TXDOT to finalize concerns regarding the entrance and 4. Include language that was agreed upon by the neighborhood group, applicant, and staff regarding 5. Include language to agree to keep the shoreline clean of trash and provide recycling options 6. Encourage the applicant to meet with necessary parties to establish a no-wake zone. exit to the property. sound. throughout the property. VOTE 9-0 For: Aguirre, Bedford, Brimer, Bristol, Nickells, Ramberg, Schiera, Scott, and Qureshi Against: None Abstain: None Recuse: None Absent: Thompson and Barrett Bixler Approved By: Kevin Ramberg, Environmental Commission Chair 2