Commission on Veterans AffairsMay 15, 2024

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Kris Vandenberg (309) 846-8237 Affiliations ● The Mission Continues ○ ● Farmer Veteran Coalition of Texas ○ ● VFW Post #4433 ○ ● Bunker Labs ATX ○ Agenda ● Knowing how to find the right points of contact in the Austin City Government ● How to effectively engage with the Council and City Leadership ● Connecting multiple Veteran Service Organizations & activities in Austin ● Veterans Chamber of Commerce The Mission Continues Position: Platoon Leader - Austin We want to empower local veterans, their families, and our community to work alongside each other, inspire, and exact positive change in the process. Our goal is to foster hope and enrich each person’s life who comes in contact with a TMC Blue Shirt. In Q1 of 2023, we will begin an operation focusing on the Pleasant Hill neighborhood in South Austin, TX. We will be working with community partners within this neighborhood that have a long-standing track record of engaging with community members. So far, we have three solidified partners: St. Elmo Elementary, Central Texas Food Bank, and Keep Austin Beautiful. We serve with St. Elmo Elementary in the Pleasant Hill neighborhood (St. Elmo’s adjoining neighborhood). The school has 305 students, ranging from pre-K through 5th grade. Our Platoon Leader, Kris Vandenberg, has served the school with his food truck and continues to work out in their parking lot and playgrounds with outdoor bootcamps. St. Elmo qualifies for the AISD Community Eligibility Program free or reduced breakfast and lunch program which many students take part in. Their vertical pathway leads to Travis and Crockett Early College High School. There are 8 staff members dedicated to the ‘Green Team’ and 8 families who regularly show up for certain improvements and projects designated by the school. Farmer Veteran Coalition of Texas Position: Treasurer Veterans Transforming Agriculture - Where Service Meets Soil: Cultivating a New Generation of Texas Farmers From Battlefields to Farmlands: The journey from military service to farming is more than a career change; it's a life transformation. Our initiative is built on the foundation of utilizing the unparalleled skills, discipline, and determination honed in the military to revitalize and innovate the agricultural sector of Texas. We provide the training, resources, and support necessary for our veterans to transition smoothly into their new roles as stewards of the land, ensuring they are equipped to meet the challenges of modern farming and contribute significantly to the state's rich agricultural legacy. Bunker Labs Position: Ambassador Launching a business can feel like a monumental effort just to get that first sale, let alone grow. What would happen if you dedicated 10-weeks to focus on the fundamentals need to launch and move forward? What would happen if you joined a community of like-minded veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs also working to take the next big step to launch a business. When you join Bunker Labs Veterans in Residence (ViR), you have more than an entrepreneurial endeavor in common—you have a common ethos, shaped by a common experience. Hit the ground running with a community that never gives up, no matter the challenge. Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 4443 Position: Quartermaster their country. Mission and Purpose: VFW Post 4443's primary mission is to provide assistance, support, and advocacy for veterans who have served in foreign wars or conflicts, as well as their families. The organization is committed to honoring and preserving the memory of veterans who have made significant sacrifices for Support for Veterans: VFW Post 4443 offers a wide range of services and support for veterans, including access to resources, benefits assistance, and camaraderie with fellow veterans. They serve as a valuable resource for veterans navigating the complexities of accessing healthcare, education, and other benefits.