Commission on SeniorsMay 11, 2022

20220511-04D: FY 2023 Joint Inclusion Budget Recommendations — original pdf

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COMMISSION ON SENIORS RECOMMENDATION 20220511-04D FY 2023 Joint Inclusion Budget Recommendations Date: May 11, 2022 Subject: FY2023 Budget Recommendations Motioned By: Commissioner Van Sickle Recommendation The Commission on Seniors endorses the budget resolutions adopted by the Joint Inclusion Committee. Description of Recommendation to Council Seconded By: Commissioner Angel 1. BUDGET ENDORSEMENTS ON AFFORDABILITY RECOMMENDATION #: 20220323‐ 005a 2. BUDGET RECCOMENDATION ON RESILIENCY RECOMMENDATION #: 20220323‐005b 3. BUDGET ENDORSEMENTS ON ACCESS RECOMMENDATION #: 20220323‐005c 4. BUDGET ENDORSEMENTS ON ENGAGEMENT RECOMMENDATION #: 20220323‐005d 5. BUDGET ENDORSEMENTS ON PUBLIC SAFETY RECOMMENDATION #: 20220323‐005e 6. BUDGET ENDORSEMENTS ON HEALTH RECOMMENDATION #: 20220323‐005f 7. RECCOMENDATION ON THE BUDGET PROCESS RECOMMENDATION #: 20220323‐ 005g 20220323‐005h 8. RECCOMENDATION ON QUALITY‐OF‐LIFE STUDIES RECOMMENDATION #: Rationale: The Commission on Seniors has determined that each of the budget resolutions adopted by the Joint Inclusion Committee will improve the quality of life for older adults in Austin. Vote For: Briesemeister, Temperley, Angel, Baumann, Bordie, De Maria Nicola, Garcia-Pittman, Kareithi, Lopez-Guerrero, Lugo, Spain, Van Sickle, Varteressian. Against: None Abstain: None Absent: Cagle Attest: Janee Briesemeister, Chair