Downtown Austin Community Court Advisory BoardMarch 11, 2022

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DACC Permanent Location Study Old Municipal Building 124 W. 8th st. $27M Not Suitable Site Resides on Steep Hill Waller Creek Center 625 E 10th St Move-In Ready (~$100K) Suitable Flat Surrounding Area – Highly Accessible None Business Hours Only – Following DACC Relocation 24/7 Security Already Operating in the Building 20 feet 1 Mile Building Infrastructure Renovations Costs ADA Compliance Safety / Security Congress Ave (National Register Historic District) Proximity to Services The Sobering Center 0.6 Miles Violet KeepSafe Program 0.55 Miles Breckenridge Hospital ARCH Austin’s Resource Center for the Homeless 0.6 Miles 0.4 Miles Economic Impact 1200ft 1150ft 0.3m 1150ft Brown Building Homeowners $10M Losses – $125K Loss Per Owner Austin Business Owner TBD $0 TBD Study Outcome Considerably Disadvantaged DACC Permanent Location Better Suitable DACC Permanent Location Study – Proximity Disruptive Effective Old Municipal Building 124 W. 8th st. Waller Creek Center 625 E 10th St Sobering Center 0.6 Miles Avg. Distance to Facilities 0.54 Miles (2851 ft) Sobering Center 1200ft Avg. Distance to Facilities 1271 ft KeepSafe 0.55 Miles Public Transit Density 4 (Good), 12 Stations / 3 Blocs Radius Hospital 0.6 Miles Downtown Station 0.5 Miles KeepSafe Hospital ARCH 0.4 Miles All Facilities Within 68 Acres, 0.6 Miles / 10 Blocs Radius ARCH 1150ft 0.3m 1150ft Public Transit Density 5 (Excellent), 15 Stations / 3 Blocs Radius Downtown Station 1500 ft All Facilities Within 17 Acres, 0.3m / 5 Blocs Radius Integral Care 1.2 Miles Max Travel Distance 2.65 Miles Integral Care 0.8m Max Travel Distance 1.23 m Proximity to National Registered Historical Districts Old Municipal Building 124 W. 8th st. Renovation Costs at Waller Creek Center • $~100K is an estimated cost to renovation Waller Creek Center to support a Court function. • 24/7 Security is already setup at the Waller Creek Center building - No additional costs / budget allocation required. Safety & Security destroyed. • 24/7 Security Proved Necessary and is already present at One Texas Center. • Even with this, there’s considerable damage to the center. There have been a busted windows, decorative vases have been • Drugs have been found and homeless try to stay overnight in the One Texas Center garage even with this 24/7 security. • Extended Stay America (50 ft away from DACC) updated all security measures around the building due to DACC homeless presence. DACC users show up looking for food, shelter, and scaring guests. • Currently the City of Austin assumes no additional Security is needed after DACC business hours. Factual data here doesn’t support that assumption. Copyright © SailPoint Technologies Holdings, Inc. 2020. All rights reserved. 4 Economic Negative Impact (Loss) Austin Residence Brown Building Homeowners/Taxpayers: $10M+ Loss of Equity in Building (~$125K per Homeowner ) • Proven Property value loss of 17% when Homeless Services moved into neighborhood 2019 Study done by the Independent Budget Office of NYC, NY showed • $10M+ loss is only for Brown Building (710 Colorado Street, ~ 75ft away from Old Municipal Building). Further Analysis is needed to identify the full impact on all property owners within the 1,000 ft radius noted in the study Which would be considerably larger • Reference (Independent Budget Office of NYC, 2019): Austin Businesses Currently working with Austin Businesses to assess the economic impact. • High Concentration of Small Businesses, Food & Entertainment, and Tourism Business – Most Impacted by COVID in last 2+ Years. • Precedence: Pre-Camp Ban shows substantial material loss due to: • Lost Business • Damage & Repairs • Additional Security Measures • Reduced Hours of Operation Copyright © SailPoint Technologies Holdings, Inc. 2020. All rights reserved. 5