Building and Fire Code Board of AppealsApril 27, 2022

DSD Engagement- Safe Fence Resolution — original pdf

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Safe Fence Resolution Purpose To provide an update regarding the 2022 Safe Fence Resolution # 20211104-039 History • November 9, 2020 - Beth Culver and proponents of change presented to the board a possible code change that would impact fence design for the life and safety of children, pets, wildlife and contractors in our community. • June 4, 2021 – Building and Fire Board Working Group met to draft resolution for fence safety requirements.  Group Members  Rick Arzola  Tony Hernandez  Julie Damian  David King  Alan Schumann  Ashley Juraska  Aubrey Brasfield • June 23, 2021 - Board Member Juraska made a motion to recommend the resolution, Chairman Schumann seconded the motion. Motion passed 6-0. Council Direction  Initiated amendments to the Technical Codes to address dangerous fence design including spiked pickets, spiked bars and other spiked decorative elements that protrude above the top horizontal bar of a fence.  Directed the City Manager to work with stakeholders to explore: o Requiring flat top styles on new fences of all lengths o Applying flat top fence requirements to all new fences of six feet tall or shorter o Applying flat top fence requirements to substantial fence repairs or remodeling of 50% or more of an existing fence Engagement Schedule Internal Audience External Audience Questions/Comments