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BOA GENERAL REVIEW COVERSHEET CASE: C15-2022-0087 BOA DATE: December 12th, 2022 ADDRESS: 1303 Harvey St OWNER: Samuel Berniard COUNCIL DISTRICT: 1 AGENT: N/A ZONING: SF-3-NP (Rosewood NP) LEGAL DESCRIPTION: LOT 5 BLK 4 OLT 26 DIV B MCKINLEY HEIGHTS VARIANCE REQUEST: decrease the minimum Front Yard Setback from 25 ft to 10 feet 4 inches SUMMARY: remodel a front porch deck ISSUES: original construction of property was done under previous code ZONING LAND USES Site North South East West SF-3-NP SF-3-NP SF-3-NP SF-3-NP GO-MU-CO-NP Single-Family Single-Family Single-Family Single-Family General Office-Mixed Use NEIGHBORHOOD ORGANIZATIONS: Austin Independent School District Austin Lost and Found Pets Austin Neighborhoods Council Del Valle Community Coalition East Austin Conservancy Friends of Austin Neighborhoods Homeless Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Empowerment Foundation Neighbors United for Progress Preservation Austin Rosewood Neighborhood Plan Contact Team SELTexas Sierra Club, Austin Regional Group ITEM5/1 November 29, 2022 Samuel Berniard 1303 Harvey St Austin TX, 78702 Re: C15-2022-0087 Property Description: LOT 5 BLK 4 OLT 26 DIV B MCKINLEY HEIGHTS Dear Samuel, Austin Energy (AE) has reviewed your application for the above referenced property, requesting that the Board of Adjustment consider a variance request from LDC Section 25-2-492 at 1303 Harvey St. Austin Energy does not oppose the request, provided that any proposed or existing improvements follow Austin Energy’s Clearance & Safety Criteria, the National Electric Safety Code, and OSHA requirements. Any removal or relocation of existing facilities will be at the owner’s/applicant’s expense. Please use this link to be advised of our clearance and safety requirements which are additional conditions of the above review action: .10.0CLSARE If you require further information or have any questions regarding the above comments, please contact our office. Thank you for contacting Austin Energy. Cody Shook, Planner II Austin Energy Public Involvement | Real Estate Services 2500 Montopolis Drive Austin, TX 78741 (512) 322-6881 ITEM5/2 CITY OF AUSTIN Development Services Department (cid:51)(cid:72)(cid:85)(cid:80)(cid:76)(cid:87)(cid:87)(cid:76)(cid:81)(cid:74)(cid:3)(cid:9)(cid:3)(cid:39)(cid:72)(cid:89)(cid:72)(cid:79)(cid:82)(cid:83)(cid:80)(cid:72)(cid:81)(cid:87)(cid:3)(cid:38)(cid:72)(cid:81)(cid:87)(cid:72)(cid:85) (cid:51)(cid:75)(cid:82)(cid:81)(cid:72)(cid:29)(cid:3)512(cid:17)(cid:28)(cid:26)(cid:27)(cid:17)4(cid:19)(cid:19)(cid:19)(cid:3) 6(cid:22)1(cid:19)(cid:3)(cid:58)(cid:76)(cid:79)(cid:75)(cid:72)(cid:79)(cid:80)(cid:76)(cid:81)(cid:68)(cid:3)(cid:39)(cid:72)(cid:79)(cid:70)(cid:82)(cid:3)(cid:39)(cid:85)(cid:15)(cid:3)(cid:36)(cid:88)(cid:86)(cid:87)(cid:76)(cid:81)(cid:15)(cid:3)(cid:55)(cid:72)(cid:91)(cid:68)(cid:86)(cid:3)(cid:26)(cid:27)(cid:26)52 Board of Adjustment General/Parking Variance Application WARNING: Filing of this appeal stops all affected construction activity. This application is a fillable PDF that can be completed electronically. To ensure your information is saved, click here to Save the form to your computer, then open your copy and continue. The Tab key may be used to navigate to each field; Shift + Tab moves to the previous field. The Enter key activates links, emails, and buttons. Use the Up & Down Arrow keys to scroll through drop-down lists and check boxes, and hit Enter to make a selection. The application must be complete and accurate prior to submittal. If more space is required, please complete Section 6 as needed. All information is required (if applicable). For Office Use Only Case # __________________ ROW # ___________________ Tax # ____________________ 0210140602 C15-2022-0087 13047689 Section 1: Applicant Statement Street Address: __________________________________________________________________ 1303 Harvey St Subdivision Legal Description: MCKINLEY HEIGHTS ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Lot(s): _________________________________ Block(s): _____________________________ 4 5 Outlot: _________________________________ Division: _____________________________ 26 B Zoning District: ___________________________________________________________________ (Rosewood) Council District: 1 SF3NP I/We ________________________________________________ on behalf of myself/ourselves as Samuel Berniard authorized agent for ________________________________________________ affirm that on Samuel & Diana Berniard Month November , Day 6 , Year 2022 , hereby apply for a hearing before the Board of Adjustment for consideration to (select appropriate option below): Erect Attach Complete Remodel Maintain Other: ____________ Type of Structure: ______________________________________________________________ Front Porch Deck City of Austin | Board of Adjustment General/Parking Variance Application 06/24/2021 | Page 4 of 8 ITEM5/3 Portion of the City of Austin Land Development Code applicant is seeking a variance from: LDC, Section 25-2-492 Site Development Regulations for a Front Yard setback of 25 ft. ____________________________________________________________________________ Seeking Front Yard setback of 10.4 ft. Required to retroactively permit front porch composite ____________________________________________________________________________ deck remodel. New deck matches previous deck area (98 sq ft) with the addition of 3 steps ____________________________________________________________________________ measuring 2' 9" in front of deck. ____________________________________________________________________________ Section 2: Variance Findings The Board must determine the existence of, sufficiency of, and weight of evidence supporting the findings described below. Therefore, you must complete each of the applicable Findings Statements as part of your application. Failure to do so may result in your application being rejected as incomplete. Please attach any additional supporting documents. NOTE: The Board cannot grant a variance that would provide the applicant with a special privilege not enjoyed by others similarly situated or potentially similarly situated. I contend that my entitlement to the requested variance is based on the following findings: Reasonable Use The zoning regulations applicable to the property do not allow for a reasonable use because: The 25' front yard setback lands 5 ft inside of the house structure, making the previous and ____________________________________________________________________________ remodeled deck legally non-compliant. The previous wood decking and railing material was ____________________________________________________________________________ rotted and a safety hazard for the home and required replacement. Steps for accessibility were ____________________________________________________________________________ added to the deck facing the street. Regulations at this property prevent a deck remodel ____________________________________________________________________________ without variance approval. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Hardship a) The hardship for which the variance is requested is unique to the property in that: Original construction of the property was done under previous code allowing the structure and ____________________________________________________________________________ front deck to be built in an area within the 25' setback as it exists in current code. The decking ____________________________________________________________________________ materials used in the 2011 remodel of the front porch of the home required immediate ____________________________________________________________________________ replacement for safety reasons. Deck is built on top of original concrete porch from 1947 ____________________________________________________________________________ original home construction and has not been modified ____________________________________________________________________________ b) The hardship is not general to the area in which the property is located because: Our front porch is consistent with placement and relation to setbacks to homes in Mckinley ____________________________________________________________________________ Heights and on Harvey St, including a similar setback our direct neighbors to the south at 1301 ____________________________________________________________________________ have with their front porch. In 2014 our neighbors at 1301 obtained variance approval for a ____________________________________________________________________________ similar remodel of their front porch. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ City of Austin | Board of Adjustment General/Parking Variance Application 06/24/2021 | Page 5 of 8 ITEM5/4 Area Character The variance will not alter the character of the area adjacent to the property, will not impair the use of adjacent conforming property, and will not impair the purpose of the regulations of the zoning district in which the property is located because: Sq footage of the existing deck was not changed in the current front deck remodel. The deck ____________________________________________________________________________ was remodeled with composite decking and new railings/steps after the previous decking ____________________________________________________________________________ material had failed. The deck setback is consistent with other homes on Harvey St and will ____________________________________________________________________________ improve neighborhood appearances and property values by replacing rotted deck material and ____________________________________________________________________________ railings. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Parking (additional criteria for parking variances only) Request for a parking variance requires the Board to make additional findings. The Board may grant a variance to a regulation prescribed in the City of Austin Land Development Code Chapter 25-6, Appendix A with respect to the number of off-street parking spaces or loading facilities required if it makes findings of fact that the following additional circumstances also apply: 1. Neither present nor anticipated future traffic volumes generated by the use of the site or the uses of sites in the vicinity reasonably require strict or literal interpretation and enforcement of the specific regulation because: N/A ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 2. The granting of this variance will not result in the parking or loading of vehicles on public streets in such a manner as to interfere with the free flow of traffic of the streets because: N/A ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 3. The granting of this variance will not create a safety hazard or any other condition inconsistent with the objectives of this Ordinance because: N/A ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 4. The variance will run with the use or uses to which it pertains and shall not run with the site because: N/A ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ City of Austin | Board of Adjustment General/Parking Variance Application 06/24/2021 | Page 6 of 8 ITEM5/5 Section 3: Applicant Certificate I affirm that my statements contained in the complete application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Applicant Signature: ____________________________________________ Date: _____________ 11/6/22 Applicant Name (typed or printed): ___________________________________________________ Samuel Berniard Applicant Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________ 1303 Harvey St City: ________________________________________ State: ________________ Zip: _______ 78702 Austin TX Phone (will be public information): ____________________________________________________ 713-858-4162 Email (optional – will be public information): ____________________________________________ Section 4: Owner Certificate I affirm that my statements contained in the complete application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Owner Signature: ______________________________________________ Date: _____________ 11/6/22 Owner Name (typed or printed): ______________________________________________________ Samuel Berniard Owner Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________ 1303 Harvey St City: ________________________________________ State: ________________ Zip: _______ 78702 Austin TX Phone (will be public information): ____________________________________________________ 713-858-4162 Email (optional – will be public information): ____________________________________________ Section 5: Agent Information Agent Name: ____________________________________________________________________ Agent Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________ City: ________________________________________ State: ________________ Zip: _______ Phone (will be public information): ____________________________________________________ Email (optional – will be public information): ____________________________________________ Section 6: Additional Space (if applicable) Please use the space below to provide additional information as needed. To ensure the information is referenced to the proper item, include the Section and Field names as well (continued on next page). _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ City of Austin | Board of Adjustment General/Parking Variance Application 06/24/2021 | Page 7 of 8 ITEM5/6 November 17, 2022 To whom this may concern: We are seeking a variance for our front deck which was originally constructed in 2011 when the house was remodeled. Given the house was originally built in 1947, this was before the 25-foot setback requirement was implemented. The 25 ft line is located about 5 ft inside the front of our house. We recently hired Archadeck to resurface the deck with composite material as the wood from 2011 was of poor quality and was rotting. We kept the footprint the same as the previous front deck, the only change being to add front steps for accessibility. The prior construction included a rail that ran parallel to the front of the house with steps out the side. This made it difficult to bring large items in the house, to quickly come in and out of the house in case of a fire or medical emergency and did not match the other houses in the neighborhood that have front steps. The front steps add greater accessibility to the house, improve safety in case of an emergency and gives a more open look to our house, consistent with houses in our area. Thank you for your consideration, Samuel and Diana Berniard ITEM5/7 Supporting photos: Front Deck (Before) Front Deck (After) 25’ Front-yard setback location on property (Line to the right of electrical box) ITEM5/8 Neighbor front-deck comparison – 1301 Harvey St pictured on right ITEM5/9 ITEM5/10 ITEM5/11 ITEM5/12 ITEM5/13 ITEM5/14 ITEM5/15 ITEM5/16 ITEM5/17 ITEM5/18 ITEM5/19 ITEM5/20 ITEM5/21 ITEM5/22 ITEM5/23 ITEM5/24 ITEM5/25