Environmental CommissionJuly 6, 2022

20220706-003: Mercedes Benz South Austin SP-2021-0127C — original pdf

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1 ENVIRONMENTAL COMMISSION MOTION 20220706-003 Date: July 6, 2022 Subject: Mercedes Benz South Austin (SP-2021-0127C) Motion by: Jennifer L. Bristol RATIONALE: Seconded by: Pam Thompson WHEREAS, the Environmental Commission recognizes the applicant is requesting a variance from LDC 25- 8-261 to allow a private driveway access point to the site through a Critical Water Quality Zone buffer. WHEREAS, the Environmental Commission recognizes the site is located in the Onion Creek, Suburban Watershed, and the Desired Development Zone; and WHEREAS, the Environmental Commission recognizes having determined the required Findings of Fact have been met that Staff recommends this variance with the following conditions. THEREFORE, the Environmental Commission recommends the variance request with the following: Staff Conditions: 1. Increase Critical Water Quality Zone buffer averaged area to enhance overall preservation. 2. Revegetate throughout the entire Critical Water Quality Zone within the property thus maintaining the existing channel. 3. Add tree plantings in the vehicle storage lot islands. and the following Environmental Commission Conditions: 1. VOTE 9-0 Include water quality measures, including a raingarden and water quality pond. For: Bedford, Qureshi, Schott, Thompson, Barrett Bixler, Nickells, Bristol, Aguirre, and Brimer Against: None Abstain: None Recuse: None Absent: Schiera and Ramberg Approved By: Perry Bedford, Environmental Commission Vice Chair 2