Boards and Commissions Transition TaskforceApril 16, 2014

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BOARD AND COMMISSIONS TRANSITION TASKFORCE April 16, 2014 BC CONSIDERATIONS / POSSIBILITIES Prepared by: Boards and Commissions Survey Work Group Note: • This document does not cover (1) BC being considered by the Planning and Development Review group (+) or (2) other groups with membership requirements set by various governmental entities. • City staff would determine departmental oversight, and responsibilities in the case of mergers or new commissions, A. GROUPS TO BE CONSIDERED FOR REMOVAL • Comprehensive Plan Citizens Advisory Task Force – Work is complete • Lake Austin Task Force – Final Report was in 2013 • Commission on Women – Activities would be continued through the new Joint Inclusion Commission. • Resource Management Commission – Responsibilities go to new Joint Sustainability Commission, (see Section C below) B. GROUPS TO CONSIDERED FOR CONSOLIDATION B1. Emergency Services - Austin Travis County EMS – Consider and make recommendations to the City Council about the delivery of emergency medical services. Currently under the EMS Department. - Public Safety Commission – Advisory body on all budgetary and policy matters concerning public safety including matters related to the Austin Police Department, the Austin fire Department and the Austin/Travis county EMS Department. Currently under the APD, AFD and EMS Departments. JUSTIFICATION: Both address issues pertaining to emergency services and public safety. ISSUES: The Austin Travis County EMS is interlocal and this would require adjustments in the contract and in the number of appointed members to reflect Travis County's responsibilities. B2. Environmental Commission - Environmental Board – Advisory capacity on all projects and programs which affect the quality of life for the citizens of Austin. Connected to the Watershed Protection Department. - Urban Forestry Board – The care, preservation, pruning, planting, replanting, removal or disposition of trees and shrubs and other landscaping in public areas. Currently under the Parks and Recreation Department. JUSTIFICATION: -- Pending language from Mary Gay and Peggy Maceo ISSUES: Distribution of workload B3. Municipal Contracts and Construction Commission BOARD AND COMMISSIONS TRANSITION TASKFORCE April 16, 2014 - MBE/WBE Small Business Enterprise Procurement Program Advisory Committee – Review and recommend changes to City Code provisions 2-9A-18, 2-9B-18, 2-9C-18 and 2-9D-18. - Small and Minority Business Resources - Construction Advisory Committee – Monitor enforcement of prevailing wage scales and job classifications on municipal construction contracts. Review construction contracts. - In Public Works JUSTIFICATION: Both address common issues related to municipal construction and contracts B4. African American Quality of Life Commission - African American Resource Commission – Quality of life for the African American community. - African American Resource Center – The advisory group working on this facility. JUSTIFICATION: Both address issues common to African Americans B5. Asian American Quality of Life Commission - Asian American Quality of Life Commission – Asian American quality of life issues. Currently under ATC Health & Human Services Dept. - Asian American Cultural Center – Under PARD. JUSTIFICATION: Both address issues common to Asians B6. Hispanic/Latino Quality of Life Commission - Hispanic / Latino Quality of Life Commission – Quality of life issues for Hispanic/Latino community. Currently under the City Manager’s Office. - Emma Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center – Advises the City Council on the establishment and operation of the MACC. Currently under PARD. JUSTIFICATION: Both address issues common to Hispanics/Latinos B7. Seniors and People with Disabilities Quality of Life Commission - Austin Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities – Helps to encourage, assist and enable people with disabilities to participate in the social and economic life of the city. Currently under the Human Resources Department. - Commission on Seniors – Quality of life for seniors. Identified issues: Housing, Transportation, Fixed-Income. Currently under the ATC Health & Human Services Department. JUSTIFICATION: Common issues of healthcare, fixed income, transportation, housing, etc. ISSUE: Mayor’s Committee on People with Disabilities Employment Awards C. GROUPS TO BE CONSIDERED FOR CREATION C1. Joint Sustainability Commission BOARD AND COMMISSIONS TRANSITION TASKFORCE April 16, 2014 This new commission would take over responsibilities of the Resource Management Commission with membership derived from other commissions and City Departments: Austin Energy, Environmental Board, Economic Development, Water & Wastewater, Community Development Commission, Zero Waste Board, Electric Utility Commission. JUSTIFICATON: It is the surviving entity of the resource management commission through which different components of sustainability are blended, and expanded SUGGESTED NUMBER OF MEMBERS: 7 C2. Joint Cultural Commission This new commission would combine membership from the Arts Commission and the Music Commission and, possibly from cultural centers such as the Asian American Cultural Center, the Emma Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center and the Carver Museum. JUSTIFICATION: It provides a cohesive direction and perspective on cultural issues in Austin. SUGGESTED NUMBER OF MEMBERS: 5 C3. Joint Inclusion Commission This commission would address issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion. It would consist of a representative from African American Quality of Life Commission, the Asian American Quality of Life Commission, and the Hispanic/Latino Quality of Life Commission, the Commission on Immigrant Affairs, and the Seniors and People with Disabilities Quality of Life Commission, in addition to someone to represent the needs/interests of a former commission – the Commission on Women- and a representative from the LGBT Community. JUSTICATION: Breaks ethnic and minority silos and provides an opportunity to find common ground. SUGGESTED NUMBER OF MEMBERS: 7 C3. Intergovernmental Relations Commission - Description pending…