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Annual Internal Review This report covers the time period of 7/1/2022 to 6/30/2023. Community Development Commission (CDC) Mission Statement The purpose of the board is to advise the Council in the development and implementation of programs designed to serve the poor and community at large with the emphasis on federally funded programs. 1. Describe the board’s actions supporting their mission during the previous calendar year. Address all elements of the board’s mission statement as provided in the relevant sections of the City Code. The Community Development Commission (CDC) continued with oversight of the development and implementation of programs designed to serve the poor and community at large, including discussions on: ▪ Housing affordability programs, tools, and developments ▪ Homelessness initiatives ▪ Displacement mitigation strategies ▪ Neighborhood Center Services ▪ 1 Equitable Transit-Oriented Development ▪ Federal Block Grants ▪ Land Development Code ▪ Capital Metro's Project Connect (focus on potential displacement) ▪ COVID response initiatives, such as Housing and Planning Department's RENT program, o Austin Public Health's Emergency Rental Program, and o Austin Energy's Customer o Assistance Program ▪ Austin Transit Partnership ▪ The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) ▪ The Project Connect Racial Equity Anti-Displacement Tool ▪ Tenants' Rights ▪ Citywide Resiliency Hubs ▪ The Climate Equity Plan ▪ The 2023-24 Action Plan Community Needs Assessment ▪ The Community Services Block Grants 2023 Community Needs Assessment ▪ The Anti-Displacement Community Acquisition Program (ADCAP) ▪ Community Initiated Solutions through Project Connect Annual Review and Work Plan 2022-2023 ▪ Housing Authority of Austin Rosewood, Chalmers, and Santa Rita Courts redevelopment ▪ The City's budget process The Community Development Commission continued with the development and implementation of federally funded programs, including: ▪ U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Consolidated Plan and Action Plan programs ▪ U.S Department of Health and Human Services Community Services Block Grant programs The Community Development Commission provided recommendations on the following items: ▪ Support of the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Draft Action Plan ▪ Support of the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 CSBG Budget and Community Action Plan ▪ Support for the expanded use of the Project Connect Equity Tool ▪ Support of HPD staff-recommended improvements to the Home Repair Loan Program (HRLP) ▪ Recommendation 20220712-006 Reiterating Commitment to 20% Affordable Housing in South Central Waterfront Vision The Community Development Commission maintained a presence and reported back on the activities of the following groups: ▪ South Central Waterfront Advisory Board (SCWAB) ▪ Austin Transit Partnership (ATP) Community Advisory Committee ▪ Housing Investment Review Committee (HIRC) ▪ Joint Sustainability Commission (JSC) ▪ Housing Authority of the City of Austin (HACA) The Community Development Commission held its election of officers on May 9, 2023, with the following results: ▪ Commissioner Cheryl Thompson was unanimously elected as Chair of the CDC in an 8-0 vote ▪ Commissioner Noe Elias was elected as Vice Chair with a 5-0-1 vote, with Chair Thompson without objections. abstaining. Working Groups formed by the Community Development Commission: ▪ CDC Budget Working Group 2. Determine if the board’s actions throughout the year comply with the mission statement. (If any of the board’s actions were outside the scope of the mission statement, the report should explain the non-compliance issues.) All actions of the Community Development Commission throughout the year supported and complied with the mission statement. All recommendations to Council were limited to federally funded programs that fall within the Community Development Commission's mission. 3. List the board’s goals and objectives for the new calendar year. (Make sure the goals and objectives fall within the mission statement of the board/commission.) Page | 2 Annual Review and Work Plan 2022-2023 The Community Development Commission will identify additional goals and objectives at an upcoming Community Development Commission retreat. It is anticipated that the Community Development Commission will build upon its current commission goals and objectives, outlined below. ▪ Cultivate and maintain a strong, positive team chemistry within the board. ▪ Pursue and advocate for affordability, quality of life and equity in opportunity for lower income. ▪ Austin residents. ▪ Serve as ambassadors for displacement mitigation activities and support outreach efforts related to these activities. ▪ Develop a tool kit, including high-level program descriptions, contacts, and resources. ▪ Work more closely with Council Members' offices to stay apprised of City Council's agenda and priorities as related to the CDC mission. The committee shall support the full CDC in its goals by exploring in depth policy issues related to affordable housing, community development and other issues as assigned to the committee. Page | 3