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Approved Minutes
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October 19, 2022 REGULAR CALLED MEETING Electric Board APPROVED MINUTES The Electric Board convened in a Regular Called Board Meeting on October 19, 2022, at the Permitting Development Center at 10:09 am. Board Members in Attendance: Rogelio Wallace, David Johnson, David Deshaine, Delwin Goss, Gabe Flores, Randy Pomikahl, Ben Brenneman and Victoria Shope Members Not in Attendance: Christian Spies and Michael King Staff in Attendance: Rick Arzola (DSD), Marty Starrett (DSD), Joshua Davis (DSD), Mark McClendon (DSD). PUBLIC CITIZEN COMMUNICATION: There was no registration of citizens to speak at this Electrical Board. APPROVAL OF MINUTES STAFF BRIEFING 1. The minutes were approved for the August 17, 2022, regular called meeting on board member Brenneman motion, board member Goss second on an 8-0 vote. Spies and King were absent. 2. Scott Cochran-Introduction of Division Manager of Residential Inspections- Scott was absent at today’s meeting and we will revisit the topic at the next regular meeting. DISCUSSION AND ACTION: 3. 2023 Approval Electrical Board Schedule- Board approved the 2023 Board schedule. Board member Goss made a motion to approve, board member Johnson second. Motion pass 8-0. Side note: board will be meeting on the first floor of the Permitting Development center beginning Jan 2023. Rooms will 1401-1402. DISCUSSION: 4. Commercial Plan Review Update- Plan review staff member Mark McClendon provided the board that plan review is on time and on schedule and has maintained that position for 3 months 5. Austin Energy Criteria Manual Feedback- Commercial Electrical supervisor Marty Starrett provided the board an update on behalf of Austin Energy, in that update, board members were informed that public comment was open till Oct 27 and provided direction to the city website to view the notice and explanation of the proposed rule. There were no changes to the point of service 6. Disconnect Contractor Program-Austin Energy- Supervisor Starrett provided information on behalf of Austin Energy that the contractor is progressing but that it is not being used enough by contractors. Currently several available spots remain open for the contractor program after 2 contractors have been put on notice for scheduling violations. Another round for the registration will open up in early December in hopes to attract more contractors to join the program. 7. Update on Commercial and Residential Inspections- Supervisor Starrett acknowledged that commercial electrical inspections are roughly 90 percent on time but soon will be entering the holiday season and departmental training where that percentage will be coming down for a short period of time. Residential inspections are running in low 90 percent with 3 vacancies. Chairman Flores took in volunteers to serve on the 2023 Electrical ordinance task group, board members to serve on the task group include: David Johnson, Randy Pomikahl, Rogelio Wallace, David Deshaine and Victoria Shope. The first meeting will take place Nov 9, 2022, at 10:30am. 8. Development Service-Service center update- Service center manager Josh Davis provided his board update and currently the service center is at full staffing. 3 staff members are on the chat services each day to assist customers; web forms are currently 2 days behind and training is still taking place. Mr Davis feels good on where the service center is right now and knows that it is difficult to retain staff as opportunities for members of his staff to look elsewhere for other high paying jobs to keep with the high cost of Austin economy. 9. 8038 Suspension of Contractor Registration- Board member Brenneman questioned staff if there has been any suspension in contractor registrations, staff Starrett replied no! There have been a few, not warned by the Building Official but by electrical inspectors to point out the violations. For now, field electrical inspection staff do not have time to track violators and pursue them. Staff is trying to keep up with their inspections and keep their heads above water and do the daily load. 10. Inflation reduction Act- Plan review staff member Mark McClendon updated the board that the EV electrical charging stations could be the biggest impact of the inflation reduction act from what he has read. Due to a large influx of charging stations, this has allowed this product to qualify for quick the site plan turnaround process of 3-days. But applicants will still have determination/exemption process first before applying for the quick turnaround for permitting. to go thru FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS a. Introduction to Scott Cochran- Residential Divisional Manager b. Plan Review Update c. Inflation Reduction Act- Impact with building in the City of Austin d. Austin Energy Criteria Manual Feedback. e. Disconnect Contractor Program-Austin Energy f. 8038-Suspension of Registrations g. 2023 Code Amendment task group update h. Residential and Commercial Electrical Inspection update i. DSD Service Center Update ADJOURN: Board member Goss made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Board member Johnson seconded the motion. Motion passed 8-0. Meeting was adjourned at 10:52 am. Minutes were approved at the December 14, 2022, meeting on board member Johnson motion, board member Deshaine second on a 7-0 vote.