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Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) 2023 Community Action Plan and Budget Community Development Commission August 9, 2022 Angel Zambrano, Manager, Neighborhood Services Unit Public Hearing Requirements  The proposed estimated 2023 CSBG Budget and Community Action Plan performance activities are distributed and public comment is solicited. The proposed activities as described in the Budget and Community Action Plan are in accordance with the Community Services Block Grant Act.  The CSBG Act states the purpose is “to provide assistance to States and local communities, working through a network of community action agencies and other neighborhood-based organizations, for the reduction of poverty, the revitalization of low-income communities, and the empowerment of low-income families and individuals in rural and urban areas to become fully self-sufficient” Community Action Plan Components 1. Top 5 needs 2. Poverty rates 3. Provision of Nutritious Foods 4. Case Management Services 5. Gaps in Services & Performance Targets 6. Service Locations Top 5 Needs* Housing Basic Needs Health & Wellness Employment Education *Ranked in order of importance according to the 2021 CSBG Community Needs Assessment Poverty Rates Percent of Population in Poverty by Levels 14.3 10.9 5.9 18.3 13.6 6 16.3 12.3 5.5 Travis County Texas United States Population in Deep Poverty (50% of FPL) Population Below Poverty (100% of FPL) Population Near Poverty (125% of FPL) Source: ACS 2019 1-Year Estimate Poverty Rates Poverty Rate by Race and Hispanic Origin 21.2 19.3 18.6 18.7 17.2 15.3 9 8 6.7 11.6 9.2 9.6 25 20 15 10 5 0 White Black or African American Asian Hispanic/Latino Travis County Texas United States Source: 2019: ACS 1-year Estimates Neighborhood Centers Source: Census Bureau - the 2020 Census and the latest American Community Survey (five year summary). Provision of Nutritious Foods  Healthy Options Program for the Elderly (HOPE)  Food Pantry Services  Fresh Food for Families  Mobile Food Pantry  Food Recovery Programs  Home Delivery Program Case Management Services  Self Sufficiency Case Management  Assistance to help clients achieve and maintain incomes above 125% of the FPIL (Federal Poverty Income Limits) for at least 90 days.  Includes:  Assessment and Service Plan  Employment Support-Job search assistance, Job readiness, Job Retention  Linkage to education and training, other social services  Housing (rent assistance) & transportation (bus passes)  Crisis intervention & short-term counseling  Budgeting and financial counseling  Services provided by licensed social workers. National Performance Indicators  Housing Gap Safe and Affordable Housing  Services Eviction Prevention Housing (Rent Assistance)/Utility Payment Assistance  Outcomes Households who Avoided Eviction National Performance Indicators  Health Gap  Lack of Affordable Health and Mental Healthcare  Services  Health Services, Screenings and Assessments  Reproductive Health Services  Nutritious Foods  Outcomes  Individuals who Demonstrated Improved Physical Health and  Individuals who Improved Skills Related to the Adult Role of Well-Being. Parents/Caregivers.  Seniors, Individuals with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses Who Maintained an Independent Living Situation. National Performance Indicators  Employment Gaps  Lack of Affordable Child Care  Lack of Reliable Transportation  Lack of Employment for Persons with Criminal Backgrounds  Services  Job Search  Career Counseling  Employment Supports  Outcomes  Number of Unemployed Adults who Obtained Employment  Number of Case Managed Adults who Increased Income and/or Benefits  Number of Persons who Achieve and Maintain Incomes Above 125% of the FPIL for at least 90 days National Performance Indicators  Basic Needs Gaps  Lack of Sufficient Support Services to Meet Basic Needs  Services  Nutrition and Food  Financial Coaching/Counseling  Bus Passes  Referrals and Linkages  Outcomes  Seniors, Individuals with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses who Maintained an Independent Living Situation.  Individuals who Report Improved Financial Well-Being. National Performance Indicators  Education Gap  Lack of Educational Opportunities for Persons with Low Incomes  Services  Case Management referrals to training programs  Referrals and Linkages  Outcomes  Persons obtaining an educational or vocational degree or certificate. Service Locations  Neighborhood Centers • Blackland East Austin • • Montopolis • Rosewood Zaragosa • • St John South Austin  Outreach Sites Turner Roberts Recreation Center • • Onion Creek Soccer Complex • Gilbert Elementary School Programs and Services  Current Expansion  Home Delivery Program  Proposed Expansion  Dove Springs Neighborhood Center (2023) Funding Allocation  2021 Allocation $1,103,277  2022 Allocation $1,106,822.00 Budget Personnel  Funded  2 Program Managers  8 Community Workers  4 Social Workers Budget Other  Bus Passes – Transit Empowerment Fund (CSBG funded)  Gift Cards – Employment Support – for gas, work clothes/boots, tools (CSBG CARES ACT funded) Contact Angel Zambrano, Manager, APH Neighborhood Services Unit Office: 512-972-6750