Commission on SeniorsJuly 13, 2022

Support document for Recommendation Number: 20220713-13, Edits to City Code Section 2-1-132 — original pdf

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§ 2-1-132 - COMMISSION ON SENIORS AGING. (A) The Commission on Seniors Aging shall serve as an advisory board to the council concerning the quality of life for senior citizens older adults in the Austin area and to help ensure they older adults are productive, independent, and healthy. (B) The council shall appoint 15 commission members: (1) the mayor may nominate two commission members and each council member may nominate one commission member; (2) the Travis County Commissioners Court shall appoint one commission member; (3) the Area Agency on Aging of the Capital Area shall appoint one commission member; (4) the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority shall appoint one commission member. (C) The commission should include members who are representatives of or sensitive to the needs of the senior older adult population. Members should have substantive knowledge on issues concerning senior citizens older adults including but not limited to health, affordable housing, basic needs, transportation, social engagement and inclusion, and caregiver support. The commission should strive to be inclusive and represent a diversity of ethnicity, race, and gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, socioeconomic status, and national origin; and include older adults who are representatives of the senior population Austin community. (D) The commission shall: (1) advise the council on issues related to the senior older adult population in the Austin area; (2) evaluate and recommend programs, policies, and practices that create a positive impact and reduce the burden on seniors older adults; (3) determine the needs of seniors older adults in the Austin community, and advise council regarding these needs; and (4) promote the contributions of seniors older adults to the cultural, economic, and historical value of Austin. (E) The council encourages the commission to hold periodic joint meetings with the Mayor's Committee for People with Disabilities.