Downtown Austin Community Court Advisory Board - July 15, 2022

Downtown Austin Community Court Advisory Board Regular Meeting of the Downtown Austin Community Court Advisory Board - Please note location

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1. REGULAR CALLED MEETING of the DOWNTOWN AUSTIN COMMUNITY COURT ADVISORY BOARD JULY 15, 2022 AT 8:00AM ONE TEXAS CENTER, STE 125, TRAINING CONFERENCE ROOM 505 BARTON SPRINGS RD AUSTIN, TEXAS 78704 Some members of the BOARD/COMMISSION may be participating by videoconference. Public comment will be allowed in-person or remotely via telephone. Speakers may only register to speak on an item once either in-person or remotely and will be allowed up to three minutes to provide their comments. Registration no later than noon the day before the meeting is required for remote participation by telephone. To register to speak remotely, call or email Edna Staniszewski at or at (512) 974-1260. CURRENT BOARD MEMBERS/COMMISSIONERS: Lea Downey Gallatin, Chair Darilynn Cardona-Beiler, Vice Chair Kate Garza Kergin Bedell Nicole Golden Jason English Jocelyn Schwartz CALL TO ORDER PUBLIC COMMUNICATION: GENERAL AGENDA The first 5 (five) speakers signed up prior to the meeting being called to order will each be allowed a three-minute allotment to address their concerns regarding items not posted on the agenda. APPROVAL OF MINUTES the minutes of Approve ADVISORY BOARD REGULAR MEETING on MAY 20, 2022. the DOWNTOWN AUSTIN COMMUNITY COURT AUSTIN HOMELESSNESS SYSTEM FEEDBACK Individuals sharing first-hand account regarding their experiences being served through Austin’s homelessness system. Speakers signed up prior to the meeting being called to order will be allowed a three-minute allotment to provide their feedback to the Board. DISCUSSION ITEMS Update on the project progress of Downtown Austin Community Court geographic service area (GSA)/ and adjudicated offenses analysis – Lauren Stott, DACC Business Process Specialist Status of DACC operations, any new trends noticed. Downey Gallatin/ Cardona-Beiler) – Pete Valdez, Court Administrator, Downtown Austin Community Court (DACC) 2. 3. 4. a. Homeless Services b. Court Services c. Community Services d. General DACC Updates DISCUSSION AND ACTION ITEMS Annual Internal Review Report 5. FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS 6. 7. Update on Intensive Case Management program evaluation project Update on homelessness mapping initiative ADJOURNMENT The City of Austin is committed to compliance with the American with Disabilities Act. Reasonable modifications and equal access to communications will be provided upon request. Meeting locations are planned with wheelchair access. If requiring Sign Language Interpreters or alternative formats, please give notice at least 2 days (48 hours) before the meeting date. Please call Edna Staniszewski at Downtown Austin Community Court, at (512) 974-1260), for additional information; TTY users route through Relay Texas …

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D OW N TOW N AU S T I N C O M M U N I T Y C O U R T GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE AREA AND ADJUDICATED CASES ANALYSIS Project Update - July 2022 SCOPE AND PURPOSE DACC is conducting an analysis of its current and potential geographic service area (GSA) and adjudicated cases. The purpose of this analysis is to understand the efficacy of DACC’s current GSA and adjudicated cases, and to determine whether expansion or alterations might better serve the community and DACC stakeholders. CURRENT GSA /ADJUDICATED CITATIONS Geographic service area: The neighborhoods for which DACC adjudicates citations. Currently downtown, west campus, and east Austin Adjudicated cases: The charge codes, or offenses, that are heard at DACC. Currently Class C misdemeanors (includes Prop B and state camping ban violations) that are generally non-traffic related PROJECT TIMELINE March/April 2022 – DACC internal discussions and information analysis May 2022 – Planning for stakeholder engagement (interdepartmental workshops, community engagement process), update to DACC Advisory Board June 2022 – Stakeholder engagement July 2022 – Stakeholder engagement continued, update to DACC Advisory Board August 2022 – Analysis of stakeholder input data September 2022 – Stakeholder data analysis report presentation, guided discussion with DACC Advisory Board November 2022 (tentative) – Finalized GSA analysis report presented to DACC Advisory Board STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT PRIORITIES 1. Provide different ways for people to engage on this topic, accounting for access abilities, safety, and knowledge of DACC. 2. Work to provide effective education about DACC/GSA alongside engagement opportunities ENGAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES Internal stakeholder engagement: - - Interdepartmental workshops Individual discussions - Department-level presentations External stakeholder engagement: - Public community meetings - SpeakUp! Austin project education portal and survey - Open-house style engagement opportunities - Ad-hoc engagement solicitation - AHAC input DATA ANALYSIS Data analysis will take place once data collection is largely complete (late July) A combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis will be used Highlights of the engagement effort: - 17 City departments - 50 community meeting registrants - 50+ survey respondents - 150+ engagements on SpeakUp! Austin Major theme across all engagement platforms: Equity NEXT STEPS Continuing engagement through the end of July: - Internal/external stakeholders invited to reach out to request engagement meetings with DACC staff/leadership - SpeakUp! Austin educational and input opportunities open until August 1 Stakeholder engagement report: - Data analysis to take place in August - Report presented to DACC Advisory Board …

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Annual Internal Review This report covers the time period of 7/1/2021 to 6/30/2022 __Downtown Austin Community Court Advisory Board__ The Board/Commission mission statement (per the City Code) is: The mission of the Downtown Austin Community Court Advisory Board (“Board”), according to article 2-1-130 of the City Code, is to “advise the Downtown Austin Community Court on policy and operational issues and advise the council on the policies and operations of the court.” The purpose of the Downtown Austin Community Court (DACC) is to collaboratively address the quality of all residents in the downtown Austin community through the swift, creative sentencing of public order offenders. The Court seeks to hold people responsible while also offering help to change behavior. 1. Describe the board’s actions supporting their mission during the previous calendar year. Address all elements of the board’s mission statement as provided in the relevant sections of the City Code. During the reporting period (7/1/2021 to 6/30/2022), the Board met four (4) times. Due to health and safety recommendations in the ongoing Public Health Emergency, meetings were held either virtually or a hybrid of virtually and in person. All meetings were posted and open to the public. Our actions during this time were primarily educational, including: - The board received feedback from individuals with first-hand lived experience being served in Austin’s homelessness system. - The Board received regular updates from DACC staff concerning homelessness efforts including the status of operations during COVID-19 and continuing Annual Review and Work Plan Year Page # adjustments needed to address the changing needs of staff and clients during the pandemic. Updates were provided regarding staffing; Rapid Rehousing efforts, housing placements, and the waitlist for services; virtual hearings and warrant confirmation policies; facilities, including the transition from DACC’s temporary Terrazas Library location to the longer-term space at One Texas; and the Violet Keep Safe Program. - Liz Baker, Chief Strategy Officer of The Other Ones Foundation (TOOF), presented on the efforts of her organization. - Ruth Ahearn of Austin Travis County Integral Care presented on the Homeless Health and Wellness Center program. - Jaclyn Gerban, Assistant City Attorney, presented on a proposed ordinance codifying or expanding DACC’s geographic service area and adjudicated offenses. - Lauren Stott, DACC Business Process Specialist, presented further analysis on DACC’s geographic service area and adjudicated offenses. The Board also discussed the DACC budget, including items coming to an end in FY22 …

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