Boards and Commissions Transition TaskforceApril 28, 2014

Draft Transition Plan — original pdf

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Page 1 of 3 ORDINANCE NO. AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 2-1 OF THE CITY CODE 1 REGARDING CITY BOARDSCOMMISSION; AND PROVIDING FOR A 2 TRANSITION FROM A SEVEN-MEMBER COUNCIL TO AN 11-MEMBER 3 COUNCIL WITH REGARD TO BOARD COMMISSION MEMBERSHIP AND 4 APPOINTMENTS. 5 6 BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF AUSTIN: 7 8 PART 1. Board Commission Transition. 9 (A) In this Part “boardcommission” means: 10 (1) a board or commission named in Chapter 2-1 of the City Code and: 11 (a) the Austin Area Comprehensive HIV Planning Council; 12 (b) the Impact Fee Advisory Committee; and 13 (c) the Urban Renewal Authority. 14 (B) Beginning on the first date that the city council elected in the November 2014 15 general election convenes: 16 (1) the size, composition, officers, committees, and bylaws of each board 17 commission are continued as each of these exist until June 30, 2015; 18 (2) unless otherwise required by state law or the City Charter a quorum of a 19 boardcommission, and the number of votes required for action by the 20 boardcommission, is a majority of the members, not including a member 21 who has died, been removed, or resigned unless that member is serving in 22 a hold-over capacity; and 23 (3) unless otherwise required by state law or the City Charter: 24 (a) the term of each current council appointee on a board commission 25 is extended to June 30, 2015; and 26 (b) the term of each current council appointee on a board commission 27 expires on June 30, 2015. 28 (C) If a vacancy exists on a board commission after the last regularly scheduled 29 meeting of the seven-member at-large city council; the vacancy shall be filled 30 Page 2 of 3 by the council elected at the November 2014 general election. The Mayor shall 1 nominate a person to fill the vacancy, subject to the council’s approval. Unless 2 otherwise required by state law or the City Charter, a term of a person 3 appointed to fill a vacancy under this subpart expires on June 30, 2015. 4 (D) A council member elected at the November 2014 election who will be entitled 5 to nominate a person for appointment to a board commission under Chapter 2-6 1 as amended by Part 2 of this ordinance may nominate a person before the 7 effective date of Part 2, and the council may make appointment a person who 8 is nominated before the effective date of Part 2, provided: 9 (1) the appointment is not effective, and the person appointed may not assume 10 the office before the effective date of Part 2; and 11 (2) before the effective date of Part 2, a person appointed shall, unless this 12 requirement is waived by the City Clerk, complete the training required 13 under Chapter 2-1. A waiver granted by the City Clerk ends on the 14 effective date of Part 2. 15 (2) (E) Council may sit any commission prior to the July 1 date to replace the existing 16 commission and establish an effective date earlier than July 1 for the 17 individual commission upon approval of the Council. 18 PART 2. Section 2-1-4 of the City Code is amended to read: 19 § 2-1-4 SIZE AND APPOINTMENT. 20 (A) Except as otherwise provided in Article 2 (Boards), a board commission 21 consists of 11 [seven] members appointed by the city council. 22 (B) For a board commission with 11 [seven] or more members, each council 23 member shall nominate one board membercommissioner to serve on the 24 boardcommission, and the mayor shall nominate the other board 25 memberscommissioners. 26 (C) For a board commission with fewer than 11 [seven] members, the mayor shall 27 nominate the board memberscommissioners. 28 (D) All appointments of board commissionersmembers are subject to approval by a 29 majority vote of council. 30 PART 3. [In this part, and subsequent parts, I’ll need to go in and make individual 31 conforming changes to the non-standard boards that have multiple appointing 32 authorities, boards that have a specific nomination tied to a specific council place, etc., 33 and any other changes to Chapter 2-1 that the council wants to make going forward.] 34 Formatted: (A) Page 3 of 3 PART 4. Section 2-1-22 of the City Code is amended to read: 1 § 2-1-22 MEMBERSHIP TERM AND LIMITATION. 2 (A) A commissioner is appointed for a term of up to four years beginning February 3 1st. The tenure of a commissioner runs concurrently with the tenure of the city 4 council member who appoints the commissioner. 5 (B) Except as provided in Subsection (C), a commissioner may not serve longer 6 than eight consecutive years on the same board. Service before July 31, 2015 7 is excluded in determining the number of years served. 8 (C) A commissioner who has served eight years on the same board is not eligible 9 for reappointment to that board until the expiration of two years after the last 10 date of the commissioner’s service on that commission. 11 PART 4. PART 5. Part 1 of this ordinance takes effect on ___________________, 12 2014, and expires on June 30, 2015. The other parts of this ordinance take effect on July 13 1, 2015. 14 PASSED AND APPROVED 15 16 § 17 § 18 _________________________, 2014 § _______________________________ 19 Lee Leffingwell 20 Mayor 21 22 23 APPROVED: __________________ ATTEST: ________________________ 24 Karen M. Kennard Jannette S. Goodall 25 City Attorney City Clerk 26 27 28 29 Formatted: SuperscriptFormatted: (A)