Comprehensive Plan Joint CommitteeJuly 10, 2024

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COMPREHENSIVE PLAN JOINT COMMITTEE REGULAR CALLED MEETING DRAFT MINUTES 10, April, 2024 The Comprehensive Plan Joint Committee convened in a REGULAR CALLED meeting on 10, April, 2024, at 6310 Wilhelmina Delco Dr, Room 2103, in Austin, Texas. Chair Smith called the Comprehensive Plan Joint Committee Meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. Board Members/Commissioners in Attendance: Hank Smith, Adam Haynes Board Members/Commissioners in Attendance Remotely: Grayson Cox, Ryan Johnson, Alberta Phillips, Carrie Thompson PUBLIC COMMUNICATION: GENERAL There were no speakers signed up to speak APPROVAL OF MINUTES 1. Approve the minutes of the COMPREHENSIVE PLAN JOINT COMMITTEE REGULAR CALLED MEETING on 21, February 2024. The minutes from the meeting of 02/21/2024 were approved on Carrie Thompson motion, Alberta Phillips second on a unanimous vote. (Commissioners Cox and Fouts were absent) STAFF BRIEFING 2. Staff briefing regarding ETOD amendments to Imagine Austin. Presentation by Christopher Crain, Planner Senior with the Planning Department, to provide a status update on the ETOD Policy Plan map and typologies. DISCUSSION AND ACTION ITEMS 1 Discussion and action to approve transmission of CIP Memo from the Comprehensive Plan Joint Committee to the Planning Commission. The transmission of the memo of recommendations to the City Manager allows the Planning Commission to meet its Charter requirement to submit a list of capital improvements to the City Manager that implement the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Imagine Austin. Presentation by Evelyn Mitchell, Principal Planner, and Christopher Crain, Planner Senior with Planning Department, on the CIP Memo. The motion to approve the transmission of the CIP Memo to Planning Commission was approved on Commissioner Cox’s motion, Commissioner Thompson second on a unanimous vote, with recommendations to include additional language related to Water Ruse, Water Conservation, Data Infrastructure, and Home Ownership. (Commissioner Fouts was absent) Conduct officer elections for the Chair and Vice Chair. (include any other officers) On Commissioner Cox’s nomination, Commissioner Phillips’ second, Commissioner Haynes was unanimously elected to serve as Chair. On Commissioner Smiths’ motion, Commissioner Haynes’ second, Commissioner Thompson was unanimously elected to serve as Vice Chair. Chair Hank Smith adjourned the meeting at 4:39 p.m. without objection. 3. 4. 2